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JotURL is an international team of engineers, marketers, and data scientists. English, German, Italian and French—we’re united by our passion for innovation.

We have 15+ years experience building digital marketing solutions for agencies and leading companies like Vodafone, Sky and TransferWise. We believe in hassle-free communication, no matter the issue If you need us, we’ll be there to help.

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We’re obsessed with innovation. That’s why we’re constantly talking to customers like you. Listening to your feedback is how we generate new ideas for product features and updates — and bring them to life with our team of engineers and developers.

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JotUrl Srl (Ltd) – VAT N. IT06002360482 – cap. euro 15.148,62

Headquarter: via A. Pegoraro 26, 21013 Gallarate, Milan Malpensa

Operative branch office: via del Tiratoio 1 – 50124 Florence

Contact us by email – Twitter: @jotURL – phone: +39 02 8716 7704

Born in Nana Bianca, growing up in the World, handcrafted in Italy with ❤


JotUrl R&D: part of the European Innovation Ecosystem

In JotUrl, we’re committed to innovation. That’s why we periodically join European R&D programs and fundings, in order to improve the internal knowledge and our research level. We’ve contributed to Projects co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020, namely CP4S and RAISE, in the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud Technologies fields.

CP4S stands for Cyber-Physical System for Smart and Safe work Site

The Project has been realized thanks partially to economic contribution of the European Fund of Regional Development 2014-2020 “Support of Middle Size Enterprises to acquire services for innovation”. CP4S is a project with the target to develop an innovative sw and hw architecture for the safety and protection of the operators and of the moving infrastructure. Project is mainly designed for railway works sector, works in roads and highways (galleries, bridges), industrial logistics and industrial sites (harbours, interports, papermills and so on).
Project CP4S starts from the actual state-of-the-art of protection, adding new functionalities typical of cyber-physical systems. CP4S are intelligent informatic systems able to interact in continuous mode with physical system of application. CP4S include detection functions, data elaboration and driving action according to IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) paradigm. Targets of CP4S are mainly:


  • develop and Integrate localization systems of the operators and of moving machines in real time (RTLS, real-Time localization Systems)
  • all data coming from all devices (localization devices,sensors, actuators) that are different and heterogeneous shall supply informations, according to cloud computing and AI/ML paradigm, that will be elaborated and used non only for the purpose of the safety of work site but also for other user’s purposes.

High international standards for information security

Since 2021 JotURL is an ISO/IEC 27001 and CSA Star certified company, which attest the achievement of high standards in the management of information security and related data.
Achieving these results provides JotURL with the ability to offer to all of its customers an improved level of IT security and protection of the related data, in compliance with the highest international standards. You can find more information here. If instead, you are interested in our ISMS, you can find it here.

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