Robust API for your service-critical tasks

Thanks to the embedded security features provided for each link, JotURL is one of the most trustable link management platforms in the world.

By leveraging the JotURL API, you will unleash the full power of your tracking links through advanced and automated link customization, mobile deep linking, branded domains, UTM links, marketing links, conversion tracking, mobile attribution, teams, users, and permissions management, click analytics and so much more thanks to 450+ robust API endpoints.

Ready to dive right in? See our API reference for the endpoints (a JotURL account is required).

The JotURL API can generate and track thousands of unique links per minute – millions a day. Be it a massive 100M SMS campaign in one day, or other service-critical Corporate activity, JotURL has the technology and the experience to handle it.

The number of links, events, domains, users, and other features you are allowed to create depends on the plan you subscribed. You can check your limits at any time by logging into your account or by accessing our pricing page. Please refer also to the API rate table below, for information about the API rate limit for each plan.

Should you need more, please contact us sharing your request. We will be happy to listen and provide you with the solution that best suits your use case.

Integrate with anything

99,95% Uptime

450+ API endpoints

Near-limitless speed

API rate table

PlanAPI rate limit
Growth20k calls/h (5 calls/s)
Growth XL20k calls/h (5 calls/s)
Pro40k calls/h (10 calls/s)
Pro XL40k calls/h (10 calls/s)
Business40k calls/h (10 calls/s)
Business XL40k calls/h (10 calls/s)
Enterprise plansstarting at 130k calls/h (36 calls/s)
Higher rate limits available on demand with Enterprise plan.

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