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11 Best Lead Generation Software To Get More Leads

Aug 6, 2021 | Guest Post, JotURL, Lead Generation

What is the first goal when devising the marketing strategies? Lead generation. Without this, it isn’t possible to bring in sales or achieve other goals. 

Let’s be honest. Lead generation is no cakewalk. But, it isn’t impossible as well. Many marketers often face this question. How do you bring in leads and convert them? There are ample strategies that can be undertaken. For instance, email marketing, social media, forums and so much more. 

But, is all of this possible manually? No. This is where the best lead generation software comes to your rescue. Which one should you choose? There are ample of them available. 

To help you make the right choice, we’ve compiled a list of the best lead generation software. Before that, you should know how to choose it. 

How to choose the best lead generation software? 

Source: PeppyBiz

A lead generation software provides an efficient way of connecting with your audience and converting them into prospects. Here are some of the things you should do to choose the best fit:

  • Lead generation challenges: What are the hurdles that your team faces? Is it taking follow-ups? Staying in touch with the leads? Not being able to connect well? Or maybe others. Once you know the issues that are keeping you back, you will able to serve the leads better. Look for features in the software that can resolve your issues. 
  • Know which software fulfils your requirements: Once you are well aware of the key challenges, you can dive into the options. With the overwhelming choices available, you can filter the options based on the results you expect. Before finalizing anyone, do thorough research and put in efforts to choose the right one. This will save you from any future consequences. 
  • Ease-of-use: Make sure that the software is easy and reliable. You should be able to adapt to its usage quickly without much hassle. Moreover, look for whether it is friendly for the team or not. 
  • Integrations: All businesses are trying to adopt automation. This involves automating stages of the marketing funnel. So, if you are opting for lead generation software, it should sync well with your pre-existing marketing tools. This will enable seamless operations. 
  • Analytics: The tool should not just ease out administrative tasks. But, it should also provide a complete analysis of performance. This will help in putting together the pieces of data and improve customer interactions. 
  • Scalability:  This is one of the most important aspects of every business. The bottom line is to maximize the ROI. So, look for software that grows with your business. There should be no hurdles with expansion in operations. 
  • Define lead qualifications: When you use software, the increase in the number of leads can make you excited. However, it is important to assess the leads and categorize them. This further helps in creating a lead scoring model. It will help you understand the number of efforts you should put into leads on different levels. 

Best lead generation software for your business

Lead generation isn’t just about bringing in traffic. It also involves targeting potential audience and converting them into reliable customers. Just like all other activities, lead generation also requires the right tools. 

Let us dive into the list of the best lead generation software you can choose from. 

1. PeppyBiz:

It is a one-stop platform for all your lead generation strategies. Turn your visitors into customers by enhancing the subscriber list through PeppyBiz forms. The key features offered are as follows:

  • Focus on valuable leads to captivate the potential ones. 
  • Stimulation of leads into conversions. 
  • Lead engagement through integration. It involves proficiently integrating other automation and CRM tools. This allows the direct flow of leads from tools to forms. 
  • Design campaigns for all platforms by creating the lead forms. 
  • You have complete control for the personalization of lead forms. 
  • Get the lead by recording insights. 
  • GDPR compliant lead generation.
  • Select customized form templates. This works well for the types of campaigns that you want to run. 
  • Integration of software with other platforms, which helps in enhancing workflow operations. 

Along with lead generation features, there is a lot of lead form features available. These include:

  • Drag and drop capabilities for form builder
  • Multi-user management
  • Logically conditioned forms
  • Innumerable lead forms
  • Lead specific questions
  • Automation tool integrations
  • Lead form analytics
  • Spam blocker utilization
  • Round the clock support
  • Webhook configurations
  • Lead form validations
  • Hidden fields addition

2. Optinmonster:

It is yet another very popular lead generation software. This one makes it seamless to convert leads into prospective customers. It works well with all types of businesses, whether it be Commerce, SaaS, blogs, etc. They offer varied solutions to build up quality leads. 

The key features offered by them are:

  • Allows you to create visually stunning marketing campaigns. The features provided in templates are:
    • Lightbox popup
    • Floating bar
    • Full-screen welcome mat
    • Inline form
    • Slide-in
    • Coupon wheel opt-ins
  • You can seamlessly integrate other websites and tools. For instance, it offers 1-click integrations for WordPress, Shopify, and other HTML sites. 
  • They provide a drag and drop campaign builder. This makes the process easier and quicker. 
  • Laser-focused targeting for lead generation. This happens through powerful personalization alongside A/B testing options. 
  • Automatic lead verification plays a key role in improved ROI. 
  • Boosting revenue through promotion offer applications. 

This software is quite affordable for all businesses. The basic plan starts at a price of just $9/month. 

3. Prospect.io:

Talking of the best lead generation software, and not including this one on the list is not possible. Whether it be growing your list or increasing the reach, it works for both. 

With this one, you can find ample email templates and reach out to the leads. Following this, you can keep a track of the data and interactions. The best among these is its ease of integration with another platform. This provides the leverage of getting contact information automatically. 

The primary features offered by prospect.io include:

  • List building is an important aspect of sales. With some powerful tools, the process becomes seamless. 
  • Automation of outbound leads. This happens through the creation of a multichannel campaign. 
  • Increased productivity by generating a list of tasks within everyday campaigns. 
  • Performing analysis of campaign performance. This helps in understanding and achieving the sales quota. 

They offer mainly two plans. One is an essential plan at $79/month. The other is a business plan at $129/month. 

4. Hubspot:

Hubspot allows you to create an inbound marketing wheel from beginning to end. With this tool in hand, you can easily capture leads through alluring content. They provide ample lead generation tools which include:

  • Forms 
  • Popup forms
  • Chatbots
  • Live chat

You can easily integrate them with email tool, CRM and customer data. It is like a complete suite with all the features, some of which are:

  • Lead capturing and nurturing. You can create forms to do this. Once done, you can use list segmentation for data organization. 
  • Unification of lead capturing data. Funnel all the data into CRM instead of spreading them across different sheets and departments. 
  • Segmentation of audience for database growth.
  • Scoring and lead prioritization. 
  • Create compelling emails to take follow-ups. 

5. MailChimp:

One of the best ways of lead generation is through email marketing. And over the years, MailChimp has become synonymous with email marketing. This software has one of the easiest and interactive features. 

Whether it be getting the audience data, insights, marketing channels, among others, you can do it all with a single platform. Build your brand online and have your marketing tools integrated. 

The features that MailChimp offers are:

  • Get your business online with a custom domain
  • Market your business by leveraging marketing campaigns
  • Reach the target audience with audience management tools
  • Create better content with flexible templates 
  • Add personalizations with marketing automation
  • Get data insights through analytics

Mailchimp provides its users with both free and paid plans. So, based on your requirements, you can choose the suitable one. 

6. Unbounce:

This is a lead generation tool that helps in designing landing pages. It is quintessential to create dedicated landing pages. These prompt the visitors to remain on the page and explore it. 

Based on the use case, Unbounce provides different solutions. The use case includes:

  • Pay per click
  • Social media ads
  • Email marketing
  • Lead generation

The key features offered are:

  • Landing pages
    • Building
    • Customization
    • Conversion
    • Optimization
  • Sticky bars and popups for your site
    • Building
    • Target and triggers
  • Integrations
  • Account management

To continually grow your ROI, they provide built-in AI conversions. Alongside, you can also leverage A/B tests to understand what’s working for you and what isn’t. 

7. Leadfeeder:

Lead generation is tough. But, with Leadfeeder, the process becomes simplified. They help you in increasing the leads easily by identifying anonymous website traffic. The key features through which the process takes place is as follows:

  • Lead generation from current traffic. They help you in converting anonymous traffic into real names. 
  • Focusing on high-value and potential prospects. This allows lead scoring based on web activity. 
  • Automation of lead generation. 
  • Develop a list of leads with high-intent sales.
  • Integration with pre-existing tools

You can avail of their 14-day free trial. Their paid plans start at a price of $55/month. 

8. Leadboxer:

This lead generation software helps with both customer identification and qualification. It helps in the automatic identification of website visitors. Alongside, it involves tracking customer journey and eventually sending a list of qualified leads. 

All such leads are gathered in one place making the search process easier for you. The key features offered by the platform are:

  • Supporting out-of-the-box integrations
  • Flexibility with workflow and data sources
  • Using modern application through world-class API
  • The audience includes individual leads and existing customers
  • Provision of documentation and tutorials

You can easily enrich the company data using this platform. This plays a key role in building potential customers. The starting price of this software is $39, while for a business plan, it is $199. 

9. Aeroleads:

This software works well for B2B lead generation. It works by helping you find leads through verified business emails, phone numbers and other data points. Alongside, it works efficiently with other integrations like Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho and others. 

The key features offered by Aeroleads include:

  • Find business emails through professional platforms. These mostly include LinkedIn. Else, you can also do this through the company name. 
  • They help you in finding up to 15 data points. These are inclusive of name, location, job title, company emails, etc. This helps in validating the leads and scoring them accordingly. 
  • Lastly, you can integrate this data into an excel sheet. This is followed by CSV or data transfer to platforms like Salesforce, Zapier, etc. You can then take up email marketing or other strategies. 
  • They provide you with complete support through chats, phone and emails. This further makes the process simplified. 

10. Intercom:

This one is the last on the list of best lead generation software. However, its features win over all others. They allow easy integration of knowledge bases and qualification forms. 

From small business to enterprise, they add value to all businesses. Further, they make the automation process seamless and quicker. The features they offer are inclusive of:

  • Business messenger
  • Customizable bots
  • Automated answers
  • Outbound messages
  • Help centre articles
  • Marketing based on user accounts
  • Integration of different platforms and apps
  • Management tools
  • Customer data management
  • Live chat
  • Mobile apps

So, if you were looking for the one platform which caters to all lead generation requirements, this is it. 

11. JotURL:

Lead Generation can be a challenge in itself, but can you tell how many Qualified Leads you got and from which channels? JotURL is the all-in-one platform that uses its tracking links as a touchpoint for off site users. Any user who interacts with your links – be it on SMS, on a social network, in a newsletter – can convert at any time and become a lead. JotURL’s tracking system can collect analytics of that contact and let you have a targeted analysis of the people who interact with your content. Through the use of embeddable forms, you can get the emails of your new leads and prepare for your next move. Here are some of the characteristic features:

  • Customizable and editable branded tracking links.
  • Intuitive interface and online dashboard.
  • Personalized call-to-actions and social opt-ins
  • Integrations with Zapier, and newsletter and mailing services.
  • Reliable and precise analytics to understand the number of visits, devices used, and the origin of the click.
  • 14-Days Free Trial.
  • Help center articles and support.
  • Simple data export.
  • Multiple workplaces and ability to manage user permissions.

If you are looking for a platform that can provide you with accurate data on your social media campaigns and ads, and at the same time offer you quality leads that are easy to convert, JotURL can be for you.


Once you have the list of best lead generation software in hand, you are good to go. However, before you choose anyone, know your business requirements well. Set clear goals for sales and marketing. This will help you set up realistic expectations and further continue the process. 

After all, lead generation does not come in handy. But, once you are well-versed with it, you can expect a steady flow of positive responses. And with all these tools, the lead generation process becomes even more streamlined. 

Author Bio:

Sara Williams

Sara is a content writer at PeppyBiz, a platform that provides lead generation software through which companies can stimulate and capture customer’s interest in their product or service. 

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