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11 Deal-Days of Black Friday in 2023

Nov 1, 2023 | Deep Linking, Affiliate Marketing, JotURL

As an Amazon Ad Network Partner, we can inform you that 2023 will be a truly special year for Black Friday.

We have usually been accustomed to having excellent discounts on products throughout the day designated as Black Friday, with further possibilities for discounts on technology products on the following Cyber ​​Monday.

This year Amazon has decided to extend the duration of its sales for 11 days in addition to Black Friday.

This is logically extraordinary news, both for Amazon customers, who will have more time to buy excellent products – of great quality – at very affordable prices, and for its affiliates who have joined the program.

The objective of this article is to help you maximize the sales of your products – whether you are content creators, influencers, companies or individuals – during the 11 Deal-Days of Black Friday in 2023.

More on Black Friday 

As you already know, Black Friday is a retail phenomenon that holds immense significance for both customers and affiliates in their marketing programs. It’s more than just a shopping event; it’s a golden opportunity for everyone involved.

For customers, Black Friday is a day of unrivaled savings. It allows them to snag their dream products at jaw-dropping discounts, making it the perfect time to fulfill their shopping fantasies. The excitement that surrounds Black Friday is palpable, and the chance to save big is something that consumers eagerly anticipate.

But the benefits extend far beyond the shoppers. Affiliates in marketing programs can also reap the rewards. Black Friday provides a unique stage for affiliates to promote products and services, driving traffic and boosting sales. Their commissions soar as customers, eager to make the most of the deals, click on their carefully crafted content and affiliate links. This translates to substantial income and can make Black Friday one of the most lucrative periods in an affiliate marketer’s calendar.

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It’s a win-win situation. Customers get to bag incredible deals, while affiliates enjoy increased earnings and brand exposure. So, as a content creator or marketer, Black Friday is a golden opportunity to engage your audience, convert leads, and optimize your revenue streams.

This year, more than ever, all this will be even more usable. Precisely for this reason, we remind all content creators, influencer marketers, and retailers of some very important strategies to maximize your conversions during the 11 Deal-Days of Black Friday in 2023.

Deep Linking is the best strategy to maximize your conversions on Amazon.

We will never tire of repeating it, Deep Linking is the best tool to maximize your conversions, on Amazon or other apps.

This technology, created to optimize the navigation of mobile users, is very effective in modern times, due to the increase in the use of mobile devices on a global scale.

The use of Deep Linking allows users to be directed directly to specific content in the app. In the case of these 11 Deal-Days for Black Friday in 2023 a tool of this type is essential to ensure that your users reach the purchase page of your product.

Otherwise, you risk losing the user on the browser, leading to failed user conversion and a missed sale. Deep Linking is therefore an excellent way to prevent the loss of users, often leading to doubling of revenue figures.

Some of our best customers are Influencers or Content Creators and they have all seen incredible results during Black Friday 2022 and during the Amazon Prime Days of the summer of 2023, even reaching significant increases of +52% on net earnings from sales made on Amazon.

Integrating Deep Linking into your strategies could be a twist for the 11 Deal-Days for Black Friday in 2023.

JotURL and the Easy Deep Link solution

JotURL has been developing technology for many years that could perform at its best. Since 2013 we have collaborated with large companies, improving the infrastructure and reducing costs as much as possible.

More than ten years later, our service can provide a very safe and stable experience even to content creators or young influencers, with low costs and – above all – scalable for large numbers.

Inside JotURL you can find Easy Deep Linking, a technology optimized to redirect your users to third-party apps such as Amazon, LTK, eBay, Walmart, Shein, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more than 60 other apps.

The simplicity of this tool will allow you to create your deep link in just a few moments.

We remind you that JotURL offers a free 14-day trial for any plan you want, perhaps these 11 Deal-Days of Black Friday can be a good time to try it and see if this system can work for your business.

11 Deal-Days of Black Friday in 2023

Step by step guide to create your Deep Link to Amazon to Rule The 11 Deal-Days of Black Friday in 2023

Follow those simple instructions to create the perfect Deep Link to Amazon:

Get your affiliate link of a specific product on Amazon.

Enter the JotURL dashboard.

Create a new Tracking Link and enter your Amazon link as the Destination URL. As soon as you do this, the JotURL engine will be able to identify the Amazon domain and prepare the link to become a perfect Deep Link, automatically configured to bring users to the Amazon page of your product – maximizing the possibility of conversions especially during the 11 Deal-Days of Black Friday in 2023.

Using your branded domain can greatly increase your CTR as well as increasing your customers’ sense of link trust.

Be sure to enter a catchy alias that immediately explains the product you are offering with the Black Friday Deals.

Finally, the most important step is to make sure the Deep Linking flag is on before the Tracking Link save.

Our platform automatically takes care of activating it when creating the Deep Link, once the destination URL has been entered, but a double-check never hurts.

At this point, the last thing left to do is copy the link from JotURL and share it on your social networks, in your Newsletters, and on other channels, so that as many people as possible can view it.

Deep Linking will allow all mobile users to enjoy an improved browsing experience and will be able to reach the Amazon app with just a few taps, maximizing the possibility of conversion and net profit.

This strategy has been used for years by our customers who deal with content creation and influencer marketing with earnings of up to 50%.

Create Deep Links in Bulk with a simple script

JotURL also makes its API available for transforming hundreds of affiliate links into deep links. It is possible to carry out this procedure manually and even without particular technical knowledge.

What you need to do is use our Api Lab feature, present in your personal profile section, select the script for the bulk generation of Deep Links and upload the Excel file in which you have previously listed the affiliate links you want to generate deep links. 

This will give you the opportunity to create deep links that work automatically, very convenient in periods of intensive campaigns such as these 11 Deal-Days of Black Friday.

Are you interested in this topic? You can find a more detailed guide here.


Don’t miss the chance to prepare in the best possible way for this extraordinary Black Friday. Eleven days of Deals can bring you even higher growth than in previous years.

The use of Deep Linking can be a solution to implement in anticipation of your campaigns.

Doing so is very simple, requires very little execution time and the required expense is an investment that can translate into doubling your final revenues.

If you are interested in learning more you can contact us at our Help Center.

We also remind you that you can test the product for free for 14 days.

You can find more information about Black Friday and how to maximize your conversions in this other article of ours.

Isn’t Amazon the only platform you push your products on for Black Friday?

Don’t worry, our Deep Linking supports 60+ different third-party Apps, including: LTK, eBay, Wallmart, and many more.

Good Luck!
JotURL Team 



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