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15 Amazing way to use JotURL Dynamic QR Codes

Oct 9, 2020 | JotURL, QR Codes

In 2020 it’s not possible to think of a digital marketing campaign without QR Codes or Dynamic QR Codes.

QR Codes can become winning tools in your marketing campaigns if you know how to use them to their full potential.

The great strength of QR Codes is that they can be printed on many different materials, as well as being used practically online.

In this article, we are going to talk in-depth about the differences between Dynamic QR Codes and Static QR Codes, plus we’ll see 15 amazing systems to use Dynamics QR Codes in 2020.

Dynamic QR Codes VS Static QR Codes

First of all, it’s very important to make a big clarification, explaining the difference between Static QR Codes and Dynamic QR Codes.

In fact, not all QR Codes are the same.

What are Dynamic QR Codes?

Dynamic QR Codes differ from others since the data contained within the code can be changed at any time by its creator.

All it needs to do is change the link associated with that specific QR Code, thereby changing the landing page or information contained in the code.

Static QR Codes bring a content that will never change.

Dynamic QR Codes can be much more advantageous than Static QR Codes.

If the content of the code becomes obsolete or does not work for a campaign, it will not be necessary to completely change the QR Code. Just changing the URL you can insert new contents in the Dynamic QR Code.

All this means a considerable saving of time and resources. It also leaves open the possibility of applying changes to the URL of the same QR Code to analyze different aspects within the marketing campaign.

JotURL offers the possibility to create Dynamic QR Codes with each plan, which can be managed, generated, and modified at any time, granting you total control of your marketing campaigns based on the use of QR Codes.

Dynamic QR Codes can be used in many different ways, from more traditional to truly original methods.

15 Amazing way to use JotURL Dynamic QR Codes

1) Business Cards

One of the most useful and practical ways to use your Dynamic QR Codes is to print the codes on your Business Card.

With a simple gesture, you can offer your Business Card to your customers – who will be tempted to find out more about your business or site if there is a QR Code on the business card.

You will be able to surprise your users by creating interaction and engagement with a little code on your Business Card. 

2) Menus

Especially in this period, the QR Codes printed on the menus are increasing their number more and more. This practice already used by the most up-to-date restaurants has become an increasingly frequent practice in 2020. In Italy, many paper menus have been withdrawn to counter the spread of Covid-19, offering a digital menu that can be consulted on your phone by scanning the QR Code.

In other countries, the use of QR Codes to view menus in digital format has been developing for several years and this phenomenon will undoubtedly be destined to grow.

3) Video games

QR Codes are also famous in the world of video games. For many years these codes have been used to improve the engagement of players, encouraging them to participate in events and to become more loyal to the product. Many lessons can be learned from the video-play world, and new and particularly interesting market strategies can be studied.

Want to read about a sensational gimmick?
Insert a QR Code containing some famous brands inside a video game

An example can be found in this screenshot from Watchdogs2.

A QR Code, used as an Easter Egg, has been inserted into the game background. The QR Code, once opened, showed information about the sponsors of the video game. A nice way to make your brand known, right? Certainly very original.

4) Advertising Banner

Turning back to more common methods, one of the most practical systems to use QR Codes is to print them on Advertising Banner. These objects can be made with different materials, becoming particularly versatile.

Unlike paper, a polyester advertising banner can easily withstand rain and keep your QR Code unaltered in any weather condition.

One of the major problems of QR Codes, in fact, consists in readability.

If a QR Code gets damaged it will no longer be able to be scanned by devices.

Relying, therefore, on systems that preserve their integrity is very far-sighted, especially if you intend to push your advertising outdoors.

Advertising banners can be placed in many locations or moved easily, and these also represent useful advantages.

Printing Dynamic QR Codes on banner advertising could prove to be a winning strategy for many people, from the small business owner to the famous brand.

5) Food & Desserts

And if the QR Codes could be eaten?

For some years now, QR Codes have been printed on edible and edible surfaces.

An example could be the image below.
You can see sweets covered with a layer of sugar paste on which QR Codes made with food coloring have been printed.

This initiative can be truly revolutionary from a marketing point of view.

Undoubtedly, it can boost user engagement, as well as having a wonderful visual impact. A QR Code presented in this way has the ability to amaze and fascinate customers, and can be exploited in many different ways.

Within a food QR Code, for example, you can insert the description of the dish, or a link to a landing page where your users can download a discount voucher, useful for enticing the customer to return to the restaurant.

The strategies and cases of application in this are quite infinite.

6) Tattoos

Yes, you read that correctly. Tattoos.

For some years this trend has started to take hold, especially in America.

It may happen that a person decides to print a QR Code on their body, in a rather visible place such as the hands or neck.

An extreme and decidedly uncommon choice, but can it have applications in marketing?


If a person is doing Personal Branding on themselves they may find this solution very useful.

A link to that person’s instagram page or website could be inserted within the QR Code tattoo.

In this case, the use of a Dynamic QR Code is essential for a simple reason.

The tattoo printed on the skin will be permanent and cannot be changed very easily, for this reason it is essential to make sure that the tattoo QR Code is dynamic.

Changing a URL and modifying the contents registered in the QR Code will be much easier than removing a tattoo from the skin.

Undoubtedly, this system is memorable, captivating, provocative and strongly mpacting. At the moment it could still be a very controversial way to use QR Codes, but it’s certainly interesting to analyze this phenomenon from the point of view of marketing and the development opportunities generated by this trend.

7) Newspapers

Printing a QR Code on newspapers is still a great way to get exposure. In America and in many European states, the use of the newspaper is still very much in vogue. Advertising inserts in magazines and newspapers can really bring a huge share of users, which should not be ignored.

A QR Code will be very easy to print on paper and will not take up excessive space on the header, making it more practical for you to study effective campaigns to process with this system.

In addition to newspapers, the following strategy can be taken into consideration: magazines, books and any other paper document that can be sold at newsstands can contain QR Codes.

8) T-shirts

Another growing phenomenon is the use of T-Shirts to advertise brands and products. Printing QR Code on t-shirts could be a gimmick to further engage Offline users and encourage them to interact with your content.

Printing t-shirts can be complicated if your design contains many colors, the QR Code basically needs two very contrasting colors to be recognized by the device, resulting in an easy-to-print design.

In addition to QR Codes, you can print Tracking Links or some other writing related to your marketing campaign on your t-shirts.

9) PDF pages

The QR Codes can be simply inserted into PDF files.

PDF files are one of the types of documents most viewed by users, using QR Codes in a guide or a downloadable document could greatly boost the possibility of conversion.

PDF files are used a lot on social media, especially on LinkedIn. Users on the work-platform are stimulated to promote and use PDF files as valuable content in their posts. This is because LinkedIn particularly rewards these types of content.

Given these premises, it’s clear to think that LinkedIn and other social platforms can become a fertile ground on which to use Static or Dynamic QR Codes.

10) Box tracking

QR Codes can also be used to track a package or material you have sent. They can also offer information on the contents of the package even before it’s opened.

This usage is particularly common, probably the most common in the world. It’s mainly promoted in eastern countries like Japan and China where QR Codes are really used in many aspects of daily life.

Ensuring a tracking system on your products, with the application of a QR Code, could increase the loyalty of your customers and make them feel more secure, so always consider creating them.

11) Commercials on TV

A very original way to use QR Codes is to have them appear in Commercials on TV.

Carving out a small ad space on TV is always a big hit, television is one of the best ways to get a message out. The use of television is in fact particularly high, and also allows users to be reached at different times of the day, even outside working hours and comfortably inside their home.

Scanning a QR Code that appeared on TV with your phone is a simple operation, which can be done in seconds without even getting up from your sofa.

Strategic use can lead to infinite solutions and applications, which is interesting for the scalability of this system and for the possibility of enormously increasing its influence and media coverage.

12) Coupon & discount

Printing QR Codes on coupons and discount stores is one of the best ways to encourage users to interact with your content.

The idea of ​​being able to get a discount pushes the user to be very inclined to interact, and boosts the possibility of conversion.

The QR Code placed on the coupon could redirect to a specific landing page and bring offline traffic to interact with online content.

A specific use case could be the following.

You have a shop that sells face creams.

You want to promote the latest product arrived and then to do so you decide to offer your customers a 20% discount

On the discount coupon, print a QR Code with the URL of the landing page of the specific product, the one you want to promote.

What does this entail?

Users will be encouraged to scan the QR Code due to the discount.

They will be catapulted to a product page already with the idea of ​​an active discount.

In this way, the purchase phases will be reduced to a minimum, improving the conversion rate and simplifying the navigation methods for your user.

With a simple click, your user, already hired by the discount, can decide to buy the product without being distracted by other advertisements or other pages on your site.

Obviously this was just an example, there are many other ways to apply QR Codes on coupons, try them!

13) Billboards

Billboards are very important allies for your marketing campaigns. The visual impact and impact they have on offline audiences can greatly improve your conversion rate.

In the image above you can see the JotURL Dynamic QR Code in action, printed on the products.

As with banner ads and business cards, billboards are also incredible tools that can be used as a bridge between offline marketing and online marketing.

Placing QR Codes on branded billboards and placed in strategic positions can bring many visits and views.

The best way to take advantage of advertising billboards is to place them in very crowded places. They must be clear, clearly visible and in a sheltered place, so that the QR Codes are protected from rain and bad weather.

Here are some places where your billboards can be effective:

  • train station
  • bus station
  • subway station
  • service station
  • Town center
  • along busy streets
  • along roads and highways
  • -near very famous touristic places

14) Vehicles

QR Codes can also be printed on vehicles.

On the chassis of a car, on the advertising spaces of a bus or tram, or even on the back of a truck, as in the photo below.

Entering your QR Codes in road traffic can be a really impactful choice at the offline level. A lot of people travel on roads with their vehicles and they see many more. Printing QR Codes on a vehicle can attract the attention of passengers and offer great visibility to a brand and a product.

Collecting even a small percentage of all the people traveling along the road can be very convenient for converting offline traffic into online traffic.

Using QR Codes in many aspects of daily life, putting them everywhere, can be a marketing strategy that can push the population to know and appreciate this technology more and more.

15) Inside your blog article

Finally you can use your Dynamic QR Codes within the landing pages of your content, in newsletters and even in articles on your blog.

Using QR Codes can improve the engagement of your users, stimulate them and make them more active on your site.

QR Codes can become an excellent strategy to redirect your users and to make them interact more with the products or services you are focusing on.

We can give you an example, with our own QR Code.

Who knows where this QR Code will take you!

Are you curious? Scan it to find out its destination, it will take a second.

In conclusion, QR Codes, and especially Dynamic QR Codes, can be valid allies in your marketing campaigns, both Offline and Online.


JotURL Team 


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