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The Best Deep Link Generator Online in 2021

Mar 18, 2021 | Branded Links, Deep Linking, JotURL

In this article we deal with a very intriguing marketing topic: the best Deep Link Generator Online, and how Deep Linking works.

Deep Links are a revolutionary technology, an innovation that in recent times has been increasingly adopted to improve marketing campaigns and to boost the browsing experience of mobile device users.

In 2020, talking about Deep Links is almost on the agenda, especially for those who are most interested in the aspects of social media marketing and try to best develop strategies for sharing and launching their multimedia content.

Enterprises, startups, private users, everyone can benefit and grow from Deep Linking, for this reason knowing how to use the best Deep Link Generator Online is essential.

Having a tool, or an application that can create Deep Link online will save a lot of time to your operations.

But how do you recognize a good Deep Link generator from one who is not sure and does not offer enough potential and opportunities?

To understand what a good deep link generator should have online, it is important to talk more deeply about Deep Linking and remember what its specific functions are.

How does Deep Linking work?

Let’s start with a simple premise: there are different types of links.

Surface links are URL that take the user to the homepage of a site, they’re the commonly used links that we can find most by browsing online.

Deep Links, on the other hand, are very particular URLs that manage to directly reach a resource, content or file present on one of the internal pages of the site. By clicking on a Deep Link, the user can bypass the homepage and go directly to the page that may be of interest to him.

By placing a Deep Link within a social network, within a post on a social media or even linking it in a Whatsapp or Telegram message, it will be possible to redirect users directly to the internal page of a site where we want to direct them.

Taking a mere example I could send a message on Whatsapp containing a Deep Link associated with the page of an Amazon product.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

The person I sent that link to could directly reach the page without having to log in through the Homepage, decreasing the achievement of the final resource by a few steps.

Put it in these terms, the Deep Link technology is truly powerful and allows you to develop marketing on several different levels.

Deep Linking can improve social media marketing and e-mail marketing, it can also boost mobile marketing and reach an ever wider share of users.

In fact it’s known that more and more people use their phones to surf the internet, especially using social media. Some people have made their mobile device an authentic tool for working.

The mobile reality surrounds us, so the use of an effective method and strategy to reach all desktop users and all mobile users must be one of the priorities of all those people who try to launch themselves into the world of digital marketing.

Deep Linking can be the best friend of marketers, e-commerce, startups and businesses if used properly.

If you’re interested in deepening every aspect of Deep Linking I recommend reading this article, you will find detailed descriptions of Deferred Deep Linking and the difference between Universal Link and Deep Link.

Coming back to us, the time has come to talk about the best Deep Link Generator Online.

Deep Link Generator Online: JotURL

A good Deep Link Generator Online must be able to create Deep Link quickly and safely, offering a guarantee of 100% functioning.

The Best Deep Link Generator Online, on the other hand, can guarantee all this and even more, much more.

JotURL is an omni-channel tool that can revolutionize the way marketing is done.

By touching every single facet and nuance of your marketing strategies, JotURL can support you 360 ° in any campaign.

First of all, it can guarantee the creation of a Deep Link in just a few minutes, as well as providing a truly effective personalization system to make your URL just the way you want it.

Furthermore, depending on your experience or your needs, you can choose between the two different functions to generate Deep Link.

If you need to deep link people on third-party content, you can use the Easy Deep Link, and create your Deep Link in just four clicks.

Otherwise if you have a custom app, now a personal app and you need to configure a Deep Link in Joturl through the URI Scheme you can use the Advanced Deep Link function. A JotURL tool designed to allow you to configure every single aspect of your link.

For this reason we feel like defining JotURL as one of the best Deep Link Generator Online.

Easy Deep Link & Advanced Deep Link

Easy Deep Link is a technology created and programmed by JotURL to allow you to create simple links in no time.

Also for this reason JotURL is one of the best Deep Link Generator Online

The whole configuration phase has already been pre-filled, it is automatically generated together with the Deep Link, just click on a pair of buttons and save the template to get your Deep Link.

Easy Deep Link supports many Apps, covering a wide range of possibilities for you: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Messenger, Amazon, Twitter, Twitch, Telegram and You Tube are just some of the names of the Apps that are compatible with the Easy Deep Link, and we are working to add more and more, in order to guarantee you the best imaginable experience.

For more experienced users or simply with different needs there is the Advanced Deep Link.

Who can use the Advanced Deep Link Feature?

To all those users who own a custom App and who need to correctly configure a Deferred Deep Link.

Through the Advanced Deep Link feature of JotURL you can precisely establish the behavior of URLs and characterize every single aspect.

You can import an infinite number of universal links and app links and save them in templates to be saved and used whenever you want.

All your templates can be saved in organized projects, so that you can find them simply, also you will have the possibility to associate the Deep Links created with JotURL to your branded domains.

The fields must be set manually according to the user’s desire, who can establish any type of modification, behavior, attribution.

Whether you use the Advanced Deep Link or the Easy Deep Link to generate new Deep Links, you will find in JotURL an excellent ally.

You have the possibility to create as many Deep Links as you want without limits, interfacing and creating them to achieve your goals.

Deep Link & Tracking Link 

The real power of JotURL is that it’s not just about being one of the best Deep Link Generator Online.

JotURL, as we have already said, is an omni-channel tool that works at 360 ° to provide any kind of function and aid within digital marketing.

Its basic functionality, so to speak, is to generate Tracking Link, to which you can then add additional functions and options such as Deep Linking (with Advanced Deep Link or Easy Deep Link).

Deep Linking, therefore, is only ONE of the many functions that JotURL can associate with its links.

Among other things, by generating a Deep Link from a URL that was used to create a Tracking Link you will have the opportunity to track a lot of your link data.

The number of visits, the origin of your users, the device used at the time of the click, are essential data to improve your campaigns and which will be associated with your Deep Link.

In addition to the Analytics function, JotURL can provide many other tools including:

  • Branded Links
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate 
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Retargeting Pixels
  • Traffic Optimization Tools
  • Link Monitoring
  • Custom Visual QR Codes
  • UTM builder & viewer
  • Tracking Link to Whatsapp Chat thanks to WhatsURL
  • Multi-link into Instagram Bio with InstaURL
  • 100% customizable CTAs with different templates
  • Social Opt-in & Social Opt-in XL
  • Webhooks & Zapier Integrations

And this list is getting longer!

JotURL is a truly versatile tool that can be accessed for a 14-day free trial.
Lets’ try it now for yourself!


JotURL Team.



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