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This article will briefly explain why JotURL is the best PixelMe alternative, only 5 points from the checklist will be enough to convince you!

What is PixelMe? What is the best PixelMe Alternative?

PixelMe is a tool that allows you to shorten URLs and add some remarketing pixels to your links. It’s very famous for its features mainly focused on link retargeting.

This application actually offers a good link retargeting service, however it has several limitations and the lack of really comfortable and essential features in the marketing world.

If you’ve ever looked for alternatives to pixelme and want to up-grade your digital marketing campaigns, keep reading this article to discover one of the best alternative pixelme.

There are several pixelme alternatives, but one of the best is undoubtedly JotURL.

JotURL can be considered one of the best PixelMe alternatives because it also offers a link retargeting service (check here the video tutorial on Youtube) it can shorten the URLs of the links and has a whole series of added features that PixelMe instead lacks.

JotURL offers the possibility to customize UTM parameters, it can be used as a URL shotener, it can analyzes every single tracking link and constantly monitors it.
JotURL also offers a deep linking system aimed at increasing your earnings and improving your marketing campaigns.

best pixelme alternative

And these are just some of the features that distinguish it. JotURL is the best PixelMe alternative because it has all the features you need! You will not have to look for alternative programs to complete your projects, just use this app complete with everything! In this way you will save time and have more effective investments!

  1. Custom URL & Custom Domains
  2. Detailed and precise analysis.
  3. Deep Linking
  4. Customizable CTAs
  5. Reliability

1. Custom URL & Custom Domains

JotURL can be considered one of the best PixelMe alternatives because it has a very efficient system for creating custom URLs. Using a shorter URL containing the keywords that interest our users helps link visibility.

Within JotURL you can enter your personal domain, and use it to make the URLs we want to share even more unique. Using a URL shortener for improve your link is very important for you business.

The presence of a custom domain makes users immediately understand what the final destination of the URL is and they feel more secure. This usually leads to a + 34% increase in CTR, greatly increasing views and interaction with content.

With JotURL you can create branded links in no time, with the only creation of a Tracking Link. The level of customization allows you to create the link in the way you want most, you can also change the URL at any time even after its creation.

If you want to know more about shortened branded links click here!

JotURL is not only an excellent URL shortener, it can do much more!

2. Detailed and precise analysis.

You have just read that JotURL is able to create branded shortner links at the same time as a Tracking link is generated. Having a branded link that works as a tracking link is a huge advantage in the world of online marketing and advertising. This is definitely one of the reasons why JotURL can be considered the best PixelMe alternative.

A tracking link has the ability to monitor user activity once it is spread on the web.

JotURL can provide an amazing link management and monitoring strategy.

It can record the unique visits of users, the total visits, can know from what type of device the display was made and can also understand in which city or country the user was.

This tool offer a precise link management absent in other PixelMe alternatives.

The collection of this information is crucial, essential, in order to improve your digital marketing campaigns, don’t understimate te importance of a link management tool!

A tracking link offers the possibility to analyze every aspect of the project with accuracy. By obtaining useful data on user preferences, you can understand where to invest your money further and how to manage future investments.

JotURL provide for the creation and customization of Tracking Links that have all these features. The tracking link being shorter and more reliable for the changes received at the time of its creation will have many more possibilities to be displayed, leading to even more accurate analysis.

All data collected by JotURL’s Tracking Links can be conveniently viewed within the app, where everything is recorded in real time. It’s always possible to trace the information obtained from your marketing campaign.

You can have an overview of all the tracking links or view one individually taking into consideration the smallest detail. So it’s not just a user retargeting operation, but much more precise operations. This makes JotURL the best PixelMe alternative.

3. Deep Linking

Another unique feature of JotURL is Deep Linking.
Not all PixelMe alternatives offer this technology.

Deep Linking was created to satisfy the need to track and link users through desktop, mobile and in app, collecting and matching information across different channels and touchpoints. Deep linking is the ability to link directly into a specific page inside a native iOS or Android mobile app.

With Deep Linking, for example, you can send users from your Instagram bio directly into your Facebook group page, from the Twitter app directly into the Facebook app on their mobile devices and vice versa. Logically, the possibility of freely accessing social media and their pages helps spread the links and consequently increases the users’ profitability and conversion possibilities! JotURL is the best alternative PixelMe because it manages to provide this service.

Deep links are an easy way to provide a high quality mobile user experience.

4. Customizable CTAs

JotURL is also able to create and customize CTAs and add them to a tracking link, thus obtaining the maximum possible efficiency. Having customized CTAs can lead to a 42% increase in views to submission which translates into the ability to convert users into customers and to generate leads.

The fact that JotURL can also take care of this feature definitely makes it the best PixelMe alternative.

With JotURL it’s possible to create several different CTA templates, ranging from the classic button, to a form to fill out, to a simple text, and so on. With JotURL CTAs you can create connections with mobile apps and freely access the various social networks.

It’s also possible to set up a CTA so that the user can be directed to the destination URL only after sharing the information related to his Facebook or Google account. The possibilities are truly endless.

The use of CTAs leads to incredible benefits for your marketing campaigns. For this reason Joturl is necessarily the best Pixelme alternative on the net. 

5. Reliability

JotURL is the best PixelMe alternative because it’s able to guarantee always functional and safe links. In fact, monitoring is guaranteed 24/7 and support is always immediate.

Read this article to discover why JotURL is one of the best link mangament and monitoring tool.

Sending traffic to a broken link can cost you a lot of money and views, just one second of delay on web pages results in a significant conversion decrease. Lag, broken links and security issues, mean you’re losing users and customers. Unsafe links could harm the reputation of your brand.

Not all the alternatives to PixelMe can guarantee this level of security.

Fortunately JotURL can monitor their availability and verify their safety 24/7. Joturl is fully hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud, with a 99.99% uptime, this makes the links always practical, reliable and safe to use.

If you don’t know what Microsoft Azure is click here!

In summary: JotURL is an excellent URL Shortener and an amazing link management tool. It offers a deep linking service, can create totally customizable CTAs, analyzes every single data with precision and is one of the safest solutions you could find online.

For all these reasons we advise you to choose JotURL instead of other alternatives to PixelMe.


JotURL Team.



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