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The Best URLGenius Alternative

Apr 19, 2021 | Articles

Year 2021. The world of digital marketing is moving more and more towards the mobile sector, it is undeniable, there are many studies that confirm this.

Just see our own daily habits, how much time do you spend in front of the phone every day?
How much time do you spend on popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or YouTube?

The phone has become more and more frequent in our lives, even at work-level the mobile device is an essential tool, it allows us to stay in touch with the digital world, with social networks and with online content.

More and more businesses are creating websites to address the digitization of modern times and more and more sites are becoming responsive so they can be easily navigated from mobile devices.

The increase in mobile marketing has led to another effect, the increase of tools that are promoting the use of Deep Linking.

This technology is fundamental these days, as it allows you to improve navigation from one app to another and allows you to significantly improve the CTR, and the Conversion Rate of mobile users.

Photo by Lilly Rum on Unsplash

Not all tools that offer Deep Linking services are the same, you have probably seen different ones. 

Probably one of the most used and known is a tool called URLGenius. In this article we will talk about the reasons why JotUrl is one of the best URLGenius alternatives.

Why is JotUrl the best URLGenius Alternative?

There are several reasons why it is more convenient to choose JotUrl. 

We will analyze the reasons why we are the best URLGenius alternative in the most objective way possible. 

We have divided our reasons into different categories, in order to offer you as detailed a comparison as possible. 

Since we both offer a Deep Linking service you will be interested in knowing the type of technology we have developed in JotUrl. 

Let’s start analyzing the technological advantages of JotUrl. 

Advanced Deep Link

The first big difference that exists between URLGenius and JotUrl is the way we developed Deep Linking.

Unlike URLGenius, we have developed server-side technology which is more sophisticated and versatile. 

Our deep link server side is incredibly reliable to any mobile device and operating system. 

URLGenius has an issue in this area, as its technology does not perform particularly well with older devices and this affects the number of end users you can reach through Deep Link. 

JotUrl is the best URLGenius Alternative as it has a more reliable technology, able to improve the coverage of your mobile users, thereby also improving the conversion rate, visits and credibility of your links.

JotUrl also offers two different Deep Linking features: the Advanced Deep Link (App Deep Link) and the Easy Deep Link. 

Thanks to this division, users will be able to make the most of the deep links technology.

The easy Deep Link boasts the ability to create Deep Links in a few seconds, thanks to the pre-set configurations within the creation screen. It is very useful for those users who want to quickly post to famous third party apps like: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Amazon, etc.

At the moment our Easy Deep Link feature can create quick links to more than 24 different Apps and we are mobilizing to integrate more and more of them. 

The Advanced Deep Link, also known as the App Deep Link, is a far more advanced tool, which allows configuration for your personal App.

We can provide the presence of a web interface to upload json files to specify users behavior in the app. We can also manage universal links, app links and URI Schemes.

In addition to this, JotUrl provides you a reliable way to have your deep links listed within the Google Search results on your mobile device, it means you can have your mobile content effectively indexed by Google!

Through the OpenGraph protocol integrated within our Deep Linking Features you can customize the graphic appearance of your link and decide the preview of your URL within social networks of the reach of Facebook. 

Thanks to the selected settings and the ability to customize your URI Scheme you can create the perfect Deep Link for you, tailor-made.

Our service also allows Deferred Deep Linking. 

That is the ability to recognize if the user has the app installed or not and to manage user behavior. If the device does not have the app installed yet, the user will be redirected to the app store and then once the app is downloaded it will send him/her to the specific in-app page and not to the home page.

This system avoids losing conversions and visitors and is an indispensable feature of every Deep Link service.

Corporate Level API

One of our strengths are the API, on a public level you can find them at this link.

We also have private API (to consult them you have to request them from the technical team by sending a Ticket on Zendesk) with more than 480 endpoints, capable of being truly versatile when integrating with many platforms and dashboards. 

We have a solid and rich documentation that has allowed us to build corporate-level partnerships with telecommunications giants such as Vodafone and TIM. 

Our Corporate level API can operate in many sectors and are also very useful for exploiting the potential of our Deep Link features to 100%.

Thanks to the API you can for example start a massive Deep Links creation for high demand automation needs. 

You can also leverage the JotUrl attribution endpoint within our API in order to attribute the installation of your app. In this way you can identify which source or link led to an app install. 

Finally, we can announce that works are underway to integrate the SDK into our features, we are trying to point in this direction in order to offer an even more reliable, sophisticated and complete service to all our customers.

With this level of reliability we can compete with many high-level services, and it is one of the reasons why JotUrl is one of the best URLGenius alternatives. 

More Features

Apart of providing you with a powerful Deep Linking engine, we’ve also a lot of additional features inside our Kit. 

JotBio, for instance, is a feature we are very proud of, it has grown a lot in recent times and is now able to create wonderful mobile landing pages suitable for every marketing need in a few seconds. 

Through this service it is still possible to boost the bio links of social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, giving the possibility to insert multiple links, contacts, messengers and social URLs within icons and buttons.

Everything can be 100% customizable thanks to the possibility of inserting personal images as a background, a branded logo and using CSS codes to customize the theme.

Now it is also possible to integrate YouTube Videos, Twitch Live Streams, SoundCloud and Spotify tracks and even TikTok Videos so that they appear within the landing.

It is a truly creative way of sharing content and attracting new users.

Furthermore, JotUrl offers more than 9 different CTAs Templates with which it is possible to create buttons, forms or social optins for the generation of new qualified leads or to increase conversion rates on your pages. 

Our CTAs also have the ability to Embed YouTube videos, and they can also do so with websites that allow embedding allowing you to use third-party content to advertise your product. Our CTAs can also be extensively branded and customized.

Our Dynamic QR Codes can be created in seconds and help any marketer or company in creating effective branded QR codes for their offline campaigns.

JotUrls’ QR Codes can be customized with your company logo and can have particular shapes and colors so that they become memorable for your visitors. 

JotUrl also offers an advanced monitoring system for your links and content. This service not only takes care of making sure that your links are always working, but also manages to warn you in the event that the contents of that page are dangerous or compromised (analyzes html, textual and media content inside your page).

JotUrl is able to recognize IPs that are potentially harmful to you and can also filter some bots, in order to safeguard the statistics of your tracking links. And besides this there are really many other useful functions for you and your links:

  • Retargeting Pixels
  • Advanced Conversion Tracker
  • UTM Builder & Management + UTM Viewer in Dashboard
  • Smart Redirector
  • Smart Balancer ( Link Rotator )
  • A/B Testing
  • Custom SSL Certificates
  • Bulk Link Importer
  • Password Features
  • Advanced Team/User permissions management
  • Workspace, Project & Sub-Project Management
  • URL Masking
  • Branded Links
  • Analytics
  • Link Preview Customization
  • WhatsUrl
  • Mini Pages
  • Timing feature
  • Tons of Integrations & Webhooks ( Zapier, Pabbly, SocialBee, MissingLettr, SendPilot, Publer, Wufoo, etc.)
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Chrome Extension
  • And much more! 

Clearly an omni-channel tool like JotUrl has the possibility to touch every aspect of digital Marketing and this is one of the reasons why we can consider our service as one of the best URLGenius Alternatives on the market. 

Better Price

You might be thinking by now that all of this will cost a lot more than URLGenius’ plans.

The truth is that by comparing our pricing pages you will also notice on your own that our prices are better than those offered by our competitors.

To be more objective we will do an analysis on two different levels. 

Let’s start by comparing the URLGenius plan which covers up to 10,000 clicks per month and our Growth XL plan which covers about double that. URLGenius asks for a monthly payment of $ 100 dollars for every 10,000 clicks. On the contrary, we ask $ 34 to offer double the clicks and for many additional features. Just by comparing these plans we can see that our tool is much cheaper and more convenient than URLGenius. 

We can continue with an objective analysis by questioning our plan Business XL plan and the URLGenius Pro plan.

Our Business XL ( the biggest plan before the Enterprise one ) covers an account up to 1,000,000 monthly events. 

The price of the JotUrl Business XL plan is 249 € per month, currently USD $295 (btw, if you choose the annual payment you can also save an additional 20%) 

URL Genius asks $0.01 for each click.

Of course URL Genius offers volume discounts, so in this case we expect the price to be half the price reported for 10k clicks. We will therefore assume a price of $0.005 per click.

Therefore, to cover 750,000 clicks, you will have to spend $3750 per month.

But even if we assume the price to be reduced by 50% in the case of an Enterprise contract, you will find yourself spending $ 3,500 per month vs. the $295 per month required by JotUrl for a Business XL plan.

URLGenius Alternative

From this simple analysis it is clear that choosing JotUrl allows you to save more than $ 3750 per month. 

You save more than $ 3750 to get a more sophisticated and constantly evolving Deep Linking service and to get a whole kit of omni-channel tools in addition to Deep Linking. 

But let’s say that this price is reduced further, let’s say there is a 70% discount and therefore each click costs $ 0.003 per click. To reach 750,000 clicks you would still have to spend $ 2250, almost ten times more than the pricing we ask for our most expensive plan. 

And this is definitely the main reason why we are the best URLGenius alternative. 

Are you ready to take Deep Linking to the next level?



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