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Nov 11, 2019 | Branded Links, JotURL, Tracking Links

If you’re a corporation, agency, or an affiliate marketer seriously growing your brand and your customer reach, you need a link management AND marketing tool that’s flexible and can grow with you. 

One that helps you reach more potential clients and retarget them in multiple platforms. 

A tool that packs reliable security features and robust data and analytics to help you make informed decisions.

Other link management platforms, such as Bitly’s customized solutions, do offer many features. JotURL’s Enterprise plans, or even their lower-tier plans, deliver so many branding and marketing features that can make your link management, tracking, and marketing tasks easier and improve your results. 

Let’s go through some of these features.

More Branded Links

Why Should You Care About Branded Links?

Branded links are a must if you want to increase brand recognition and marketing results. Consider this example from Vodafone. Instead of sending a long, unattractive link such as: 


You can use a readable, brand-centered, easy-to-understand and shareable link like:


With branded links and custom domains, you can:

  • Increase brand recognition in all your online and offline campaigns;
  • Increase your CTR; and
  • Customize the back half of your links so your target customers can quickly see what the link is all about.

Leveling Up Branding for Businesses and Affiliates

With Bitly’s customized plan, you can have 3,000 to more than 500,000 branded links, at least 3,000 custom back-half, and at least 10 auto-branded links. Even Bitly’s lower, second-tier plan can give you 1,500 branded links and custom back-half. 

These perks and more are already available for JotURL Enterprise users. You can have unlimited branded links, custom back-half, auto-branded links, and custom domains. Plus, you can have time-scheduled tracking links, which start and expire within your set dates.

JotURL’s Enterprise users–and even Growth, Pro, and Business subscribers–enjoy SSL certificates management and free SSL certificates for their domains. Meanwhile, custom SSL certificates are also available for purchase to Bitly’s customized plan subscribers.

If you’re still growing your business but would like to start using at least 2,000 branded links and other features available to JotURL’s Enterprise plan users, you can definitely do that! Check out JotURL’s Growth and Pro plans. You can further customize these to fit your needs, by clicking the “+” button beside the features.

You don’t have to wait to be ready for an Enterprise plan. You can start leveraging JotURL’s features now so you can grow faster in less time.

More Powerful Link Functionality Features

Bitly’s customized plans offer link creation, events or link clicks, link tags, bulk link tagging, link filtering, mobile deep links, and QR codes. 

You can also enjoy these features in all of JotURL’s plans, plus the following: 

  • Custom-designed QR code templates – Because your tracking links may not be as effective in offline campaigns, you can opt to use QR codes. You can either use a previous QR code template or design a new one within JotURL.
  • Easy deep linking for increasing your mobile conversions. JotURL’s easy deep link feature lets you drive mobile users directly into third party mobile Apps (+20 popular Apps supported: Messenger, Instagram, Amazon, eBay, Tik Tok, Snapchat, YouTube, Spotify, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram…) and retarget them.
  • Advanced deep linking (such as Universal/App deep links, deferred deep linking, and attribution), if you want to drive users from any external link to a specific location within  your own mobile App, dramatically increasing the UX and the CR.
  • Link rotators (6 different types)
  • Editing and deleting links
  • Customized link preview (Open Graph tags) and provide the best preview on your social channels, for instance
  • WhatsURL, which lets you start a chat from a link, and include a custom message and emojis.

Flexible Marketing and Campaign Management

Both JotURL Enterprise and Bitly’s customized packages allow users to bulk-import campaigns, export campaign data, create social posts, and leverage a Chrome plugin.

Additionally, JotURL subscribers can enjoy the following to help them maximize their marketing campaigns:

  • UTM builder and manager, including custom UTM templates
  • Parameter passing
  • Split A/B testing
  • Targeting – redirect customers to alternative destinations based on +13 parameters (country, language, device, platform, browser, OS version, time, n. of clicks…)  and combinations of the latter
  • GDPR-compliant retargeting pixels, to create custom audiences, in order to increase your CR and optimize your Ad expense  – If you want to know how to add a Facebook retargeting Pixel to your Amazon product pages, check out this post
  • You can also create custom remarketing audiences for your Facebook campaigns. Find out how through this easy-to-follow tutorial.
  • Custom remarketing scripts
  • Conversions, revenues, and commissions tracking for those who want to track and attribute sales, analyze their cross-channel ROI, or run affiliate programs. 
  • Customizable CTAs (text, button, form, optin, chat/call, videos, and more templates). If you want to learn how to add CTAs to your tracking links to generate more leads, watch the tutorial here.
  • Unlimited CTAs
  • WordPress plugin, to turn any of your pages and posts within WordPress into a powerful branded link
  • WordPress to Twitter plugin, to turn any of your Blog posts into a tweet with a branded link
  • InstaURL, which lets supercharge and beautifully upgrade your Instagram bio. This helps corporates, brands, creators and also influencers to stay more connected with their audience and send their followers anywhere (Facebook, LinkedIn, Messenger, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. or even to their Blog or landing page)
  • Mini pages (custom responsive landing pages)

More Powerful Analytics

While both Bitly and JotURL offer link history and reporting, JotURL offers a much longer analytics data storage, link reporting, and dashboard reporting.

  • Analytics data storage: 3 years (more available per request)
  • Link reporting: 365 days 
  • Dashboard reporting: 365 days
  • Data export
  • Mobile deep link reporting

More Robust Security and Lightning Speeds

One look at JotURL’s plans and you know they’re big on security for brands and their respective customers—from the lowest-tier plans up to their Enterprise plans. Apart from 404 monitoring which other link management platforms also cover, JotURL added the following security measures:

  • State-of-the-art link security monitoring, which includes:
    • Control 404s, changed URLs and also destination content 
    • Security checks of pages and domains against phishing, malware, and scamming, among others
    • Protection from URLs that link to adult or dangerous content
  • Password-protected links
  • Advanced link content monitor (watchdog) for Pro, Business, and Enterprise clients
  • Advanced link and domain safety monitor
  • Advanced destination content monitor: periodically check text, html, videos within destination pages and get notified in case of changes

Because page loading times can definitely affect your campaigns’ performance, JotURL makes sure you have lightning-fast redirects. Your data and backups are also safe, even in the event of disasters.

  • 99.99% uptimes
  • 100% web-based
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Continuous Geo-distributed backups

Unparalleled Customer Support

While providing knowledge base, support, setup assistance, and training are offered by JotURL and Bitly to highest-tier customers, JotURL goes an extra mile for their Enterprise clients by providing:

  • A dedicated PhD engineer;
  • High-priority dedicated phone support; and
  • Digital marketing advice


JotURL also makes it easy to coordinate with your team on your campaigns. With their Enterprise plan, you can have:

  • Unlimited users
  • Set up group permissions
  • Create single permissions with dedicated read/write rights to single links or campaigns

Because you can organize your settings and analytics per activity, team, or client, you can:

  • Share campaigns and projects;
  • For corporations, invite your agency to collaborate with your team on selected projects and campaigns;
  • For agencies, set up projects and campaigns for clients; and
  • Easily analyze trends and performance per team, location, channel, or user.

Marketing Tools Especially Made for Affiliate Marketers

For affiliate marketers who need a tool to easily track all their links in one platform and protect their earnings, JotURL has the following features for you:

  • Link masking
  • Commission tracking
  • Dynamic conversion tracking and parameters
  • Postback URL builder which includes 140 pre-configured networks.

What’s more, you don’t need to be an Enterprise Plan subscriber to be able to start learning how to use these. You can enjoy these functions in all JotURL packages.

Do More with Your Branded Links

Have you found yourself wishing there’s more you can do with your branded links? That you had MORE marketing features and BETTER analytics to inform your efforts?

If you want to know how JotURL can help your corporation or agency, fill out this contact form and they will get in touch with you.

You can also check out other pricing plans and their impressive features.

JotURL Pricing



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