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Did you know that more and more people have been using Instagram in recent years?

Instagram is one of the hottest social networks of 2020 and the trend of its success is making it gain a lot of popularity.

There are many people who prefer to use Instagram to Facebook, finding it more in step with the times.

This process is also reflected in digital marketing, of course.

To attract Instagram traffic, brands, marketers and e-commerce companies, you need to create Instagram profiles that attract attention and that can increase organic traffic to their content.

The best way to get visibility on Instagram is to improve your profile.

The first thing to aim for is definitely the profile image.

Choose your brand or service logo to be more professional.

There are many other strategies that allow users to improve their profile.

For instance, leveraging Stories can improve user engagement and follow-up.

Scheduling your Instagram posts by organizing your content can greatly improve your image on social media.

Posting valuable content that has a nice graphic presence can impress users.

Even the use of the correct Hashtags can be very important to be found by as many people as possible.

But what most impacts is definitely the Instagram Bio, for this reason learning how to boost your Instagram Bio can be essential to make you succeed.

How to boost your Instagram Bio

To boost your Instagram Bio you can follow several paths:

1 – Make your Instagram Bio memorable

If users remember your Bio, you will get incredible viral success, so it is important to work a lot on the text and arranging the information so that it is captivating for the reader.

2 – Insert a Hashtag

Insert the Hashtag of your business in your Bio, it will give greater identity to your service.

3 – Clearly explain the service you offer

If you are in the business of selling a service/product, make sure you are clear about what you do.

Few lines are enough to give precise information. You can choose the style you want, of course.

4 – Add Emojis to your Bio

Emoji on Instagram matter a lot, inserting them within your Instagram Bio can help people be more attracted to your content. Instagram is a purely graphic platform, so the use of Emoji must also be carefully studied.

5 – Enter a CTA

Insert a Call To Action in your text, it will entice users to interact more with your content.

6 – Link in Bio

However, the best way to improve your Instagram Bio is certainly to make the most of the link in bio.

With just one link available, choosing which channel or page to insert can be difficult, especially for people or brands that have lots of social networks or landing pages to advertise.

How can you solve the problem of the link in bio?

Using a tool that allows you to insert multiple links to boost your Instagram bio.

JotBio: Multiple link in your Instagram Bio

JotUrl has implemented a function that allows you to insert all the contacts and links you want within a single Tracking Link.

This function is called JotBio, and it is just one of the technologies developed by our Saas.

With JotBio you can create a magnificent landing page containing:

  • your brand logo
  • all your messenger contacts (email, phone, etc.)

In this way all your visitors will know how to contact you

  • all the links you want: blog, homepage of your website, podcasts, product pages, etc.

So you will no longer have to struggle to choose a single link to insert in your Instagram Bio, you can put them all!

  • all your social networks

So people can also find you on other platforms, from Facebook to LinkedIn.

The power of this tool will allow you to share with your followers all the information they need with the minimum waste of space.

Moreover, your JotBio can be 100% branded and customized.

In addition to being able to insert your logo on the landing page, you can brand and customize the starting tracking link.

This operation will make you stand out from the crowd!

No one else in the world will have the exact same link as you in the Bio.

Your branded domain will be exclusively yours, guaranteeing you greater credibility, more security, more user engagement and more conversions.

There is no safer tool than JotUrl to boost your Instagram Bio.

For years we have been working together with multinational giants of the caliber of Vodafone and Tim, guaranteeing a very high level of safety and operation.

With 99.99% Uptime on our servers, your links will always be available and ready for use.

Plus, through our Security feature, you will be notified by email in case your link is broken or there have been changes to the contents of the page.

And do you know what is the best thing?

You can create your JotBio in just a few clicks!

How JotBio works

In order to boost your Instagram Bio, it’s essential to understand how JotBio works.

First, you will need to enter the JotUrl dashboard, from here you can access all your projects and your Tracking Links.

If you do not yet have a link intended to accommodate the JotBio function, it is advisable to create a new one, specially designed to redirect users from your Instagram profile to all your contacts.

By creating a new Tracking Link you can choose the alias that best suits your needs.

Create a new Tracking Link from your Dashboard by clicking the (+) TRACKING LINK button.

At this point, you will have to fill in the new form with all the information necessary for your link.

Enter the Destination URL of your Tracking Link, we recommend that you insert a link that has to do with your business.

Choose your domain. JotUrl makes its own domain freely available, but it is preferable to use your custom branded domain.

In this way, the identity of your brand and your service will have even more impact, and you will also prevent your links from being banned by Instagram.

To continue customizing your link, enter the alias that best suits your needs.

Since you are going to share a single link containing all your contacts you could choose aliases like these:




Finally, you can enter notes and tags to immediately find your tracking link within your projects.

Save and go to options.

Select the “JotBio” box

Within this new page, you can create the appearance of your JotBio to boost your Instagram Bio to the maximum.


Enter a title for your JotBio, it will appear in the preview on the right side of the screen, showing you any changes. The preview is optimized for mobile, being Instagram a platform specially designed for mobile devices. In addition to your title, you can insert also a Subtitle – in order to describe your product or service.

In this page you can select the logo of your JotBio, you can put your brand logo or your business graphic in order to create a 100% personalized landing page for your links.

The most amazing improvement inside this tool, by the way, is the possibility to embed and insert every YouTube Video you want.

All you need to do is to copy your YouTube Video’s URL and paste it inside JotBio
As you can see you can decide the dimension of your video inside this landing page.

In this way, you can provide a detailed video of your product, marketing ads, or content that you want to share.You can customize your communication with your video increasing the interest of your users.


The second phase of creating JotBio is one of the most important to boost your Instagram Bio.

In fact, you can enter different types of contact and links:

1 – Messengers and Direct Contacts

  • Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Skype
  • Viber
  • Email Adress
  • Telephone Number

2 – Link buttons for all your landing pages and sites

You can choose 4 different types of Buttons:

Icon Link -> characterized by the possibility of having a small icon to the left of the title.
Thumbnail link -> you can add a little picture (160x160px maximum) in order to create an amazing link preview.
Link with Background Image -> you can use the picture you want to create a background for your button title and description.
Link with Image -> You can insert a picture up to your title or description, creating new graphic combinations for your JotBio

  • Insert up to 30 different links, each with a customizable name and URL Destination
  • you can choose from over 1,000 icons to further customize your Icon links
  • you can select your favorite link by clicking the star next to your link.
  • you can choose the picture you want for your Background Image Links or for your Links with Image
  • you will have full customization options through the panels for managing your images, so that everything can become exactly as you wish.

This choice was applied to favor a greater possibility of customization.

3 – Social icons for all of your social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • You Tube
  • Pinterest
  • Patreon
  • Tumblr
  • VK URL
  • LinkedIn

You can change the position of links or social media at will, even after creating them, and you can also choose a special button that can be animated to attract more attention. Just select it by clicking one of the stars to the right of your links.

Each of the selected buttons must be associated with a correct URL, otherwise, they will not appear in your JotBio (even if they will be visible in the preview).

Each field has indicated the specific URL that you will have to paste for each desired social or messenger.

Within the link buttons, you must enter the destination URL of the sites or landing pages in the empty field next to the name.

Once you have entered all the links and contacts, click on the “Next” button, in this way you will arrive at the final stage of creating your JotBio.


In the third section of JotBio, you can improve the graphic appearance of your buttons.

Instagram is a platform that gives great importance to graphics and aesthetics, which is why JotURL is committed to creating as many models and backgrounds as possible to maintain a fresh style also in 2020.

Select the style that best suits your Brand identity, among the 35 models already prepared for you.

The colors and graphics proposed try to satisfy the graphic tastes of as many people as possible, offering a wide choice between the various colors.

Remember that the visual part, especially on a social like Instagram can be very important, even the color chosen for your Landing must be chosen carefully.

Of course, customization didn’t stop there!

In fact, thanks to the new improvements of the platform JotBio now offers the possibility to create a totally customizable theme and layout from scratch!

Just click the [+] button to add a new 100% customizable template.

You will be able to choose the colors of your fonts, the background color, decide the hover color of your buttons, and much more.

All this is possible even without the use of CSS codes, just use the editor created specifically for this occurrence.

If you want an even more precise customization you will have the possibility to directly modify the code of your new layout, and apply your customizations directly within the CSS. You can also decide whether to rely on a reference template and be helped in creating the template that best suits your communications or your brand colors.


In the Sep 4 you can choose the Font you want more for your JotBio.
You can choose from more than 70 fonts on our page. The fonts have been configured from those present within Google Fonts, they are very versatile, cover many styles and can give character to your content.

The fonts have been chosen to offer a very wide choice and to give you the possibility to customize your JotBio even more.

Within the page, you can also search for the desired font and select it to preview it.

Through the “advanced font settings” option you can manage your fonts even more by calibrating them to perfection to meet your needs.


The last step represents the most important part of JotBio.

Within this screen, in fact, it is possible to make the landing even more personalized.

By clicking on the camera icon you can upload any image you want.

This implementation is clearly game-changing in many ways.

The visual effect, the graphic effect, has a lot of impact on users, which is why a lot is taken care of.

Using a well-made image as a background that recalls your business, company or service, will make your JotBio even more branded, unique and recognizable at a glance. Personalization at this point can reach truly incredible levels.

A florist, for example, could use the photos of his flowers as Background to further enhance his JotBio and the same goes for many other types of brands, companies, agencies, and corporates.

The logo of the first step already made the style of your JotBio branded, but it is clear that with this last step you can decide to add a new level of personalization to your communication.

With these features and this freedom of choice, you have all the credentials to advertise and make yourself known on Instagram and in the digital world with just one single link.

The intuitive interface and the capacity to view the preview at each processing stage will help you create your JotBio in just a few minutes, allowing you to boost your Instagram Bio with a few clicks.

Once your JotBio is complete you can save.

At this point you will have to copy the URL of your Tracking Link – the one you have just associated the JotBio with – and paste it into your Instagram profile.

Enter your Tracking Link in the field: Website.

In this way you can boost your Instagram Bio to 100%

By clicking on the link of your Instagram Bio your followers will be redirected to a new landing page where they will see your JotBio. They will be able to find all your social channels, all the links to your landing pages and even your contact details.

One single link, every channel.

Here is the result on one of our mobile devices.

This is undoubtedly the best way to make and boost your Instagram Bio memorable.

But JotBio can do much more!

You can also use your JotBio on any platform you wish to share your contacts and channels.

Even on Twitter, our JotBio can be an excellent solution, allowing you to save precious characters for your communications.

So, are you ready to boost your Instagram Bio to the fullest?

Try JotUrl, in the free trial of 14 days you can test all its features.


JotUrl Team

PS: Read this article to discover why JotUrl is the best choice to boost your Instagram Bio.

PPS: check this website, if you would like to read this link in bio guide in italian!



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