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Boost your YouTube Channel with JotUrl

Feb 15, 2021 | JotBio, JotURL

Youtube is an incredibly used platform to promote video content, it is the most famous in the world and boasts a huge number of users of all ages and backgrounds.

The network is an incredibly useful portal for digital marketing campaigns, as it allows you to promote your content in the form of videos. It can be used for anyone who is launching their brand identity, for companies that want to launch their new product or even for streamers who are making money through YouTube.

Obviously, visibility is also very important within YouTube, obtaining views and subscriptions to channels can improve your position within the platform’s search engine.

There are many ways to boost your YouTube Channel.

First, work on the description of your channel, think from an SEO perspective, study which keywords are the most sought after and try to adapt them to your products.

Try to maximize the quality of your explainer videos, work on an original format and create an identity that can stand out from the crowd.

Advertise your channel on other platforms and social networks as well, and try to share your videos everywhere to get a large number of followers.

Photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash

In addition to these general tips, you can also boost your YouTube Channel through JotUrl.

Not only can you use our Deep Linking system to improve the navigation of your mobile users, but you can also rely on JotBio.

InstaUrl got even better: boost your YouTube Channel!

InstaUrl is one of the additional functions present within JotUrl. It was originally created to improve the Instagram bio link, offering the ability to include all the desired contacts and URLs within a single tracking link, without having to limit yourself to just one of them.

InstaUrl has improved a lot in recent times, integrating a large number of social networks, improving its interface and offering more and more possibilities for customization on the graphic aspect of the theme used.

After the latest innovations regarding the use of buttons, InstaUrl has integrated a new feature that has definitely changed the tool forever.

Now with InstaUrl it is possible to embed and share YouTube videos very easily, inserting them within a mini-landing page optimized especially for mobile, but can also be used safely on tablet and desktop.

This implementation clearly has many implications for digital marketing and offers entirely new possibilities to boost your YouTube Channel, gain greater visibility on social networks and increase the number of your followers/subscribers.

It’s not possible to insert CTAs in YouTube channels, but there is a solution!

YouTube Channels cannot currently be embedded within CTAs.

This can be a problem, especially if you are looking to boost your YouTube channel or are trying to get multiple videos at once.

The individual YouTube videos are embeddable and it is possible to add a CTA to a single video, but until now it was possible to share them separately.

With the integration of YouTube within InstaUrl, there are new possibilities to boost your YouTube channel.

You could create an InstaUrl with a main video with which you want to introduce yourself, insert other videos inside the buttons, in order to offer a wide choice to your users.

You can also insert the link of your YouTube channel within a button, or between the icons of social channels, so as to offer a 360 ° view of your Youtuber activities.

There are many advantages in using InstaUrl in this way.

  • You can highlight more than one video at a time, by inserting your favorites within a 100% customizable landing page.
  • You can insert a presentation video that can push people to click on the links of the other videos or that can push them to visit your channel.
  • Each link inserted within the InstaUrl buttons can be a Deep Link, this means that users will be redirected directly to the YouTube App to view your YouTube Channel or your videos.

If we consider that InstaUrl is mainly used by mobile devices and phones, Deep Link is essential to improve the navigation of your users and to keep the level of engagement and conversion high.

  • Each link inserted within the InstaUrl buttons may contain a link to your Videos to which you have previously added a CTA.

The InstaUrl buttons can accommodate the Tracking Links created with JotUrl and therefore can become strategic containers to take full advantage of the additional features of Jot.

Even a Tracking Link with the Remarketing Pixel can be inserted within the InstaUrl buttons, giving you the possibility to re-engage users who come into contact with your content.

The possibilities of use are truly manifold and can really bring many benefits and boost your YouTube Channel as you never thought.

How to create your YouTube InstaUrl

First you need to enter the JotUrl Dashboard and create a new Tracking Link.

Remember to use a branded domain and set up an attractive alias, this will improve the CTR of your link, and more people will be interested in browsing your personal Landing Page dedicated to your YouTube channel.

Once you have created your Tracking Link click on “Save and go to Link Options”.

Select the “InstaUrl” Box.

Now you’re inside InstaUrl and you can create the page as you wish.

First you can decide the name to give to your InstaUrl, you can also insert a logo or an image to further brand your landing page and get ready to boost your YouTube Channel to 100%.

At this point you can enter the URL of a YouTube video that will appear in your InstaUrl.

We recommend that you choose a representative video that can present the channel, your business well, or that can make you gain popularity.

For this example, we will use JotUrl videos to show you how to boost your YouTube Channel at best.

By clicking the “Next” button you will arrive at the second step of InstaUrl and you can insert a lot of useful buttons to redirect users to your content. It is the key to boosting your YouTube Channel!

You can insert up to 30 buttons with your links, each of these can have a title and can appear in different ways, even with background images or icons.

Within these buttons you can enter the URLs of your videos and create an impactful and engaging list to promote your channel and your works.

In addition to the normal URLs of your videos, you can also insert other Tracking Links created with JotUrl, in order to fully exploit the potential of our tool.

We previously prepared a Deep Link to one of our videos and associated a CTA button with a second Tracking Link.

We can also include them in the list of our buttons to achieve this result.

Within step 3 we can choose the graphic style of our landing page. To boost your YouTube Channel you will have to choose something that is graphically pleasing or that maybe can match the colors of your brand or your channel.

You can choose from the many default themes or create a completely customizable one from scratch, you can also process it with the CSS code to obtain a truly unique result.

By making these graphic changes we have certainly taken a good step forward in the realization of this InstaUrl.

In step four you can decide whether or not to change the font of your landing page. For this example we have chosen the “Lato” Font, but you can choose from over 80 different fonts currently present within JotUrl.

In the fifth step you can choose to use an image on your device as a Background image for your Landing Page.

Since for this InstaUrl I am already fully satisfied with the theme used, I will not need to further customize the page, but know that this possibility also exists.

Once all the steps have been completed I can save InstaUrl. Remember that you can also go back to the previous steps by clicking “Previous”, in case you want to double check or change something.

The final result we get is the following:

boost your youtube channel

As you can see, the page is perfectly suited to boost your YouTube Channel and highlight its contents in a definitely original and impactful way.

Here is the InstaUrl link that we created in just a few minutes: https://jo.my/boost-your-channel

You too can boost your YouTube Channel and stand out from the crowd, thanks to our 14 Days Free-Trial you will have the opportunity to test all our features, even InstaUrl and try it yourself.

JotUrl Team



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