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Get 100% From Your Brand Marketing Strategies

Dec 23, 2020 | Branded Links, JotURL

Digital marketing is a choice used by an increasing number of businesses, agencies and companies. The Internet is undoubtedly one of the most profitable and fastest ways to make yourself known and gain visibility, it offers infinite possibilities for growth and scaling, and finally guarantees services, tools and modern procedures. To be successful, a company already knows that it will have to affirm its campaigns within the digital market, exploiting all communication channels, websites and social networks, to gain visibility. It is an increasingly present reality, as the average time of people connected to the internet is growing rapidly.

Global digitalization has led to an ever greater transformation of marketing, consequently even large and small companies had to change the way they sell their products. Focusing on digital marketing has worked, not only for the largest companies in the world, but also for small e-commerce companies or young entrepreneurs.

If you want to be known and want to be successful, you will undoubtedly have to focus on your digital campaigns.

However, there is a big problem. The internet is incredibly crowded. Millions of articles, public posts and advertising ads are published and generated every day.

In order to stand out from all the others it is essential to get 100% from your Brand Marketing Strategies. Your Brand must become unique and famous and in this article we will discover together some of the best Brand Marketing Strategies for your digital campaigns.

Let’s proceed in order.

What is a Brand?

The word Brand identifies the name, identity and image of a company or service. A brand is much more than a simple brand or logo, it is everything that represents a specific activity at 360 °.

CocaCola, for example, is one of the most famous brands in the world.

But CocaCola is not just the writing on a can, it is not just a drink, it is a huge company that promotes itself every day and tries to outdo its competitors on the market. Over the years, product marketing campaigns have made it one of the most famous and popular brands in the world.

This explains to us that every single aspect must be taken care of and carefully studied to correctly promote the Brand and build what is called Brand Identity.

Brand Identity is what can truly make your Brand unique and must be built with extreme attention, without contradictions, so that it can correctly promote the message you are trying to pass on to your customers.

Communication can be essential to become unique on the market, an example can be found in Wendy’s, and in the characteristic posts that have made him incredibly popular on Twitter and on other social networks.

By correctly building your Brand Identity you will be able to obtain what is defined Brand Awareness, that is the perception and knowledge that the public has towards a particular service. The greater the popularity of a product, the greater its Brand Awareness.

4 Steps To Build Your Brand

To survive for a long time with your Brand Marketing strategies, you will first need to correctly build the main aspects of your Brand Identity.

Analyze thoroughly your business and your service

The first step to make your Brand is to analyze your service. What can you offer unique to your customers? Why should your customers choose you? What service can make you different from your competitors?

All these questions are essential to make you understand the potential of your product, and also what its weaknesses are.

Without this preliminary analysis it is a gamble to go blind, you must first be aware of the characteristics of your service firsthand.

Identify your target Audience

Once you have considered the characteristics of your product, you will have to look for a free slice of the market in which to enter. You will also need to understand which specific Target is appropriate for your product. To do this you will need to further investigate the market and do statistical studies on the percentage of people who might be interested in your brand.

Create a target audience and try to reach those users you know for sure will be interested in your product.

If you have successfully identified your Brand, you will also be able to find suitable customers to offer your product to.

Create your logo

A brand must necessarily have a distinctive logo, a signature, an image, a visual aspect that makes it recognizable at a glance.

The creation of a logo is by no means a trivial thing, on the contrary, it must be reasoned with appropriate attention. Your Brand logo is the first thing the customer will observe when looking at your product, visiting your site or perhaps holding a package in their hands.

Logos have meanings and are mostly used to make the customer understand immediately what a service is about.

Color scheme, shapes and sizes must all be taken into consideration.

Choose your brand name

Your Brand must have a name. A unique, captivating name.

Usually the choice of the brand name is an operation to be carried out in parallel with the creation of the logo. The choice of name, or logo, can affect each other.

The fact is that even this decision is not at all simple and should not be taken lightly.

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

To build your Brand Identity, all of these steps are essential and can take months or years of methodical study.

However owning a Brand is not enough to promote your Brand Marketing to 100%. You must find a way to best evolve within a digital context, taking full advantage of the potential offered by the Internet to become unbeatable.

JotUrl, the most complete omni-channel tool in circulation, can provide you with all the useful tools to improve every single aspect of your Brand Marketing campaigns.

Make your Brand Marketing Strategies Memorable Thanks To JotUrl

Within Brand Marketing, being competitive is essential to be able to stand out from hundreds of competitors. Gaining online visibility may be possible through strategies that you can implement within your digital campaigns.

JotUrl is a SAAS that has been specially developed to favor the creation of a very solid Brand Identity, providing all the ideal tools for the creation of unbeatable marketing campaigns on the web.

The platform provides a large number of features in order to meet the needs of many groups of users: marketers, e-commerces, agencies, affiliates, growth hackers, SMEs and also Big and Corporate Enterprises.

Regardless of the size of your service, we can help you grow your brand and get you all the success you want.

1) Brand your links and domains

To properly promote the best Brand Marketing campaign, you will need to try to promote your brand name also within your Links.

The vast majority of marketing campaigns are now based on the use of links for tracking data, for redirecting to specific landing pages or for sharing sites, articles or product pages. Enterprise companies, most of all, need a large number of links for their sponsored campaigns and to make themselves known in the market, for this reason creating branded links can be essential to be recognized, remembered and to improve the corporate image in the digital world.

By placing your brand within the links, you not only get visibility, but also offer guarantees to users. A user who opens one of Pepsi’s branded links will already know what to expect from that content, and recognizing the brand within that URL will be more enticed to click it. This process is called “link trust”, and it incredibly affects users’ CTR (Click Through Rate) on multimedia content.

Using a branded link has a number of incredible advantages:

  • branding improvement
  • higher link Trust
  • higher CTR (+34% Click Through Rate)
  • avoid to be banned on Facebook, Instagram, Google and other social networks
  • best mobile experience

Inserting the identifying signature of a large company within your links is an operation that must be thought through carefully but which can be solved very simply.

By choosing to use a customized domain for your links you can create unique branded links that will belong exclusively to your business.

The branded domain is the first part of a branded link, the part in which to leave your identifying mark, the part that users will recognize as yours.

Here you can see an example of a branded link created by JotUrl

JotUrl offers you the possibility to use your custom domains to freely customize your branded links. We will also issue a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to make your site safe and reliable.

You can find more information on setting up a domain within JotUrl by reading this article.

2) Track your Data

Branding your links, of course,  isn’t enough. To promote an effective Brand Marketing strategy, you will need to make sure you track all the data related to your digital campaigns in the best way.

Every visit by users to your content pages, every conversion, every click on your links must be recorded to provide you with a clear vision of how influential and known your Brand is.

Without accurate data analysis you will never understand where you get the most traffic from.

It is very important to understand in which sector your product is selling, because it is clearly there that you will have to invest more money. On the other hand, however, you will be able to understand which sides of your strategy are not working and decide whether to improve them or completely change direction.

JotUrl was created exactly to allow the orderly collection of data from multiple sources within a single Dashboard.

Thanks to the features of the platform you will be able to collect data not only from your sites, but also from third-party landing pages where users have interacted with your content. Considering that most of the traffic comes from Off-site content this is a really important feature to consider.

You no longer need to manually record your data, you can fully rely on our service and get incredibly accurate estimates of all visits, clicks, and conversions.

brand marketing strategies

Within JotUrl Analytics you will find really interesting data such as:

  • the geographic location of your visitor
  • the browser language
  • the browser used
  • the device used (desktop, mobile, iOS or Android)
  • the number of clicks
  • the number of visits and unique visits

You can also download and share graphs and statistics to share them with your collaborators in just a few clicks, centralizing the management of information within a single multi-function tool.

3) Boost your communication

Another really fundamental part to take into consideration for your Brand Marketing Strategies is communication.

You can incredibly boost your communication not only by deciding which line to take to convey your messages, but also by carefully exploiting the digital tools and features that JotUrl can make available.

First of all, through the use of shortened branded links, you can improve communication on all devices, including via SMS, Telegram and WhatsApp, being able to reach many more people than before, in a much more effective way.

Furthermore, thanks to the use of our CTAs, you can really take advantage of every possible channel to convey your messages to your audience, even using third-party material!

Embed third-party content with JotUrl CTAs

With JotUrl it is possible to embed third-party pages and exploit them to promote your CTAs.

If the site allows sharing of its pages, it is possible that it can be used for the creation of CTAs. Inside JotUrl it is possible to see within the creation preview whether the page is usable or not.

An example of non-embeddable pages are: google.com, facebook.com, amazon.com, etc.

These pages cannot be used to host your content.

An example of embeddable pages, however, are: each YouTube video, article on Daily Mail online website (one of the most famous London newspapers.)

Using a YouTube page as the basis for conveying your messages can be incredible. As an example, you could use a YouTube page of a very famous influencer and insert your CTA button on that page, in order to redirect the user to your own landing pages.

You can also use an amazing article and as a base to insert a button with your brand logo. In this way all users who read that article will be able to interact with your CTA, convert to your content, leave important data for your future moves, increasing your range of action.

You can use third-party pages in your favor to further improve your visibility and your media control. Obviously the use of this tool is allowed only on sites that allow and authorize this practice.

As you can see, you can insert your own CTA within any embeddable page, using third-party content to convey your own message, with your Brand logo. Thanks to the “Button” Template you can create a colored string with a text and a button to redirect users to your content and landing pages.

This system can offer you undoubted advantages for any Brand Marketing strategy you want.

4) Reach all devices with Deep Linking features

To get the most out of your Brand Marketing Campaigns you will need to try to reach your customers on different devices. In recent years, the use of mobile devices has become more and more frequent, making it much easier to reach customers browsing their phones.

Sending and sharing links on mobile devices can be much more practical thanks to the use of JotUrl’s branded links, but there are also other features that can improve your mobile marketing experience.

Through the Deep Link, in fact, you can really revolutionize your way of doing digital marketing.

Deep Linking is a powerful technology developed in the digital marketing sector that allows users to be redirected within a specific landing page, bypassing homepages and other intermediate pages. Through the Deep Link you can redirect users within a specific App, yours or that of a very influential social network like Facebook.

For example, if you want to have your users convert for your content within a page in the Facebook App, you can do so by redirecting your users to the landing page with a simple Deep Link.

This technology has become extremely useful for improving marketing even on mobile platforms, boosting and revolutionizing the browsing experience of users.
The use of Mobile Deep Linking brings many benefits for mobile users:

  • Upgrade User Experience.
  • Improve App Discoverability.
  • Improve Marketing Strategies.
  • Boost User Engagement.
  • Increase App Penetration.
  • Improve Downloads & Conversions.
  • Decreases the bounce rate.
  • Improve search ranking
  • Maximize in App CR 
  • Boost to 100% the re-engagement

Deep Linking therefore leads to many advantages because it allows users to achieve what they are looking for more quickly, helping to increase the time spent by the user on that site and improving the chances of gain and conversion.

Using Deep Linking you can get +20% conversions and users spend around +34% more time on the app. Deep Links boost re-engagement, maximize in-app CR and improve customer LTV.

Within JotUrl there are two different types of Deep Linking:

1) Easy Deep Linking

Through the use of Easy Deep Linking you can create Deep Links in just a few seconds. Joturl will automatically recognize the redirection app through those currently supported by the platform, creating settings adapted to all your needs.

It is an incredibly useful feature if you want to redirect your users to very popular apps or third-party apps that you don’t have full control over.

Currently, the Apps that support Easy Deep Linking are the following:

2) App ( Advanced ) Deep Linking

If you have a custom app, a personal app then you will need to configure a Deep Link in Joturl through the URI Scheme. To do this you will need to use the Joturl App Deep Link function and make sure you properly configure the behavior of these links.

If you own an App and want to deferred deep Linking you will have settings to correctly configure your deep links within the Joturl App Deep Link feature.

Within JotURL you can upload an infinite number of files, including universal links or app links.

You will be able to associate each of these configurations to your personal domains.

It’s very simple, each deep link is saved within a template and this template can be associated with your branded domains according to your needs.

This technology is certainly one of the best ways to increase the success of your brand.

5) Develop the security of your content

To get 100% from its Brand Marketing campaigns, a business must absolutely consider the safety aspect. The stability of its services, and the integrity of the content shared online must be impeccable.

Imagine you are launching an online presentation of a product through a link. But the link breaks and stops working. It would be incredibly harmful to your reputation and your brand image.

For this reason, you need to make sure that you ensure the security and stability of your content, offering an indisputable service that can improve your Brand Awareness.

In addition to being one of the most complete tools on the market, JotUrl has a fundamental characteristic: it puts safety first.

Every Tracking Link, every data, and all the work of the users who rely on our service is monitored and safeguarded by an efficient monitoring system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Furthermore, to offer an even more complete service, there is the Security function, to be set on your Tracking Links.

The following feature allows you to check the status of your link, the contents of the page, as well as analyze the correct functioning of all the processes involved. Another reason why JotUrl one the best monitoring tool is because it also deals with recognizing IPs that are potentially harmful to your links and your activities.

Through constant analysis this service is able to block any harmful agent that may create problems for your links.JotUrl can also automatically filters bot clicks, in order to safeguard the statistics of your tracking links.
The abusive spam of visits by bots could greatly alter the results you are trying to track for a marketing campaign and make you lose a lot of money in the wrong investments.

If any problem is found, you will be instantly notified by email. In this way, in the event of a broken link, you can act promptly and avoid losing reputation, revenue and any visits/conversions.

You will also receive notifications in case of suspicious changes within the contents of your landing page, so that you always have everything under control.

Thanks to our notification system, you can avoid unexpected inconveniences and you can keep track of the health of your most important links in an instant. 

Conclusion about the best Brand Marketing Strategies

It is possible to obtain 100% from your Brand Marketing Strategies campaigns through a precise study of your Brand Identity and applying some simple improvements.

The use of branded links can improve the visibility and the possibility of user interaction with your content, providing you with a unique communication that bears your signature everywhere.

You can also take advantage of third-party content to unquestionably improve the visibility of your content, using sites, pages or embeddable videos to associate your branded message.

Thanks to Deep Linking technology you can redirect users directly to in-app content, improving your users’ browsing and incredibly improving the conversion rate.

Don’t forget safety. Your links must be monitored and preserved, as well as the contents present within your landing.

JotUrl is the omni-channel tool that can provide you with all these services and even more through its tracking links and features.

For years, JotUrl has managed to manage a huge number of links, allowing large enterprises such as Vodafone or Tim to send branded links in their advertising campaigns or in their SMS Marketing campaigns.

Our infrastructures are able to effectively support any campaign, guaranteeing 99% uptime and offering one of the most practical and secure services on the market.
You can start your 14-day Free-Trial whenever you want to discover all the incredible possibilities hidden within our features.

JotUrl Team



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