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What Really Converts? The Data Behind Landing Page Success

Aug 17, 2020 | Conversions, Guest Post, JotURL

Data backed Landing Page Success Techniques to Know Conversion Trends

The basic web analysis fails to give you true insights into what really converts. For measuring your landing page success, you need data-backed figures. 

Getting a higher conversion rate is essential for eCommerce businesses and it is what proves the efficiency of the landing pages you use. Thus, you need to master techniques that will help with getting a higher conversion rate. There are proven and tested methods that can maximize the chances of businesses to increase their conversion rate. 

As a business owner or marketer, you should know these techniques like the back of your hand. Knowing that only 50% landing pages are mobile-optimized and conversion rate across industry is around 2.3% whereas it goes up to 5.3% for the top 25%, shows that there is lot more up for grabs. 

How do we achieve that and can be part of that glorious 25%? Here are the best data-driven landing page improvements that will increase the conversion rate of the business you are running. 

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A Killer Headline

8 seconds is what it takes to create the first impression. Creating a killer headline should be at the top of your landing page checklist because it is the first thing customers will see. Therefore, it possesses great power. 

The headline alone can increase the chances of the people visiting the website to convert by making a purchase. Whatever comes after the headline is not as important as this section of each website page. 23% marketers of the total marketers who perform A/B tests on landing pages, never test their headlines. Now, that’s certainly something to be looked into more seriously.

How to create a good headline

There are various factors you should consider when creating a headline and they are the formatting, length, and copy. Your headline must be formatted in a way that appeals to the specific target audience you are targeting. 

The font style must be clearly visible and represent a professional image because that will be a well-representation of the business you are running. Also, in the headline, be specific and outline the value you are offering to customers.

Consider the headline used on the landing page of Thule. It is simple but yet eye-catching for those visiting the site. That headline can lead to an increased amount of new parents buying the baby stroller because of its simple yet effective structure and message.

Use the K.I.S.S. principle for increasing your conversion rate 

The layout of a landing page used by a business should not be over the top and should follow the K.I.S.S principle. What is the K.I.S.S principle that can increase your conversion rate? 

The acronym is spelled out in a simple way and does not have an in-depth meaning. It is spelled out Keep It Simple Stupid and implies exactly what it sounds like. Do not try to add that “extra flare” on the layout of the website but keep it minimal and modest.

American Airways have found this to be successful and simplifies the process of visitors finding what they want. On their website, this company just included the necessary details and there is nothing extra cluttering their landing page.

Tips for implementing the K.I.S.S principle

A website layout must have some white space, contrast, and color, as well as one set of design elements. For example, if you choose using rectangles on buttons, do not mix them with circles or other elements. 

Once the website layout has been created, you can test to see if it work and check website traffic using Sitechecker. It’s a popular tool that generates SEO report based on more than 100 parameters to come out with a perfect website analysis.

Take advantage of trust elements

Did you know that images, videos, and graphics can attract your visitors and persuade them emotionally to take action?

Your landing page should have an appropriate mix of trust elements that is media such as videos, images, and other graphics. These trust elements should engage customers and be convincing enough to get conversions. 

Don’t mind if the landing page length goes a bit above your idea. Long-form landing pages can generate up to 220% more leads so rest assured that the length won’t be a big problem. You can implement the trust elements and then analyze website traffic to see if they are effective. Trust elements should not clutter the landing page but must have enough breathing space. 

Visual elements that touch customers emotionally

The use of imagery increases the chance of your landing page content be read in full by 80%. You can accomplish that by including interactive picture galleries that display the true images of your staff and workplace premises or even happy customers. 

You can also embed a video on the landing page that resonates with the content uploaded on it. The video could be user-generated content or a visual depiction of your brand’s story, which will emotionally motivate customers to take action and improve conversion rates. 

A unique way Chief Outsiders has used this is by including logo images of their prominent clients. That might also drive customers to want to know further about the company and its offerings.

Show People Social Proof

If you are wondering how to create a landing page, some sections should never be forgotten. One of those sections is showing social proof on the website’s landing page. Embedding social media posts from followers and customers can help persuade those visiting the website to take action. 

Did you know that user-generated content plays an integral role in getting eCommerce conversions? Therefore, you should leverage the power of this digital marketing aspect. 

How to leverage social proof

To leverage social proof, you can encourage customers to share their experience with the business on social media. That can be done on various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Afterward, you can embed selected posts that indicate how customers are satisfied with your business on the landing page.

The idea of “pain” 

Creating landing pages that convert includes knowing how to use the idea of pain to the business’s advantage. There are various considerations you should make to leverage the idea of pain to get higher conversions and here are some of them:

  • Using their selfishness to your advantage
  • Creating a seamless experience without complications
  • Offering to solve their problem

The latter aspect is mostly used by many businesses globally and they use it by pinpointing the exact problem and how it will be solved. Making it sound much simplified and not a complex undertaking will help get conversions. 

A good example of this is seen in the automotive industry with companies that buy cars for cash. They make the process sound simple and pain-free by saying, “We buy cars for cash on the spot.”

Choice One Engineering also simplifies their website navigation experience by dividing it into three main sections. The sections are services, bidding and mindsets. With these, the customers reach the page they need much quicker. That eliminates the pain of trying to figure out the location of each page.

A Powerful Call to Action

90% of visitors who will read your headline are certain to go through your CTA as well. Undoubtedly the section that seals the deal for high converting landing pages is the Call to Action the business uses. It is very important to have a clear and concise Call to Action that leads to a conversion. 

The positioning of the Call to Action is also as equally important because it needs to be visible and clickable. Above all, the length of the Call to Action must be short and not unnecessarily long and taking up a lot of space. 

Choosing the perfect button

The positioning and ease of clicking your Call to Action will depend greatly on your chosen buttons. For example, there are floating buttons that will constantly appear at the section of the screen, even if you scroll up and down. 

There are also sidebar buttons that also have the same attributes as the floating ones. You can also use a static button that remains fixed at one section of the site. You should choose a button depending on its purpose and how it connects with the landing page. 

Medium uses two of these buttons simultaneously because it has a static one and a floating button located at the navigation bar. You can also implement a hybrid solution like this for your business website because it works perfectly well.

Leverage scarcity and urgency

Landing pages with scarce or time-limited offers generally get a higher conversion rate than those that do not. Therefore, leverage these aspects to create a sense of fear to miss out on the offer.

Nord VPN got this concept right because they even include a countdown timer for their offer. As the time runs out, customers will feel the urge to make a purchase grow even more, leading them to convert.

How to implement this

That can be implemented right at the onset when marketing new products by labeling them as exclusives or limited editions. 

Write that as part of your headlines and when customers see that the offer is scarce or time-sensitive, they might convert right there and then. The results of this type of outreach can be very positive and generate more revenue for the business.

The bottom line

Landing pages are very important in getting more conversions and these tips outlined above can help improve their appearance and efficacy. The call to actions, headlines, and visual content you use should be compelling and drive customers to make a decision. Also, remember to keep it simple and minimalistic with no dramatic effects or “extra flare.”

By Natalie Fia.

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