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Spotify is an application that allows you to listen to albums and songs or hundreds of different podcasts with free services or with monthly subscriptions to the premium version.

Surely the introduction of this online service has forever changed the way people listen to music and many people use it both in the desktop version and in the mobile version.

Listening to music is a priority for many people, it can help in many aspects of daily life and also stimulate productivity during working hours.

It is one of the most famous platforms in the world and now more than ever, with ever increasing digitization, just download an App on your phone to have all your favorite songs just a click away.

For all these reasons, it is essential to study systems that can facilitate and exploit the potential of this App and analyze those technologies that allow better mobile navigation for the user. Understanding how to create a Deep Link to Spotify, therefore, is pretty essential in 2021.

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What is Deep Linking?

Deep Linking is a powerful technology developed in the digital marketing sector that allows users to be redirected within a specific landing page, bypassing homepages and other intermediate pages. This technology has become extremely useful for improving marketing even on mobile platforms, boosting and revolutionizing the browsing experience of users.

Deep Linking is boosted to working within the Mobile Apps,in fact, the technology was created to ensure user permanence within apps, to improve app downloads and to ensure correct redirection of the user to a specific point of an App.

Deep Linking can be used for any application, including social network apps or your company’s app. You can use Deep Linking even for the Spotify App.

With a simple click, your users can be redirected into the Spotify App and interact with the videos and content present without having to click anything else.

Furthermore, the Deep Links created with JotUrl can be branded and customized, making it possible for you to improve the link trust of your links and their appearance.

The brand within the domain of your link personalizes your Deep Link, making it clear to the user that this is your content.

The customization of the alias, on the other hand, can help you make the destination of the video immediately clear, improving the CTR and the resulting views/interactions.

Why Deep Linking to Spotify is so important.

Spotify is a fast growing platform. People’s habits have changed dramatically during 2020 and this has led many people to push digital jobs and spend much more time on networks like YouTube, Twitch or Spotify.

The behavioral habits of users have positively influenced the traffic and popularity of Spotify, making it reach about 1.5 million subscribers.

Obviously these numbers are starting to be very important and knowing how to carve out a small slice of the market within this sector could be very useful, especially for large companies or companies that can afford to produce unreleased video content with which to push their products or their own. brand name.

Deep Linking is important because it greatly improves user navigation between pages, keeps the interest rate high, reduces the bounce rate and makes it easier to share content between devices.

The best way to get more traffic is to offer the user the most comfortable and simple way to reach a content, and Deep Link is certainly the best way to redirect a mobile user within an App page.

But that’s not all!

By creating a Deep Link to Spotify with JotUrl you will have the possibility to track every event and conversion with extreme precision, recording essential information about your users.

  • Origin
  • Device ( PC/Tablet/Mobile)
  • Operating system used
  • Browser
  • Language
  • Any QR Code scanned
  • Clicks/Visits
  • Unique Visits
    And many others

Each of these data can give you very useful data to develop new marketing campaigns tailored to your users. Understanding which specific event triggers a conversion will also give you new elements to improve the sale of your products.

Finding the way to redirect users to your Spotify videos and lives can bring immense gains, especially if you are monetizing your videos or trying to get as many views on your latest content as possible.

Gaining visibility within the platform could help you improve your Lead Generation or your conversions, if your videos serve that purpose. Alternatively, they will also help improve your visibility on the web and give you more credibility in other fields.

If your video collects many views, users could interact with the contents present in the description of your video (CTA, links, etc.) helping you to develop new digital strategies.

The easiest way to create a Deep Link to Spotify

JotUrl has developed an amazing feature called Easy Deep Link, you can create your Deep Link to Spotify in a few minutes!

By creating your new Deep Link you can check the analytics related to the URL and view more carefully all the information relating to the people who will view your account, or that of your company.

In order to successfully create your Deep Link to Spotify, follow the instructions below.

Login in your Spotify account and choose a song, an album or a podcast you want to share.

Enter the JotUrl Dashboard and create a new Tracking Link to create your Deep Link to Spotify. Just click the (+) TRACKING LINK button.

Fill in the form for your new Tracking Link.

1) Insert the link of your Spotify video as the destination URL.

2) Choose your domain, we recommend that you use your personal branded domain.

3) Add the alias you want. In this way, despite having a very long Instagram link, you can shorten it, making the destination of your Deep Link to Spotify immediately clear.

Making a branded link can improve the CTR of your links by more than 34%

It can also prevent your links from being banned or penalized on social networks during your advertising campaigns.

Creating branded links can be crucial, especially if you intend to share them by phone.

Considering that the number of Spotify mobile users is increasing in 2020, shortening your links and branding them can improve your visibility and link trust.

4) Insert tags and notes to identify your links within your projects.

5) Click on the “Save and go to Link Options” button.

deep link to spotify

At this point click the box called: Easy Deep Link.

Within this Feature you can immediately create your Deep Link to Spotify.

As you can see, our JotUrl engine has already been able to understand that your destination URL belongs to Spotify, and has already preset the fields within the page without you having to touch anything.

If you wish to make any changes you are free to do so.

Within this page you can check the behavior of your Deep Link to Spotify on both Android and iOS devices.

You can also set alternative landing pages if the Spotify App is not installed on your user’s device.

If your users haven’t the Spotify App installed, you will have the following options:

– Redirect them to the browser Spotify video, it cannot be viewed in the Mobile App, but only from the page of the search engine used (Google, Firefox, etc.)

– Redirect them to the App Store / Play Store to download the Spotify App

– Redirect them to a custom page chosen by you.

Within the settings for Android devices, you can force the opening of your link via the browser, however this procedure is not yet available for iOS.

You can configure every single aspect of your link preview through the Open Graph setting integrated in the Deep Link creator interface.

You will be able to decide what Title, Description and Picture add to a specific link, so you can manage your link preview on every social network like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Usually those fields are created automatically by a bot inside the Network, in some cases the results are quite good, in others you can experience some problems. For this reason we provide the possibility of customizing your own link preview.

Once you have selected the Open Graph settings you can save your Deep Link to Spotify.

Just click on the “Save” Green Button at the end of the Deep Link interface.

Now you can copy and paste your Tracking Link and bring as many followers as possible to interact with you on the video.

By clicking our Deep Link by mobile you will be able to land directly within the Spotify App!

By offering your users valuable content you will gain visibility and credibility and in the meantime you can analyze really important data on their habits and their browsing.

You can try to make a Deep Link to Spotify too.

JotUrl has a 14-day free-trial in which you can test all the features you want.

JotUrl Team

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