May 16, 2023 | Deep Linking

Article Goal: Understand the benefits of Deep Linking and building a Deep Link to TikTok to maximize conversions and content exposure.

The year 2023 marks an exciting phase in the development of mobile marketing, as the world continues its rapid digitization and the use of online shops becomes an integral part of people’s global habits. With mobile devices becoming an extension of our daily lives, marketers and influencers have recognized the immense potential of leveraging mobile marketing strategies to engage with their target audience. As we delve into the trends and advancements shaping the mobile marketing landscape, it’s clear that innovative approaches are paving the way for enhanced user experiences and increased conversions.

Moreover, the integration of mobile marketing with social media platforms has emerged as a powerful tool for engagement and brand awareness. Social media giants like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok have developed sophisticated advertising features that enable businesses to reach their target audience effectively. Influencers, in particular, have played a significant role in driving brand engagement through their authentic and relatable content. By collaborating with influencers and leveraging their strong online presence, brands can tap into their dedicated follower base and extend their reach in a more organic and influential way.

TikTok, despite being a much younger platform than the Meta kit, is enjoying incredible success and for this very reason finding new strategies to optimize results on the social network can be vital. Today’s article wants to show one of the best strategies to optimize conversions on TikTok, which is to use Deep Linking technology to create a Deep Link to TikTok.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a popular social media platform, which has taken the world by storm with its engaging and entertaining content.

Launched in 2016, TikTok has quickly become a global sensation, captivating users of all ages with its short-form videos. In 2023, TikTok continues to experience exponential growth, attracting a massive user base. According to reliable sources, the platform boasts millions of active users worldwide, solidifying its position as one of the most prominent social media platforms.

According to studies recorded by Statista for April 2023, the recorded audience in the United States alone is around 116 million users who view content on TikTok.

source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1299807/number-of-monthly-unique-tiktok-users/

So, what makes TikTok so special?

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok focuses on bite-sized videos, typically ranging from 15 to 60 seconds, allowing users to showcase their creativity and talent in a quick and engaging manner. The platform offers a wide range of content, including lip-syncing, dancing, comedy skits, beauty tutorials, and much more.

Moreover, TikTok’s algorithmic feed and personalized recommendations contribute to the platform’s success. The algorithm analyzes user preferences, behaviors, and engagement patterns to deliver content that aligns with their interests. This tailored approach ensures that users are consistently exposed to content that resonates with them, making the user experience highly engaging and addictive.

The success of TikTok has made it a widely used platform, especially by marketers, influencers and content creators to promote their personal branding activities or to improve the conversions of products sold within various affiliate programs (Amazon, LTK, etc. .)

This is also why learning how to maximize the conversions obtained on TikTok is very important. One of the most useful tools to be able to do this is Deep Linking, and in this article, we will talk about the easiest way to create a deep link to TikTok.

Before seeing how to do it, you may be interested in knowing what Deep Linking is, and how many advantages you can get by creating a Deep Link to TikTok.

Deep Linking in a nutshell

Deep Linking can be defined as a technology that aims to make navigation easier for mobile users so that they can more easily reach an app (such as Tik Tok for example) without being redirected to the browser page.

One of the key benefits of deep linking is that it improves user engagement and retention. By making it easier for users to access the content they want, they are more likely to use your app regularly and stay engaged with your brand. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and higher lifetime value.

Deep linking also has significant benefits for app discovery and SEO. By creating links that lead directly to app content, you can make it easier for users to find your app and for search engines to index your content. This can improve your app’s visibility in search results and drive more organic traffic to your app.

Marketers, influencers, and digital content creators can take advantage of deep linking technology to create more effective campaigns. By using deep links in social media posts, email campaigns, and other marketing channels, you can drive more targeted traffic to your app and improve conversion rates. Additionally, by creating personalized deep links based on user behavior and preferences, you can create more effective retargeting campaigns that drive more conversions.

JotURL supports a special type of Deep Link that makes it incredibly easy to create Deep Links to third-party Apps.

Currently our service supports more than 56 different 3rd party Apps including: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, LTK and many others.

Deep linking is a powerful tool for marketers, influencers, content creators, and for mobile marketing itself. By leveraging this technology, you can boost the experience of your mobile users and gain more customers and conversions driving them to the most popular Apps.

Now that we have talked about this technology, you will surely understand why it is important to create Deep Links to TikTok.

Why Deep Linking to TikTok is so Important.

After having explored in more detail what Deep Linking is, you will surely have understood what its main advantages could be. However, there are other very important reasons to employ a Deep Link to TikTok within your digital marketing efforts, especially if your goal is to maximize conversions.

The advantages of creating a Deep Link to TikTok are: 

  • Boost your click-through-rate ( CTR ) up to +42%
  • Personalize your links at 100%, creating short and branded links that can be shared anywhere on any channel ( mail, sms, inside qr codes, printed everywhere, etc.)  
  • Improve user experience for mobile devices 
  • Increase the time spent in the user’s app
  • Increase the conversion rate inside the app.
  • Ability to track user clicks and their destination of origin (state/city) 
  • Tracking of user IPs, useful for checking that there are no malicious or fraudulent IPs – Increased security of your links 
  • Speeding up: the user immediately reaches the content that interests him within the app without being forced to log in/switch from the home page or browser
  • Control over your own projects and links through the use of an uncluttered and easy-to-use dashboard 
  • Real-time and accurate analytics
  • Integration with other features and tools

And many other advantages, integrations, and tools that you can find within the platform. If you are interested in the best uses and strategies to increase conversions with Deep Linking, you can read this article.

Now let’s see how easy it is to create a Deep Link to TikTok with JotURL!

The easiest way to create a Deep Link to TikTok

You can create your own Deep Link to TikTok in few clicks, thanks to the JotURL feature called Easy Deep Link!

To successfully create your Deep Link to Target, follow the instructions below:

  1. Login in your TikTok account and choose the page you want, you can copy the link from any video or profile on the social. 
  2. Enter the JotUrl Dashboard and create a new Tracking Link to generate your Deep Link to Target. Click the (+) TRACKING LINK red button.
Deep Link to TikTok

3) Paste your TikTok link ( video or profile are okay ) as the destination URL.

The engine will recognize the TikTok domain within the link use as destination and it will automatically configure the new tracking link with the best settings to create a direct and accurate Deep Link to TikTok.

4) Choose your domain, we always recommend that you use your personal branded domain. Then add the alias you want so you can make the destination of your links clear and safe. 

5 ) Add the alias you want. In this way, despite having a very long link, you can shorten and customize it, making the destination of your Deep Link to TikTok immediately clear.

Using branded links can improve the CTR of your links by more than 42%!

6) Insert tags and notes to identify your links within your projects.

7) Flag the Deep Link option at the bottom, in a minute your Deep Link to TikTok will be ready!

VERY IMPORTANT: Our Deep Links can also work with affiliate links offered by TikTok for your products! You only need to enter the affiliate link as the Destination URL. The click recorded on the Deep Link will also be recorded on your affiliation link, recording the conversion on it, without losing credit or revenue.

The use of a branded domain within your deep links also prevents your links from being banned or penalized on social networks during your campaigns.

You can view the advanced settings for your deep link by accessing the additional options of your link once it has been created.

Just click on your Tracking Link, within your projects, or click “Save and go to the link options”, on the creating page. 

At this point click the box called: “Easy Deep Link”.

As you can see, the JotURL engine has already preset the fields within the page without you having to touch anything.

If you wish to make any changes you are free to do so.

Within this page, you can check the behavior of your Deep Link to TikTok on both Android and iOS devices.

You can also set alternative landing pages if the TikTok App is not installed on your user’s device.

If your users haven’t TikTok installed, you will have the following options:

– Redirect them to the browser page, it cannot be viewed in the Mobile App, but only from the page of the search engine used (Google, Firefox, etc.)

– Redirect them to the App Store/Play Store to download the TikTok App

– Redirect them to a custom landing page chosen by you.

Within the settings for Android devices, you can force the opening of your link via the browser, however, this procedure is not yet available for iOS.

You can configure every aspect of your link preview through the Open Graph setting integrated into the Deep Link interface. You will be able to decide what Title, Description, and Picture to add to a specific link, so you can manage your link preview on every social network like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube,etc.

Usually, those fields are created automatically, in some cases the results are quite good, but most times you will experience some issues. For this reason, we provide the possibility of customizing your own link preview.

Once you’ve selected the Open Graph settings you can save your Deep Link to tikTok.

You just need to save it, then copy and paste your link wherever you want!

By clicking our Deep Link on your mobile devices you will be able to land directly within the TikTok App!


Deep Linking is now a fundamental tool to be able to compete with all the other marketers and content creators and influencers present on platforms such as TikTok. The increase in the use of mobile devices and the growing phenomenon of affiliate programs make it necessary to find a way to maximize conversions while minimizing the costs and time of use of the tools.

JotURL was created for this purpose, providing a 360° platform capable of providing a series of tools capable of saving time and money for users who have specific needs.

Our Deep Linking system is reliable and is being used consistently by large telecom brands in Italy, as well as by our valuable influencers and content creators who are generating record conversions on Amazon, TikTok, and LTK.

Deep Linking has become fundamental and with us you can create Deep Links to TikTok and to other 56+ third-party Apps in just a few clicks, at an affordable price.

You can try to create a Deep Link to TikTok for free!

JotUrl has a 14-day free trial which allows you to test all the features you want.



Your JotUrl Team

PS: The JotURL’s Easy Deep Linking Feature can create Deep Links to 56+ Popular Third-Party Apps – you can find the full list here



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