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Facebook is one of the most used and important social media in 2020, that’s why understanding how to generate a Deep Link to Facebook is essential.

Deep Linking is a powerful technology developed in the digital marketing sector that allows users to be redirected within a specific landing page, bypassing homepages and other intermediate pages.

Deep Linking also works within the Mobile Apps.

If you insert a Deep Link within a Whatsapp message, for example, you can redirect your users from that message to the App’s internal landing page.

In this way, the user will not be forced to enter the Application from the Homepage to search for your product, your profile or your page. It will enter right where you want it to land.

Deep Linking has incredibly improved the user experience while browsing, the conversion rate and even the browsing time within the App.

Deep Linking can be used for any App, even for Facebook.

In this article, in fact, we will analyze how a Deep Link to Facebook can exponentially improve your results in social media marketing campaigns.

Why Deep Linking to Facebook is so important

Since its founding, Facebook has exponentially increased the number of its active users around the world.

In the second half of 2020, the number of daily active users exceeds 2,5 million users.

Within social media it is easier to create audiences who may be interested in your product. Facebook itself catalogs and divides people according to their interests, their likes and their network of contacts.

Reaching even a small part of the people on Facebook can improve and boost the results of your activities and allow you to launch targeted and precise Ads.

For these reasons, creating links that can redirect users to your Landing Page on Facebook is very important.

Gaining visibility within such a used and powerful social network can greatly enhance your credibility, can make you get more engagement from users and can positively affect the conversion rate.

Advertising a product on Facebook can be an excellent strategy. Through a Deep Link to Facebook App, your mobile users can be redirected to that specific Facebook page with just one click.

This system will incredibly improve the user’s browsing experience, because they can immediately reach what interests them. Developing and improving navigation from mobile devices is a winning strategy, especially now that phones have become indispensable for everyday life.

By using a Deep Link to Facebook, you can also track how many visits and clicks you have collected. Understanding whether a product can be a flop or a success isn’t difficult if there is precise data to check. Thanks to your Deep Link to Facebook created with our platform you can collect all useful data for your campaign:

  • number of visits / unique visits
  • number of clicks
  • origin of users
  • devices used (iOS/ Android)
  • version of the device
  • search engine
  • version of the search engine
  • browser language

Deep Linking to Facebook therefore offers more than just a tool for redirecting internet users to your Facebook content.

You can control every single event, fully manage your link and improve your campaign strategies in the best possible way.

The easiest way to create a Deep Link to Facebook

JotUrl has developed a truly revolutionary feature called Easy Deep Link, creating your Deep Link to Facebook will only take a few clicks.

In order to successfully create your Deep Link to Facebook, follow the instructions below.

Look for a Facebook page to which you want to direct your users using Deep Link. Copy the URL of that page – don’t worry about the length.
For this example we are going to use the JotUrl Facebook Group’s Page!

Enter the JotUrl Dashboard and create a new Tracking Link to create the Deep Link to Facebook you need. Just click the (+) TRACKING LINK button.

Fill in the form for your new Tracking Link.

1) Insert the link of the Facebook page as the destination URL.

2) Choose your domain, we recommend that you use your personal branded domain

3) Add the alias you want. In this way, despite having a very long FB link, you can shorten it, making the destination of your Deep Link immediately clear.

These attentions can improve the CTR of your links by more than 34%

4) Click on the “Save and go to Link Options” button.

At this point click the box called: Easy Deep Link.

Within this Feature you can create your Deep Link to Facebook.

As you can see, the JotUrl engine has already been able to understand that your destination URL belongs to Facebook, and has already preset the fields within the page without you having to touch anything.

If you wish to make any changes you are free to do so.
Within this page you can check the behavior of your Deep Link to Facebook on both Android and iOS devices.

You can also set alternative landing pages in the event that the Facebook App is not installed on your user’s device.

You will have the following options:

  • Redirect them equally to the Facebook page, it cannot be viewed in the Mobile App, but only from the page of the search engine used (Google, Firefox, etc.)
  • Redirect them to the App Store / Play Store to download the Facebook App
  • Redirect them to a custom page chosen by you.

Within the settings for Android devices, you can force the opening of your link via the browser, however this procedure is not yet available for iOS.

Once you have selected the Open Graph settings you can save your Deep Link to Facebook.

You can copy it in an instant by clicking this button. Let’s see it at work!

We have sent our Deep Link to Facebook to a mobile device.

A single click within the Whatsapp Chat will be enough to redirect users within the Facebook App!

You can try to make a Deep Link to Facebook too.

JotUrl has a 14-day free-trial in which you can test all the features you want, even our Easy Deep Linking feature, in way to try all the Deep Links you want.

JotUrl Team

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