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Sep 8, 2020 | Deep Linking, JotURL

Deep Linking is an operation increasingly used within multimedia campaigns. And precisely for this reason, the demand for Deep Linking Free is increasingly growing.

Deep Linking is no longer a secondary choice, but one of the main tools that allow mobile marketing to express its full potential.

More and more people around the world are using smartphones and tablets for their daily life. Many times they can even replace PCs and laptops in working functions, including sending e-mails, messages, files, images, and much more.

Mobile devices are undergoing an ever-increasing evolution, with ever more powerful cameras for photos and videos. With ever-faster performance, with ever wider and more reliable internet networks.

Hand in hand with mobile, there is a growing need to reach users who use the telephone a lot and therefore the search for increasingly effective technologies for digital marketing aimed at targeting mobile users.

In recent years, Deep Linking has evolved a lot but are there tools that allow you to do Deep Linking Free?

Deep Linking Free Services?

There are some tools that allow their services for free, but it is also true that these services are extremely limited, unsafe, and very unreliable.

A Deep Link must offer the guarantee of functioning properly, must allow the use of branded domains, must be stable, and provide adequate security.

Many free services, abused by all kinds of users, can be banned from social platforms as they are deemed unsafe/compliant with the platform’s rules.

Just think of the malware that could be inserted into the links, unrecognizable at a glance due to the free domain of the service.

Recognizing a malicious link from a valid deep link can be very difficult if you use Deep Linking Free services that are not secure on the web.

For this reason, using serious and concrete services can save the brand from tarnishing its reputation, and damage its image.

Instead of using unsafe Deep Linking Free online services, we recommend looking for SAAS who cares about your data, safety while browsing and that can offer you the ability to brand your links.

Joturl can offer you all this for your Deep Link, and much more thanks to the infinite range of its features.

Joturl & Reliable Deep Linking

Currently, Joturl does not have a free plan, but once you have purchased one of the plans, all the features are freely available.

Joturl offers deep linking in addition to all its features without having to pay a single penny more.

The Deep Linking Joturl is valid for all plans, from GROW to BUSINESS, moreover the deep linking free is also open to companies and Enterprises.

Both Easy Deep Linking and App / Advanced Deep Linking are free for all those who purchase a Joturl plan.

By purchasing your plan, you will have access to an unlimited number of Deep Links, each of these branded, monitored, and always ready for use.

JotURL has divided the Deep Linking experience into two:

Easy Deep Link & Advanced (App) Deep Link.

Thanks to this division, users will be able to make the most of the deep links technology.

The easy Deep Link boasts the ability to create Deep Links in seconds, thanks to the pre-set configurations within the creation screen. It is very useful for those users who want to quickly post to third party applications.

The Advanced Deep Link, also known as the Deep Link App, is a more advanced tool, which allows configuration for your personal App.

Thanks to the selected settings and the ability to customize your URI Scheme you can create the perfect Deep Link for you, tailor-made.

All this is practically impossible to find in any online Deep Linking Free tool and that is why Joturl is superior to that kind of service.

Joturl Monitoring Tool & Link Maintenance

The increased security of Joturl’s Links is due to the attention paid to the health and maintenance of your links.

In addition to protecting your data and banning IPs deemed harmful to the user experience, Joturl analyzes your URLs 24/24 h to make sure they always work 100%.

JotURL is an amazing link monitoring tool because it allows you to monitor and manage HTML, textual and multimedia content within the pages.

You can have the full control of your link building-fase and you can edit, adjust, and delete every kind of problem or error.

If a web page is not available, it’s deleted, changes are made, JotURL will send you an email to notify you of the situation, in this way you will be notified immediately of these changes.

Each user, regardless of their plan, can have an unlimited number of Tracking Links and Deep Links under control.

All you have to do is simply access the additional options (by clicking on the desired link within the projects) and access the “Security” box.

The user can request any type of test on the efficiency and safety of his link, to understand if it is damaged or fully functional.

Joturl can check 50 tracking links per day for standard plans, this means that if you have 200 tracking links associated with the “Security” function, it will need 4 days to analyze them all.

This time is necessary to offer a careful and scrupulous analysis of any change, modification or problem found within your links.

For advanced plans the number of tracking link rise to 100 per day., and for Enterprise plans to 1800 links per day.

You can increase the number of monitored links per day at any time by making a request, regardless of your plan.

In addition to this Joturl can offer you very fast links, with adequate and optimal performance for every situation.

JotUrl is fully hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud, with a 99.99% uptime.

This means that Joturl is reliable and safe and consequently all the tracking links in the link building-fase.

In addition, your links will not lag and will be very fast, allowing visitors not to waste time loading pages.

Reliability and security are very important for any type of link, even more so if you want to use Deep Link.

For this reason, we recommend the use of our tools, avoiding entrusting such important data to Deep Linking Free services that cannot guarantee this degree of care and attention in monitoring your links.

Joturl & Instagram Deep Link

Another innovative feature that you will not find in any Deep Linking Free service is the ability to take full advantage of the Deep Link within Instagram.

In fact, many Deep Linking Free services have a hard life on Instagram, many links can be banned because they are considered harmful because they are considered spam, or because they are associated with unsafe materials, not desired on the platform.

Precisely for this reason, we have made our Deep Links to be bombproof.

You can use your branded domains and associate them with a practical 100% customizable aliases.

Your links will be safe, easy to recognize, and have the unrecognizable signature of your brand.

In this way, the TCR on your link will undoubtedly be increased, and your image will also benefit from your investments.

On a platform like Instagram, the use of Deep Link can open many doors to new marketing opportunities, the strategies are innumerable and many people are already using them to increase their income.

To make the most of the potential of Instagram, Joturl has recently integrated a new feature within its Easy Deep Link tool.

With a few simple changes, it will be possible to create a Deep Link inside your user’s camera, creating the possibility of interaction, engagement, and consequently also conversions and earnings.

A function of this type, specialized and aimed at offering you the best, cannot be found in any Deep Linking Free service.

Only Joturl can offer you such an accurate and precise service, and this is just one of the umpteenth reasons why Joturl should be the best choice whenever you choose to use a Deep Link.

14-Day Free Trial 

If you want to enjoy the experience of using Deep Linking for free, you can take advantage of Joturl’s 14-Day Free Trial.

For 14 days you will have the opportunity to test your plan, without paying a single penny.

In this way you will be able to test the effectiveness and functionality of our Deep Linking as well as enjoy all the features of Joturl, starting from the creation of numerous CTAs to the generation of QR Codes.

And you will not only have this but also:

  • Branded Links
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Social Opt-in & Social Opt-in XL
  • Remarketing Pixels
  • Traffic Optimizations Tools
  • 24/7 Link Monitoring
  • 6 different CTAs templates
  • UTM builder & Manager + UTM viewer in dashboard
  • Custom Visual QR Codes
  • Link to Whatsapp Chat thanks to Whatsurl
  • Multi-link into Instagram Bio with Instaurl
  • A/B Testing
  • Postback URLs for your Affiliate Marketing
  • Analytics in the Dashboard
  • Team support and Free Tutorials

And Much More.

So, what do you choose?

A common Deep Linking Free service unable to support the weight of your brand?

Or Joturl?

One of the best omnichannel tool that has been working with companies such as Tim and Vodafone for years, guaranteeing excellent service, not only in Deep Link but in all other functions.

Safety, reliability, and all-around marketing experience can be yours, with one click.


Joturl Team

PS: If you want to discover more about Mobile Deep Linking, read this article!



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