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Digital communication strategy of a modern enterprise

May 26, 2021 | Branded Links, Guest Post, JotURL

Internal and external communication is the backbone of a modern enterprise, with leading business entities spending huge amounts of money on the development of more effective communication strategies. Smaller companies also have a lot to look for in making their communication channels flexible, reliable, and secure. With the advent of digital technology, especially after the internet revolution at the turn of the century, global communication evolved.

With business communication nowadays leaning on data transfer, online cooperation, multi-user video meetings, and numerous other forms of exchange that digital technology supports, it’s safe to say that running a smart digital communication strategy is more than just a way to cut operational costs, it’s a marketing tool that scales revenue.

Mobile-friendly solutions

The global influence of the COVID-19 pandemic further diminished the need for a brick-and-mortar business model. Lockdowns made the online business a top priority for virtually everyone, and with mobile internet being the most popular among users it was important to focus on mobile-friendly solutions – from mobile-friendly websites to the ability to text your customer.

Communication with users is the backbone of good customer service, therefore, it’s important to make it as easy as possible for your consumers to get in touch with you. Small business entities should think about saving resources so instead of trying to communicate across all channels, try to analyze which apps your consumers value the most.

Those that are ready to invest in a more advanced method of communication should consider developing a mobile app. With a platform that enables your customers a seamless form of communication and interaction with your content, you provide the level of customer support your consumers are expecting in today’s market.

Voice communication implementation

Voice recognition software is nowadays the industry standard and in combination with AI, it developed into a whole new form of communication that allows voice interaction with speech-driven chatbots. This form of communication makes customer support and sales effectiveness reach whole new heights.

Imagine running an essay writing company and decide to implement voice-enabled communication into your business. Instead of having your consumers going through a series of menus and forms, one could just say “Please write my essay on American History” and then if any other information is required the chatbot would guide the user through the process through voice communication.

This means that one could go through the entire purchasing or complaint process talking to a chatbot without even realizing it. Investing in such an advanced technology means spending a little more than one would like but it’s a cost-effective venture, for sure. You could save money on staff, improve efficiency, and increase customer experience in a way that could burst your business to the top of the market.

Interactive messaging

With the global pandemic keeping people at home and focused on COVID-19, it’s important to keep in touch with your consumers to stay present and remind them of your services. Interactive messaging is a good way to inform your customers about the news that could be of use to them.

However, it’s important to keep the conversation both ways else you risk annoying the recipient and losing a member of your pool. Another great advantage of interactive messaging is the abundance of data that you can turn into a business opportunity. You would have a more comprehensive understanding of your consumers’ needs, concerns, and perhaps future endeavors that would benefit from your services.

Virtual meetings

One could easily blame the Coronavirus on developers of the Zoom app. This video conference app exploded in 2020 and is now heavily used for both internal and external communication. Its high level of compatibility and wide array of features that provide seamless usability across a diverse range of platforms makes it the most suitable solution for team meetings, recruitment interviews, and meeting with clients.

Photo by lucas law on Unsplash

Even without a global lockdown, being able to communicate with multiple users and lead a meaningful group communication across great distances is an essential business requirement. You can save money you would spend on business travels and obtain seamless communication with team members and clients no matter where they might be at the moment. Through the remote communication it’s possible to provide timely help to your users and buyers, and therefore improve and create a good customer service.


These were some of the major aspects of modern-day business communication strategy. Maintaining efficient contact with consumers and business partners is a priority and requires some investment but ultimately brings positive results. Mobile devices still hold dominion over internet traffic which is mobile-friendly solutions that currently make all the difference. Finally, keep the economic aspect of your strategy always in mind.

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Jake S. Platt is a 31yearold content and essay writer with years of experience. He has a master’s degree in marketing and is currently started his way as a content writer. Wrote his first story at age 15, now he brings his decades of experience to inspire people to explore the world of marketing.



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