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How to use Branded Links To Find Job Opportunities

Aug 17, 2021 | Branded Links, JotURL

We have talked a lot about our branded links in many articles, and we have explained how to use them, how they can be created, and what benefits they can bring to your business or your companies. We have dealt with several use cases related to the world of digital marketing and strategies to perform at your best during your digital campaigns.

Today we want to highlight another case in which branded links can be revolutionary and impactful. You can use Branded Links to Find Job Opportunities.

How? Read on to find out about innovative, brilliant strategies to find the job you have always wanted.

Find Job Opportunities in 2021

Finding job opportunities has always been one of the biggest problems young people are facing, and especially in recent years, this operation has become increasingly complicated. The world of work has undergone many changes and changes.

Finding the right job for a person’s skills is not always easy, in many cases, people are simply happy with the first job that will allow them to earn enough money. Other people, on the other hand, find themselves in difficulty and cannot find a place that fits perfectly into the type of job for which they have already gained experience. Both for people new to the world of work and for veterans who want to look for new companies, finding work can be an impossible and frustrating experience.

Especially following the Covid-19 pandemic, the unemployment rate in many countries has risen dangerously. In 2020, in the USA, a peak of 11% unemployment was reached, which then went to decrease only during the months following that of the lockdowns imposed on some states.

Many people have lost their jobs and have been forced to try to find new solutions to find jobs.

Digitization allowed tons of people to work remotely or to revolutionize their business or find new jobs.

Digital tools and online services for finding new job opportunities are excellent solutions for those who are trying to look for a new job.

In this article, we are going to talk about how Branded Links can help people search for the job they want or find new job offers and opportunities.

Use your Links as Touchpoints

As anticipated at the beginning of the article, we will focus our analysis today to show you how much JotURL Tracking Links can prove useful for finding a new job.

You are probably wondering why you should use URLs? How can these links help to find new job opportunities?

We can answer these questions by saying that links can become touchpoints on all your channels and enable you to reach people through the digital world simply and securely.

With this system you will be able to export yourself on all your social channels, without having to own a website (which we still recommend you set up if you want to improve your professional image and stand out from the crowd).

Links can be placed within SMS, on social networks, in the bio of your networks, in emails and even in posts on LinkedIn, etc.

Have you ever thought about it?

From this point of view, URLs are great communication tools, as they are easy to insert in multiple locations on the web – and beyond – and can allow people to be redirected to different contents with a simple click.

Learning to use links as tools to allow people to reach you can be crucial in helping you gain exposure and leads.

We can see together some examples of these URLs for your touchpoints, where to redirect users through your links, and how to get more visibility thanks to your URLs.

Where to place your links to get new job offers.

The first question we are going to solve is related to the digital places on which you can insert your URLs. Obviously it is possible to exploit your links also off-line, if you want to learn more about this topic read this article.

On social pages, especially on LinkedIn.

Using social media to look for work is not a bad practice. Many people surf and visit channels such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter every day, and are easily accessible to a huge number of users. Inserting links in your posts can expose your situation to many people and the possibility of obtaining interactions increases dramatically when the number of users is also very large.

Obviously, the search must be carried out intelligently, through the use of specific hashtags or keywords that can help you get the visibility of people who might be interested in offering you a job.

There is no better social network to publish or one that offers more guarantees than others, but there are platforms with different purposes.

Facebook is a platform used freely by all people who wish to share information among their contacts or go viral with the post of the century. Placing a post in which you are looking for a job risks exposing yourself to a lot of people who may not be interested in your case.

For this reason, one of the tips that we feel we can provide you with regards the possibility of varying the use of your social networks.

LinkedIn, for example, is a platform where professionals build their professional image and where your posts and links could probably be submitted to people who are more suitable for you or more interested in your skills.

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

In any case, social networks are an indispensable resource for getting in touch with new people. Surely one of the first places to insert links is certainly on social pages, in the descriptions of your biography, in your posts, or response to some posts with high visibility.

On work platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork.

Another digital place where it might be interesting to link is platforms that offer or seek work, such as Upwork or Fiverr.

Within these contexts, freelancers and companies can carry out collaborations to complete one-shot jobs or for long-term projects. Obviously, within the platform, many people compete to get the chance to do a job, for this reason entering as much information as possible about you, and your skills could be crucial. And what better way to share information than a link?

You can take advantage of the characters made available for your professional description and insert links that talk about you or showcase your work and your skills. With this ploy job, recruiters can likely figure out if you are right for them.

Obviously, this is just an example, there are several platforms to look for new job opportunities, especially on a digital level.

Within your emails.

Trivially, one of the best ways to look for new jobs is to send emails to the company you are interested in, or to the recruiters they are hiring.

In this guide, we will not talk about how to create the perfect email, or the most common mistakes to avoid when writing an email, but we will talk about how useful it can be to take advantage of these tools to insert links.

In fact, within an email, there is the possibility of inserting different links and URLs that could help you get the attention of the people you are contacting. In addition to your cover letter or job application, you could include a link to your digital portfolios or some previous work.

It is always a good idea to offer as much material as possible to convey the kind of skills you have gained over the years.

The links can be discreet, and can contain a lot of data or information that you risk not being able to send as an attachment, they are ideal for communication even within your emails, or if you have a newsletter on your website.

Using tracking systems such as JotURL Tracking Links it could also be interesting to understand the nature of the clicks of the people who visit and interact with your links inserted in all these offsite channels. Knowing where visits are coming from, how many clicks have been made on your link, and in what period, from which traffic source, could help you understand if your emails or if your posts are doing well, or if you need to change your strategy.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Where should the links I use to search for Job Opportunities point to?

Now that we’ve worked out where you should post your links, a very important part is still missing. What should your links contain? Where should your users redirect? We have some interesting tips below that may be illuminating for you.

Link to your digital portfolio.

A portfolio is nothing more than a collection of the work accumulated over the course of your professional career. Even if you’ve never had a real job, you may have started a number of personal projects – even those can be incorporated and integrated into a portfolio. Surely the portfolio is one of the best tools to share your professional background and it can be customized in many ways, there are really creative ones and focusing on their presentation could secure you a job

Within the social channels or your descriptions on the platforms, insert the link to your digital portfolio. In most cases, the portfolio is the most popular form for examiners, keep that in mind.

Link to your website.

If you own a website and you are not new to personal branding, you will surely know that inserting the URL of your site in your presentations, on social networks, or in your email signature can be vital. This is because you can use all offsite URLs as a touchpoint to redirect traffic to your site, as well as to make it stand out. The website, when well built, can work better than a portfolio or a resume and can enable people to ask for advice to offer you new jobs.

If you have not yet created a website or you do not consider it necessary, we advise you to carefully evaluate this possibility, as it could open you to much more favorable conditions of digital exposure, improving your professional image.

Link to your curriculum.

Another piece of content that may be of interest to recruiters, examiners, or companies you contact could be your resume.

Many people still adopt the traditional solution: send the document as an attachment to emails, but it could be smart and creative to structure a leaner version to share or that can be reached even with a simple click or tap on a link.

The advantages of inserting the Curriculum into a link also lie in the lightness of sending the message. This operation will improve the interactivity of the reader with your content.

Just say, for example, that the person you contacted is viewing your message or email on their phone. It would be inconvenient for him to download the file on a mobile device – perhaps a device that does not have a reader for the type of file sent to him. With a link, however, the end-user could easily view your resume in a digital version. You would get more interactions, and you could improve your chance of hitting people with your resume.

Don’t underestimate the transmission power of links, they can become your point of contact with the digital world, and beyond.

Link to your publications or PDFs about your previous works.

Have you published a book?
Some articles? Do you have a blog?
Do you have any interesting PDFs about your work or projects you did while studying at university?

You could share them on social networks or in emails with a nice link!

Don’t be afraid to show off the results of your work, on the contrary, try to do it as much as possible, in the best way.

URLs can improve online engagement and get you visibility in a matter of moments. They are easy to share – especially when shortened – on any platform and any device. Your contents can be opened with a single click (or tap, if the user is on a mobile or tablet), this makes them easy to use for anyone.

In short, within the URLs you can enter all the material you want and that may be relevant to you. They are a real resource, and if used and exploited thoroughly they can bring you incredible results.

Keep reading this article to understand how to get even more visibility thanks to links!

How can I improve my digital presence using links?

The last question we are going to solve concerns the possibility of obtaining more visibility thanks to links. It’s possible? And how?

Simple, thanks to the ability to customize and brand your URLs.

JotURL links do not only deal with tracking data (and providing a suite of tools for every digital marketing need), but allow you to edit and build the appearance of your links in every single point.

You can decide what your link looks like, and this can undoubtedly improve the way your content can be perceived.

Branded domains to enhance your digital presence.

The links can be 100% customized within our dashboard. This means that the domain can also be branded. Instead of sending anonymous links, you can create URLs that talk about you and that can highlight your business, your job, your skills or your person. Personal branding is now essential to look for new job opportunities.

Links with personalized brands statistically obtain 42% more visits and clicks from users. Do you know why? Because if you put your face to it, users trust more. Changing the links and entering your branded domain is as if you leave a signature every time you share a link, whether it is on social networks, via SMS or in emails.

More interaction and greater trust will affect people’s perception of you and it will be easier to get new job positions.

Use the custom alias to improve the CTR.

Links are not composed only of the domain. The alias (the terminal part of the link) also plays a fundamental role and JotURL offers the possibility to modify it according to your needs.

You can see the alias as the coordinates of your link, so the user will be able to understand which content or which page of your site will land once clicked. This dramatically improves CTR, as users like to have every aspect of their Net browsing under control.

In conclusion, using Branded Links only has positive repercussions on your communication and your image. Better professional image = more chances to find work. The equation is easy.

A little trick: use JotURL to insert multiple links in your Bio on Instagram or TikTok. 

One of the biggest limitations of social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat, is that they store a single link within their bio.

This constraint can be very disabling, especially for people who share multiple links at a time. If you have your own website, but at the same time want to highlight the landing page with your portfolio, or have other social contacts that you prefer to highlight, resist choosing just one of these destinations.

There are two ways to act in this case. You can choose the source that provides you the most traffic – but in this case you need to carry out a targeted analysis of both your site and the links placed within offsite channels (social, email, SMS, whatsapp, etc.). Or, you could employ one of JotURL’s functions to completely bypass this problem.

In fact, within the dashboard there is the possibility to create a 100% customizable bio link in which you can insert all the buttons with the URLs of your destinations, the icons of your social contacts and email or telephone numbers to contact you. You will also have the possibility to insert image galleries related to your services. You can customize the page with the colors and themes that are right for you and embed multimedia content such as: Youtube videos or Podcasts uploaded to Spotify.

This tool can be incredibly effective for sharing everything you do with a single link.

If you want to learn more about this feature, you can find a lot of information in this article!

Branded links are not only useful if you are looking for job opportunities but also if you are looking to hire new staff.

Just as branded links can be useful for people looking for new job opportunities, recruiters or employers can also use them to find the resources they need for their projects.

Similarly to what we saw in the rest of the article, also in this case, URLs can become meeting and contact points with users within social channels or platforms dedicated to work.

Here are some application cases for which JotURL Tracking Links can be useful for finding new resources to hire.

Use branded links to improve the SEO indexing of your job advertisements. 

We have already seen it in the article: JotURL can totally change the appearance of your links. This not only applies to the branded domain, but also – and especially – to the alias.

Why is changing a link alias so important?

In addition to making a user’s destination clear, this procedure has another very specific function: it offers the possibility of inserting targeted keywords within your links.

This means that your link can also be indexed within Google’s search engines, rather than Facebook, LinkedIn and many others.

Improving SEO indexing also through shared links on various search engines will make your posts more visible than those of your competitors. 

By having more visibility you can reach a greater number of people who can start working for you, or be interested in your business and your projects. 

Custom aliases to share job postings on social networks.

Custom aliases can make the destination of a link 100% clear. 

The increase in CTR is logically guaranteed by this procedure, since investing in the improvement of one’s links is highly appreciated by all digital users – and not only. Within social networks, it is essential to have clear and easily shareable URLs.

The links cannot be too long, it would be deleterious for viewing via mobile. Furthermore, people have a poor degree of concentration. Social media is constantly bombarded with images, notifications and ads, so make sure you become memorable, identifiable and easy to understand. 

For all these reasons, using branded links to share your job offers on social media can be very important. You will certainly be able to attract many more people and users will already know what to expect from your links. Furthermore, by modifying your links as you wish, you will be able to better reach the traffic you want to interact with. 

By inserting the wording of your job offer in the link, with specific keywords, you will avoid being contacted by people who do not interest you. Instead, you can focus on really good leads and that could be useful for your future projects.

find job opportunities

Tip: invite people to send you their applications through your branded links. 

We have some practical advice that might help you understand how effective branded links can be. Taking into account what we have explained on indexing and visibility within social media, you can use our links to redirect users to the pages that interest you most.

They can be the links of your site, of a specific landing related to a project, or the social channels to contact you. One of the most common and effective uses is to link a form to send the application. 

Creating forms of this type is very simple thanks to the features of Google Forms. All that’s left to do at this point is to insert the URL of that form into a branded tracking link. The user will be able to immediately see your job request and you will have more chances of clicking and interacting with your form. It could be a much faster and more interactive way to collect applications for your job offers.


In the light of what emerged in the article, you will surely have gained several knowledge.

  • Branded links are very important both for looking for work and for offering job opportunities.
  • Customizing aliases improves link trust and CTR.
  • Using branded links allows your content to get greater visibility everywhere.
  • Branded links are easy to share.
  • Branded links can help you more easily reach the users you want to interact with.

They are undoubtedly innovative tools that can forever give a digital change to the way you look for your next job opportunity.


JotURL Team



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