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How to get the most conversions possible on Black Friday 2022

Nov 2, 2022 | JotURL, Affiliate Marketing, Conversions, Deep Linking

If you are an Affiliate Marketer, you may already be wondering how to get the most conversions possible on Black Friday.

In this article we have collected all the useful information to prepare you for the next Black Friday.

There are statistical data, and considerations, but above all, there are also many strategies that can help you earn more money through very simple tricks!

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Black Friday: Statistics and Considerations

More than 70% of online traffic on Black Friday comes from mobile devices!

36% of users in 2022 are buying less than in 2021!

5 Top Strategies to get the most conversions possible on Black Friday using JotURL

Practices to avoid absolutely, otherwise, you risk losing a lot of conversions!

Black Friday: Statistics and Considerations

Every year, the arrival of Black Friday is a source of great opportunities within the international market. Not only for private buyers who can access objects with lower costs and therefore an economic acceleration but also for companies, small businesses, and Affiliate Marketers who can take advantage of the sales boom to further increase their revenues through the affiliation program.

The Black Friday phenomenon has statistically recorded a considerable increase in product purchases, especially on e-commerce platforms, among which the giant Amazon stands out, a true institution and reference point for the sale and purchase of products.

Below you can find a graph that clearly shows how the growth of online sales during the Black Friday period has now reached quite high capital. 

An interesting thing to note is that between 2020 and 2021 the growth curve has been slowing down a lot, due to the global economic trend – but we will talk more about this topic in another section of the article, seeing better how inflation is playing an important role in the global economic environment.

There are important components that play an important role in justifying the increase in purchases during the Black Friday period.

The first is logical of an economic nature, people are more inclined to buy when there are discounts, even very important ones, and there are many who specifically wait for this period of the year to buy.

The second is always of a consumerist nature, but with different psychological implications. Black Friday, in fact, falls on the fourth Sunday of November, during the American Thanksgiving period. For the West, this period can become a great way to buy gifts for loved ones and then prepare for Christmas by taking advantage of offers and discounts.

It goes without saying that the entire economic model of American and European countries is particularly conditioned by these periods and aiming to analyze these aspects more carefully can be a good way to get the most conversion possible on Black Friday.

Which are the main retailers to keep an eye on during Black Friday?

Most people who need to buy a product, or participate in affiliate programs, will think of Amazon as their main retailer. It also happens in the period of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, thanks also to the strong sponsorships on the internet, on television, and on other platforms. However, Amazon may not be the only marketplace to consider if you want to shine!

Amazon obviously is not the only retailer used or searched for during Black Friday, it could be beneficial also to consider platforms such as Walmart, Target, The Home Depot, and many others. According to the data recovered from the SemRush statistical analysis – which you can find expanse in this article – you can understand the kind of statistics collected in 2021.

The searches on eBay and Walmart – even if considerably lower than Amazon – are still held on the order of 82 and 78 million searches, making them giants that still move a considerable volume of traffic and that must be kept under strict control. Keeping an eye on brands like IKEA, The Home Depot, and Target could also be a good strategy.

Are these data interesting?

Then continue reading the article to understand even more data on this topic and find out the best way to get the most conversions possible on Black Friday. 

Goods purchased on Black Friday

Then you may also be interested in knowing which items are requested or purchased the most during the Black Friday period.

 In this way, you will have even more elements to study your market strategies and prepare yourself to make even more money! 

These data are also reported by SemRush’s statistical analysis, which provides a good overview of the products of interest to consumers who bought in 2020.

As you can see, in the first place, there are unquestionably technological objects such as laptops and televisions, which are the most requested objects in this period of the year. 

Why do you think?

It is not only because of the increasing need for devices but mainly because the prices are so competitive that many users are waiting for the arrival of Black Friday (or Cyber ​​Monday) in order to launch into purchases of this type.

Returning to the statistical data of 2021 we can observe that: Laptops, Flights, and Televisions were the undisputed masters of the rankings.

With this, obviously, we must not think that to earn more we will only have to sell laptops, but it is an important market survey that can be useful to take into account to understand the behavior of the final buyer, what moves him, what his needs are.

However, shoes and clothes are also of particular importance, which can be very relevant data for those who deal with affiliation even on platforms such as Shein or LTK.

The purchase of shoes during the Black Friday period exceeds that of telephones by almost 4 Millions of units, and this is a fact that can certainly be of useful reflection for anyone working in the sector of the sale of clothing and the like.

More than 70% of online traffic on Black Friday comes from mobile devices!

According to some statistics collected by SaleCycle – you can find the reference article and resources at this link – there are other very interesting behaviors that can help you study strategies to improve conversions during Black Friday.

During the studies and statistics carried out in 2021, particularly interesting data emerged regarding the devices used for navigation and research during the Black Friday period. It emerged that 73.84% of users made visits/searches from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, ipads, etc.)

This is fundamental to understanding how to move, taking into account that this margin may have remained more or less stable between 2021 and 2022.

If users visit pages using mobile devices then it is important to move accordingly and make your content as suitable as possible for mobile customers.

Here are some examples that may be right for you if you want to make your content competitive for mobile users:

– Make your website, and your landing pages responsive even for mobile devices.

– Create landing pages specifically designed for mobile users, the study of UX and UI changes a lot between desktop and mobile version

– Try to speed up the purchase and payment processes for your users.

– Use Deep Linking systems to redirect users between different Apps without them being logged out and sent to the browser page

This last point is really important and is one of the key strategies to allow you to get the most conversions possible on Black Friday.

36% of users in 2022 are buying less than in 2021!

According to what emerged from the statistical data recorded during the Prime Early Access of 2022, 36% of users spent less than in 2021, or in any case, communicated their intention to save money.

Specifically, 17% of users spent significantly less than in 2021.

This data is logically very impactful, and clearly suggests how much inflation has affected the international marketplace. Logically, these data are contextualized only on the Amazon platform, but it is logical to think that they can also be applied to other online platforms such as eBay, Walmart, Target, and many others.

You can find a very in-depth study carried out by Numerator at this link, with a series of extremely verticalized data and information that can help you understand even more the statistical trend of users.  You can use this kind of data and get the most conversions possible on Black Friday.

Another fact that will surely interest marketers who make affiliations on Amazon is that the loyalty rate of users who buy on the platform is among the highest ever!

64% of users refuse to purchase items and products that are sold outside of Amazon, and more than 44% of users said they only consider Amazon as a search platform to buy on. The data dates back to the last recorded the period of 2022 and is certainly an excellent weapon to use to study your best strategies and get the most conversions possible on Black Friday.

So, although there are very high sites and search queries for the most disparate marketplaces, Amazon is reconfirmed to be an obligatory choice for all those who decide to sell or sponsor their products.

It is up to you to decide which platform to focus on, based on your interests and needs. We advise you to keep more possibilities open in anticipation of Black Friday, but also of Cyber ​​Monday and the periods to follow.

“If users buy less, how can I increase my conversions?”

You are probably wondering this by now.

Don’t panic!

JotURL is the right solution for you, and you still have time to be able to develop marketing strategies that can be effective before the arrival of the last weeks of November.

Thanks to the services of our platform you will be able to obtain the maximum possible exposure for your products, and for your links.

We have an incredible strategy that will increase mobile visits and will lead users to convert more easily from the Amazon app, increasing your earnings.

Now that we have analyzed the general situation, and have some more precise data, we can start talking about the 5 best strategies that JotURL can offer to get the most conversions possible on Black Friday.

5 Top Strategies to get the most conversions possible on Black Friday using JotURL

JotURL is a service that has a series of very targeted tools, the fact that it is omnichannel makes it practical for both online and offline marketing activities and has been developed to serve different types of marketing, such as affiliate marketing. 

The tracking system of the collected data, the analytics present within the dashboard, the remarketing pixels, and the Deep Links to the main Third Party apps (we support the Deep Link to 50+ App) make this tool a trusted friend for all content creators, affiliate marketers and influencers present online.

Through branding, tracking, and growth features, your links are able to provide everything you need to improve your conversions. There are a lot of ways to use JotURL, but in this article, we will include the best practices to get the most conversions possible on Black Friday.

The best strategy we can recommend to get the most conversions possible on Black Friday is to take advantage of the popularity of the Amazon platform and to focus on conquering mobile users who during this period reach a percentage of 75%, in spite of the 25% that search from the desktop.

JotURL provides a tool that will allow you to convert even more users redirected within the contents and product sheets of Amazon.

The Easy Deep Linking feature, in fact, allows users who click on your links to be redirected to the Amazon page, with a simple tap on the phone.

Sometimes it may happen that in the absence of Deep Linking the user ends up opening the product page in the browser, logging out of his account, and to complete the payment he must then close the page and then search for the product by hand. Not everyone goes through this procedure, because it is long and tedious and people get tired, they have a very limited attention rate.

For this reason, it is essential to use Deep Linking!

In this way, you can direct a person inside the Amazon App, already logged into their account, directly to the page of the product you are sponsoring.

The person if he wants that product will be encouraged to buy it much more effectively, because he will only have to tap one more time to buy, reducing the time of operations and the flow to follow, reducing distractions, and making the final conversion more effective.

Think about how many users you risk losing, by using links to Amazon that are not Deep Links, a good chunk of 75% of your traffic, will end up not completing the purchase.

At the end of 2021, particularly impressive figures were recorded regarding unsuccessful conversions. The abandoned cart rate was around 78% during the Black Friday period.

This means that it is important to use as many effective marketing strategies as possible to prevent these phenomena from harming you further. Using Deep Linking to redirect users directly to the purchase page within the mobile app can be particularly helpful in reducing the abandonment rate and bringing home more positive results.

What if I want to use other apps instead of Amazon?

Don’t worry, JotURL supports 50+ different apps including: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Walmart, Target, The Home Depot, LTK, Shein, Ali Express, eBay, Zulily, and many more.

In this way, you can make the most of this feature for all your marketing needs, and also make switching from one App to another more effective. You can get the most conversions possible on Black Friday not only on Amazon Marketplace.

NOTE:  if you want to leverage Deep Links within Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, please note that in this case, due to the rules of the individual platforms (regardless of JotURL), your Deep Links must  redirect to:

1. a content within your own app, or

2. a Facebook or Instagram content (e.g. post, page, profile), respectively. 

In other words, you can put a Deep Link into a Facebook Ad provided the link redirects only to your own app or to a Facebook content, thus any other destination within any third-party app (including other Meta apps like Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger) will not be allowed or will lead to a ban of your corresponding Meta account. 

Same holds for Deep links within Instagram Ads, which must redirect only to your own app or to an Instagram content. 

In all other cases, that is outside of Ads, for instance if you use Deep Links within social media posts (including Facebook and Instagram), newsletters, QR codes, etc. there are no limitations and you can safely redirect people from a specific app (a post within the Facebook app for instance) to a specific content of a different third party app (e.g. Amazon, Instagram, TikTok, Ebay, Wallmart, Target, The Home Depot, Shein, LTK, etc.). 

Need more information and tips about how to use Deep Links within Facebook and Instagram Ads? Contact our Customer Care Team 🙂
With those simple attentions, you can get the most conversions possible on Black Friday.

Get the most conversion possible on black friday

To recap: The Easy Deep Link Function allows you to make your links able to redirect users within Amazon or within 50+ Popular Apps currently supported, it also allows you to improve your brand identity by allowing you to customize the appearance of your link during the creation phase.

Creating a Deep Link on JotURL is very simple.

First of all, you need to have a JotURL account – you can use it for free for the first 14 days and test all the features!

Then during the creation of the Tracking link, you simply have to take your Amazon Affiliate link, or any link in the product sheets of the App to which you want to Deep Linking and insert it in the “URL Destination” field.

The JotURL engine is able to recognize from the domain of the Destination URL if it belongs to one of the supported apps and takes care of setting the link for Deep Linking by itself.

At this point, just flag the Deep Linking option in red, and save the link, and that’s it!

It only takes a couple of minutes to get the most conversions possible on Black Friday using JotURL!

Another great strategy to get the most conversions possible on Black Friday is to combine the use of Deep Links and QR Codes.

Links can be inserted within the QR Codes which then redirect users to your product pages. If instead of using any link, you focus on using JotURL tracking links that have the Easy Deep Link functionality active, you can send users within the specific contents of the App with a simple scan.

If you think about it, the use of QR Codes is now extremely widespread in every corner of the planet, especially in Europe, 2021 was a year of important turning points for the use of QR Codes, in Asian marketplaces (in China and Japan, for example) these codes have been used for many years, and even in the USA QR Codes are printed and used everywhere to facilitate access from offline to online.

Mobile devices are certainly used to scan QR Codes, so this requires that even links within QR Codes will bring greater results if optimized for mobile users.

Deep Links were created specifically for this reason.

Creating a combination of QR Code + Deep Linking is a particularly profitable practice that helps finalize conversions.

JotURL in addition to giving you the possibility to create deep links in a couple of minutes, also allows you to create fully customizable dynamic QR Codes, inside which you can also insert the logo of your brand or your business, making the rate even more effective of scans.

Your QR Codes will be able to redirect users to 50+ different Apps and improve the conversion rate by up to 75%!

Both the dynamic QR Codes and the Easy Deep Linking features can be tested and used during JotURL’s 14-day free trial period, maybe using them for Black Friday could be a good investment, don’t you think?

You can try JotURL for free and in the meantime get the most conversions possible on Black Friday!

JotBio: mobile landing pages branded and 100% customizable

The strategies are not finished yet, in fact, JotURL allows you to create much more starting from its links.

Another great strategy to get the most conversions possible on Black Friday is to use our JotBio feature.

One of the best ways to get the most conversions possible on Black Friday is to take advantage of our JotBio to create real mobile-optimized landing pages.

This tool was born to create links to put in the bio of Instagram and TikTok but it can perform many other functions, as it allows you to create a series of buttons with small presentations for your products. It will be possible to associate an image, directly loaded from your computer, a small description, the title of the object, and also an indicative price. Within the “product sheet”, you can insert a link and redirect your user where you want, perhaps right on the page to buy that specific product.

In this way, you will have even more communication power and you can make the most of social channels to sponsor your activities.

Get the most conversion possible on black friday

TikTok and Instagram are very functional tools to do this, but you can insert this kind of bio within any link, even on Twitter, Facebook, in newsletters, sending it via SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram, or any other platform you desire.

The great thing about links, especially branded ones, is that they can be shared simply and everywhere.

The JotBio of JotURL are 100% customizable, you can also create the styles from scratch by accessing an editor that allows you to have direct access to the CSS code of the model so that it is exactly as you wish. There is the free possibility to insert your logo and make your brand identity even stronger.

This tool, too, along with the others presented above can prove to be really effective in encouraging users and get the most conversions possible on Black Friday period, and beyond!

Smart balancer and rotator

JotURL is a tool that touches every aspect of digital marketing at 360° and allows you to create filters to target your traffic very effectively, or to show your content to specific users according to the conditions you can choose.

To give a concrete example:

You are trying to sell your products on two different landing pages, one landing page is optimized in German because the customers interested in that product are mainly located in Germany, and the other landing page is in English. Thanks to the JotURL smart redirector you can make sure that any visitor from Germany falls on the optimized landing page in German, and vice versa. 

Same holds, for instance, if you create two different landing pages optimized for different platforms or devices (one for iOS and one for Android smartphones). 

You can actually play with 13+ different conditions you can leverage to target your traffic best.

The origin of the user is in fact just one of the many requirements that you can set, and that can optimize the flow of users and also the possibility that they are more interested in buying. Taking advantage of link rotators and traffic balancers is particularly helpful also for end users, who in the end can be redirected to the most suitable content for them, the type of device used or the type of visit they are making.

Paying attention to these details as well, and supporting users while browsing will have a major impact in pushing the conversion rate to rise.

This strategy is very functional especially if you have landing pages on which you do marketing activities, and it can be used and exploited in combination with other strategies already presented in this article.

Try those strategy to get the most conversions possible on Black Friday!

First of all, JotURL, in addition to being a branded shortener for links, is also a tracker that takes care of tracking what happens on your offsite channels very effectively. To do this, it uses tracking links, and this allows JotURL to collect a lot of information, not only relating to the number of visits or clicks received but also relating to the type of device used, the origin of those visits, etc., and eventually the number of conversions and their value. The data collected is never sensitive, and the platform, in addition to being compliant with regard to the GDPR and CCPA policies, has also achieved the CSA STAR and the ISO 27001 certifications, which certify the highest standards of security in data processing and management.

With these premises, you can rest assured that the tracking of JotURL complies with all international and European standards.

Why is tracking data so important?

Because without having a precise analysis of the most profitable traffic sources, it is real suicide to decide where to invest your money.

Let’s take a very simple example:

You are about to launch Ads campaigns to advertise your products for the arrival of Black Friday, and you want to do it on Facebook and Instagram. However, you are on a tight budget and you need to be sure you are investing in the most profitable source of income.

Using JotURL tracking links you will be able, at a glance, to understand which of your links is the most visited, and which platform (or even content) is the most useful and profitable, in this way you will invest your money to sponsor the products where you will have a strong return on capital, perhaps able to support and repay you for the money invested for Ads.

Of course, there are many other situations, but the concept is very clear – if you don’t analyze your traffic and how well your links perform you are marketing blindly.

The collection of data and information can not only be useful in the short term, but it is especially useful in the long term, because it allows you to understand the progress of activities and also the behavior of users.

Data tracking allows you to have a more precise overview and can provide you with clear and useful elements to understand which of your links are clicked or viewed the most. Especially for those who deal with Affiliates using the links of Amazon or other platforms, having a dashboard in which to easily retrieve information can become vital to work and to improve their chances of growth and income.

Analyzing, studying, recovering data, and being precise, is today one of the best strategies to get the most conversions possible on Black Friday and beyond.

Practices to avoid absolutely, otherwise, you risk losing a lot of conversions!

One of the most harmful practices for your conversions is to use links that do not use any data tracking system.

Unfortunately, over the last few years, even in anticipation of other Black Fridays or Amazon Prime Day, or even discounts on Steam or other marketplaces, we have come across articles full of links without brands, without a tracking system and that didn’t even deep link within mobile apps.

Imagine an article that you may have even invested weeks preparing, with more than 100 or 200 links to Amazon products that are not monitored and that risk not bringing people directly to the App to buy. This can generate a HUGE damage, especially in the long run, because on the percentage of people who click on the link only a very small fraction of it will actually convert, and you could lose 70 to 80% of that traffic simply because the link redirect does not bring users into the app. Some users may even stop earlier and don’t even click, because many are discouraged from using unbranded links (like bit.ly, or tinyurl.com) as – unfortunately – they can sometimes hide dangerous or harmful content for the end user.

All those links could perform much more with very few tricks and a very low economic expense, and prove to be really useful weapons to dramatically increase the number of conversions, within an extremely short period of time.

We strongly advise against this practice (unbranded links without mobile deep linking capabilities), referring you – rather – to reading some of our best strategies to help you perform at your best, both during Black Friday and at any other time of the year.

If you are curious to see if these strategies work or can be adequate for your campaigns or marketing activities, you still have time to start your free 14-day trial now, and start taking advantage of the full power of our Easy Deep Links and any other feature you might find useful within JotURL.

Don’t miss your chance to get the most conversions possible on Black Friday!

JotURL Team



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