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How To Market And Attract Global Buyers

Sep 10, 2021 | Branded Links, Conversions, Guest Post, JotURL

Global marketing can be challenging. Whether you’re targeting buyers in the United States, Europe, or elsewhere worldwide, it’s essential to understand what they want and how they think. This blog post will help you market yourself more effectively by providing tips on attracting global buyers.

Tools to Help You Go Global

The idea of selling products and services to someone is exciting. However, reality has a different story. We need more than flyers or an attractive storefront; it’s all happening online, after all! Business owners have to leave their comfort zones to learn new tools and skills to go global.

There are many important factors to consider before you can expand your business. For example, targeting new audiences is a time-consuming task that requires effort and dedication from the company and its marketing team. They have first got to know about it on some level through advertising campaigns to buy your products or services online. Let’s see what tools you or your team have to master to market and attract buyers globally.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to reach out to different audiences. You can use it for testimonials, news, and promotions, but most importantly, you can tell stories that will attract new customers. Please do your research: each platform has its specific target audience, so make sure yours align with what they want or need from the network before investing time in them.

  • Facebook

Facebook, for example, is one of the most popular platforms that allow you to target your audience by their interests which can be helpful if it fits your customer base. You could join groups on Facebook and then advertise there because they are more likely to attract people interested in what you have to offer.

Facebook also launched a business platform, which offers free tools to help you reach out to new audiences. This service brings together all their social network services like Instagram and Messenger because it allows for gathering actionable insights on consumer behavior.

It may be popular in the United States, but it’s not everywhere. In China and other countries where Facebook is banned, citizens use Weibo (similar to Twitter), Wechat (a messaging app), or others instead of Facebook for socializing with friends and family members. These tools also serve as effective marketing platforms that can help businesses reach their target markets more effectively.

Photo by dole777 on Unsplash
  • Instagram

Millennials primarily use Instagram, but it isn’t the only generation interested in using this social media platform. Influencer marketing can be an effective way to reach many people if you use appropriate hashtags on Instagram.

  • Pinterest

There is a largely untapped market of women with disposable income, while men are the dominant social media audience. Pinterest can provide many benefits that other sites do not offer (source: Shopify) if you’re targeting this demographic. Pinterest is much like Instagram. It emphasizes visuals, and it allows users to bookmark sites they enjoy as well.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for marketers because it offers long-form content, allowing brand owners to create stories around their brands. It’s also good for reaching different markets and businesses like partners and clients. ​​

It’s a place where you can promote yourself through the experiences of others, and it provides an easy way to pin your most important post at the top of your page so that people immediately see what matters to you.

  • Twitter

Twitter is a popular platform for short, punchy messages. You can easily reach new customers who don’t know about your brand yet with the right hashtags. It’s also great to interact with competitors and even jumpstart promotions when launching something new.

Paid Ads

How does one go about getting traffic for their website? Well, there are many different channels that people can use. One of the most common ways is to buy advertising space on other platforms like social media or Google. This way, you’re guaranteed a certain amount of views each day depending on how much money you spend and which keywords your ad contains! Make sure to consider where your target market lies when choosing these ads. However, if they don’t look at Facebook often, it’s not worth putting an ad there.

  • Google Ads

Google Ads is a great way to promote your business and increase sales. It costs money, but Google puts relevant ads at the top of search engines using keywords that match users’ search. You’ll need to research volume for terms related to your target audience before deciding on ad spend or campaign optimization.

  • Retargeting

Retargeting technology allows you to show prospects ads they are likely interested in after visiting your site. Retargeting can be used effectively by aligning with their buyer’s journey, which is the process that a customer goes through when deciding what product or service they need and how much it should cost.

Marketers should create high-quality ads to encourage their website visitors to come back and download calls to action. Marketers must also be cautious not to retarget the same user over an extended period. It may annoy users, resulting in them leaving your site for good or ignoring your ad altogether.

  • Paid Content DIscovery

Looking at the bottom and sidebar of a website, you may see an exciting widget that says “related articles” with links to other sites. Paid content discovery allows companies like Taboola or Outbrain to promote their blog posts within these widgets on other websites. You pay per click, so there are no monthly fees involved.

Moz, a company that provides tools to optimize your business website’s traffic and performance through content marketing, provided some steps to use their technology. They recommend first running an attribution report in HubSpot or double-checking the data with Google Analytics, promoting only those posts with high conversion rates.

  • Video Ads

Online video ads are one of the most understood advertising mediums for marketers new to paid promotion. For starters, YouTube is a straightforward platform with different options available such as overlaying ads on top of videos or boosting your rankings with Google Ads for Video to run an ad before another’s video.

Сonsider running Google Ads for video if you want to increase your views on YouTube. It will help users searching the platform find your video, and it’s similar in structure to text-based ads since they all run through Google AdWords.

Marketing Tools to Help You Go Global

The Internet has made so many processes irrelevant in the business world, with eCommerce support being just a click away – multilingual or technical customer care centers for stakeholders are available if needed. With that said, having a functional website can be up to 80 percent helpful when it comes to running a successful online company today. It makes this aspect worth considering before looking into other areas since going digital should not slow down any day-to-day operations but instead make them more efficient. Let’s take a look at the marketing tools to help you with business globalization.

  • JotURL

If you want to improve your ad revenue, increase conversions and profits, scientific marketing is the way to go. Journal is a brand that offers tools for marketers, agencies, brands, and others to use in their online marketing efforts. They are competitively priced, with several packages available at reasonable rates depending on the user’s needs.

JotURL is a revolutionary new marketing data harness. It unifies all your disparate information and converts it into an easily accessible format that you or any other individual can use without additional training. Show your brand in every link you share with JotURL, a click-through rate enhancing tool that enhances the trustworthiness of your links and makes them more memorable.

  • Wrike

Using project management software and tools is a great way to manage remote teams, track time spent on projects, communicate efficiently with team members through real-time chat or messaging features, assign tasks and keep each other updated regarding progress. Famous examples of such project management software include Wrike. It is a tool to help teams with tracking charges and their effectiveness.

  • AmoCRM

A customer management application (CRM) can help you communicate with your customers in one place. You will be able to aggregate all purchase, engagement, and feedback information crucial when running a business globally. Don’t take any other steps without looking into CRMs first.

Skills to Have to Get Your Business Global

Speaking One or Several Foreign Languages

Spanish is the second most common language after Mandarin, with 405 million native speakers. No wonder so many people in the business world take online courses to learn Spanish as a language of business communication.

You open business doors in Spain and Latin American countries such as Mexico, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, and even the United States when you start speaking Spanish. Knowing that the United States is the largest economy globally and that the Hispanic population is expected to increase by 2050, the importance of the Spanish language seems clear.

Moreover, with many bilateral trade agreements, Mexico’s trade is one of the most open in the world. The United Kingdom has also been identified as a prior country for international education. That is why learning the language can make an excellent deal for your business.

Communication Skills

You must understand how your actions might be interpreted differently by someone from another country if you want to succeed in international business. Whether they are a colleague, client, or customer, understanding the culture of others will help immensely with communication and make for an overall more pleasant experience.

Photo by Headway on Unsplash

Networking Skills

Building a solid network is not enough to succeed in international business. You need the ability and humility to work well with others for mutual success, allowing them space and credit as required.

Collaborating with team members from other cultures will expose you to new perspectives and ways of addressing complex business problems in an international business environment. The best bosses are often the ones who know how to collaborate. They understand that collaboration can help companies succeed faster than trying things independently or with just one person’s ideas.

Emotional Intelligence

Today’s HR professionals are placing greater emphasis on emotional intelligence over traditional measures of IQ. Emotional intelligence is recognized as a critical skill in international business since this type of interpersonal interaction influences nearly every aspect of the process.

Self-aware and in control of their emotions, emotionally intelligent people can react appropriately when facing critical or stressful business situations. They can adapt flexibly to change and work well collaboratively due to strong interpersonal skills and empathy for others.


What are you waiting for? Get started today by using these skills and tools to market your business globally! You’ll be glad that you did. There is no time like the present, so take action with one of our experts to help make this happen for your business.

By Ryan Pell



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