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How to generate a QR Code: JotURL is the best solution

Mar 12, 2020 | JotURL, QR Codes

What are QR Codes?

Finding out how to generate a QR Code is very important right now.

This technology, in fact, is suitable for the use of devices outside the home environment.

QR Codes are small two-dimensional symbols and they can be considered as supports for storing small amounts of data or information.

They can contain images, texts, audio, music, phone numbers, business cards information, codes and much more!

Invented as an alternative to barcodes, initially they are used to trace materials and products.

Their sequence of black and white squares had to allow you to identify, thanks to a special reader, what was inside packaging and other data in a very fast way!

QR Code applications

Photo by Proxyclick on Unsplash

Did you know that QR codes are also widely used in museums or tourist cities to provide information to visitors. They use code scanner to collect information about monuments or picture.

A simple scan with your smartphone is enough to read the story of a painting, for example.

With QR Codes you can download a piece of the digital audio guide.

You can also connect QR Codes to telephone number or business cards.

Their dimensions make them ideal means of conveying advertising messages or invitations to events of any kind.

Just enter the code on a package or packaging or inside an advertising flyer to ensure that anyone with a smartphone can access additional product information.

QR Codes are used also for download coupons and discount vouchers or confirm their presence at an exclusive event.

You can use QR Code to promote your campaign and they work in every moment, in every place you are.

The applications are practically endless! For this reason it is essential to know how to generate a QR Code.

To create a QR Code you need to use a code generator, or a tool that have that function.

JotURL is the best code generator solution you can find!

How to generate a QR Code with JotURL

Let’s discover how to generate a QR Code using JotURL features!

First you need to access Joturl and create a new Tracking Link in the dashboard.

Enter the destination URL where you want to redirect your users, in the example we choose the JotURL Facebook Page.

With JotURL you can completely customize your Tracking Link, using a branded domain. You can enter keywords in your URL by choosing them in the “alias” field.

Once these operations are completed, click the Save button and then select the “Save and go to options.”

Now select the box with the “QR Codes” option and you can open the builder page for QR Codes templates.

On the right-hand side of the page there is a preview of your template.

I’ts possible to download your QR Code in different formats: JPG, PNG and also SVG.

Let’s check the last steps to find out how to create a QR Code with Joturl:

how to generate a QR Code

To create a new template you need to click the button (+) with the words “(+) QR CODE”.

This function work as a code generator!

In this way it’s possible to access the personalization screen of your QR Code.

You can choose the appearance of your QR Code and customize it entirely!

The first thing you can custom is the central logo.

You can insert the picture that represents your brand identity inside the QR Code!

The options below can change the size of the image, rotate it or change its transparency.

Finally you can choose the color of the QR Code module, the black squares can also have another color.

Even the normally white background can be changed.

Remember that any changes you apply to the QR Code must in any case make it readable and recognizable, so that your every choice must not affect the readability of your template.

To make sure your QR Code is readable, click the “Is Readable?” button.

Joturl automatically recognizes the readability of your QR Code, and for this is one of the best code generator on the market.

You can click the “Save” button once the changes are finished.

With this level of customization you can create QR Codes with unique styles and bearing your brand.

You will truly be a kings of links!

JotURL Team

PS: Did you know that besides generating QR Codes, Joturl is also the best branded link shortner? Read this article!



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