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How To Generate Leads In The Best Way

Apr 9, 2020 | Lead Generation, JotURL

Understanding how to generate leads in the best possible way is an essential step for your marketing campaign.

Lead generation is one of the most important steps for every person, or company, that tries to make success on the internet.

Whether you are a large company already established or a new emerging start-up, you will need to understand how to generate leads.

What is Lead Generation

Let’s start with order by starting to define what Lead Generation is.

Lead Generation is that set of marketing techniques that allow a company to generate potential contacts, attracting people who are really interested in your products.

These contacts are much more likely to become your customers because they will be interested in your services.

The Internet has offered new possibilities for sponsoring your business, new methods and new channels for conveying your message.

Social media, email, websites and landing pages have distorted the growth of brands forever, becoming essential tools to acquire new customers or collaborators.

Lead Generation focuses on acquiring as many contacts as possible with possible future customers, using each of these tools. To fully understand this topic, read this Lead Generation Guide.

In this article you will find out how to generate leads in the best way.

Why is so important to understand how to generate leads?

Lead generation allows you to get more contacts and possible customers, and it is through this process that you can increase the earnings of your business.

The more people visit and interact with your content, the higher your conversion rate will be.

How Lead Generation works:

First of all, visitors must be attracted by showing a product and making the business known.

The second step is to encourage interaction with your content, to do this you can use CTAs (Call-To-Actions).

At this point the CTA will have to redirect users to a landing page with the information that interests your user.

If you are selling a product, sending it directly to the purchase page of that product could prove to be a winning tactic.

But why is Lead Generation really important?

Because it allows you to get Qualified Leads.

In fact, by inserting forms to be filled in on the landing page or associating them with your CTA, you can obtain data from users who interact with your content.

You will have the opportunity to collect data such as:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Age
  • Provenance
  • Device Used (PC / Tablet / Mobile)

In this way you will know perfectly who is interested in your content, who has interacted and who has visited the landing page.

So Lead Generation does not increase the Generic traffic of your site or page, but ONLY increases what can be really useful to you to earn.

Let’s discover more about how to Generate Leads in the best way!

How to Generate Leads: Lead Magnet.

What is a Lead Magnet?

Lead Magnet is used to attract visitors to your website or to interact with your content.

To do something, a person must have a stimulus or a good reason.

You must give people a reason to click on your CTAs or to leave their data in the form.

Lead magnets can be:

  • PDF guides
  • video tutorials
  • word files
  • a free webinar
  • conceptual maps
  • an amazing iconographic
  • a code valid for a limited time
  • and much, much more.

Therefore, visitors leave their data in your form because they know they can benefit or they can find solutions to their problems.

To effectively generate leads, you need to use a Lead Magnet.

Then you can apply your Lead Generation wherever you want.

It’s incredibly effective on social media, like on the pages of your blog or website, by knowing social media kpis.

Lead Generation can also be applied to the emails you send to your visitors.

Only a few basic points need to be remembered:

  1. Create a Lead Magnet to attract visitors.
  2. Use CTAs to encourage users to interact with your content
  3. Make CTAs link to your product landing pages.
  4. Insert a form where your users can leave their data.
  5. Generate High Quality & Qualified Leads that can bring you reliable customers

Now that you know the basic points, let’s move on to discover how to generate leads in the best way.

How to generate leads with JotURL

We talked about forms, CTAs, landing pages and Qualified Leads, but what is the best way to integrate these elements into your pages?

JotURL is an excellent solution to boost your Lead Generation.

In fact, this tool allows you to create various CTA templates that can be used to create Qualified and safe Leads.

JotURL is able to associate CTAs with its tracking links, in an easy and guided way.

Simply create a new tracking link or select a link within your projects and then access the additional options.

Click the “Call to Action” box to create your new CTA template.

JotURL offers many different types of CTA:

  • Button
    Show a cus­tom but­ton with­in the des­ti­na­tion page.
  • Call me
    On de­vices with tele­phone fea­tures, al­low your users to con­tact you di­rect­ly by phone.
  • Form
    Show a cus­tom form with­in the des­ti­na­tion page.
  • Banner
    Show a cus­tom ban­ner with­in the des­ti­na­tion page.
  • Text Link
    Show a cus­tom text with­in the des­ti­na­tion page.
  • App Snip
    Au­to­mat­i­cal­ly dri­ve your App users to the right store    .
  • Social Opt-in
    Pro­vide an opt-in to your list via so­cial me­dia.
  • Social Opt-in XL
    Cre­ate an op­ti­mal opt-in ex­pe­ri­ence to in­crease con­ver­sion rates.   

Each CTA has fields to fill in, to allow you to personalize them in the best way according to the use you want to make of them.

One of the fields that you will find in any template is that of the CTA destination URL.

By setting this field you can redirect your users to the landing page you want.

In addition, some CTAs lend themselves particularly well to Lead Generations.

The “Form” CTA, for example, creates a fillable form.

The most powerful tools are the Social Opt-in CTAs.

how to generate leads in the best way

In fact, these CTAs allow access to the landing page only after logging in with a Social Media account (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+)

This clearly leads to the generation of Qualified and Safe Leads that will greatly improve traffic, generating quality contacts.

To learn more about how to set up the new CTA: Social Opt-in XL you will be interested in reading this article! Is one of the best ways to generate leads and obtain contact information: phone numbers, email adresses, etc.

Joturl CTAs can also be custom from a graphic point of view, leaving you a lot of freedom on the use you want to make of it.

There is the possibility to choose the logo of your brand as well as to set the colors of the backgrounds and fonts.

The CTA service is open to all JotURL plans without distinction.

You can immediately access any type of template and try to improve your Lead Generation, in each sector you want, also email marketing and social media marketing.

Social media management is no longer just about boosting your company’s profile. Now, it has become an essential tool in generating leads and attracting new customers with the right strategy for you.

JotURL & GDPR Policy

JotURL has updated its GDPR Policy in order to make the collection of personal data more secure.

This point is very important and will certainly interest many of you.

JotURL has designed a system to safeguard the interests of all parties involved, protecting every type of user.

The personal data of your contacts collected through the Form or Social Opt-in will NEVER be saved within the JotURL databases.

They will become the property of the user who collected that data.

This means that JotURL will NEVER use the data collected by users of the platform.

Furthermore, thanks to the new Integrations, the data can be moved to a safe place in no time.

The users whose contact you have obtained will be able to request JotURL the possibility to remove their data, JotURL will act as intermediary and will inform the owner of that data via email so that he can take care of it.

Once you have collected your data, you will ask yourself where you can put it.

Now that you know that JotURL is GDPR compliant, you will be interested in knowing how you can manage your data independently.

Thanks to the new JotURL improvements, another service you can find is: Integrations.

JotURL is integrated with Zapier for example, which allows through its templates to connect to Google Drive, Google Sheets, Drop Box, Mailchimp, Hubspot, etc.

What does this mean?

It means that you can move your data to store it wherever you feel most appropriate in a very simple way thanks to the integration with Zapier.

In addition to Zapier’s Zaps, there are: Webhooks.

JotURL offers eleven different Webhooks: Active Campaign, Drift, Hubspot CRM, Mailchimp, Mailjet, etc.

In addition to this there is also a WebHook-custome, customizable according to your needs. This integration can help to use your contact information for email marketing or social media marketing, you can try a lot of different strategies and solutions.

If you want to know everything about these new additions, read this article!

Why JotURL is the best solution for your Lead Generation

JotURL is an incredible tool that can help you generate much more than just CTAs.

The links created by JotURL, in fact, are tracking links.

This means that your every CTA, every shared link, etc. it can be analyzed and report data and analysis directly in your application.

You will find all the data in the Analytics section.

JotURL allows you to keep track of the click rate, the visits for each user, the origin of your visitors.

It can keep track of your conversion rate and can allow you to implement A/B Testing to allow you to implement different digital Marketing strategies simultaneously.

In addition to all this, JotURL can offer a wide range of services:

  • Branded Links
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Deep Linking
  • Retarketing Pixels
  • Traffic Optimization Tools
  • Link Monitoring
  • Custom Visual QR Codes
  • UTM builder & manager
  • Link to Whatsapp Chat
  • Multi-link into Instagram Bio

And all of this within one software, without you having to leave the JotURL page.

So, how to generate leads in the best way? Using JotURL!

You will have the opportunity to combine all these features together to create innovative Marketing strategies, generating leads in the best and most reliable way possible.


JotURL Team.

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Here is a lead generation checklist to start attracting qualified leads. 



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