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Improve Your Link In Bio On Every Channel

Feb 24, 2021 | JotURL, JotBio

In 2021, the use of Bio Links within their Digital Marketing strategies is constantly increasing. Knowing how to improve the Link in Bio is very important, as it allows you to take advantage of an important profile within a social network and redirect traffic to your content or website.

If someone manages to get a lot of visibility on social media, through his posts or his notoriety, there will also be a high percentage of users who will click on the Link in Bio within their profile. All this traffic is a very precious source of new visitors, there is a very high possibility of increasing the conversion rate and CTR.

There are also many ways to highlight the Link in Bio within a profile.

Inside the posts or videos shared, there may be references to the Link in Bio, or invitations that prompt people to click on it.

Optimizing your profile can also improve visibility, being unique and original is essential to be able to make the difference between thousands of content posted daily.

Some examples of Links in Bio can be found for example on Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, social media that are particularly famous and used more and more in the field of Marketing even by influential companies.

You have probably searched or read many articles on the internet that talk about this topic, but in this article you will discover the definitive trick to make 110% of your link in Bio.

JotBio: the ultimate tool to upgrade your Link in Bio

JotBio is one of the tools present within the JotUrl suite. It was originally designed to improve the Bio Link within Instagram, but it can be used for Bio Links on every Channel.

One of the limitations of Links in Bio is that in social media there is the possibility to link to a single link. This can be a problem, especially for all those people who have more than one website they want to redirect users to.

JotBio eliminates this problem, allowing you to insert more than 30 buttons containing links with different destinations and icons with the profiles of all your social networks.

JotBio manages to be the most ideal tool to carry out this type of operation, because unlike other competitors, JotUrl’s links are not banned from social networks. Our domains are safe and monitored 24 hours a day and any content deemed harmful or prohibited is always deleted.

Many other services similar to JotBio do not offer this possibility.

We offer the possibility to create links with your personal domain, improving your visibility on social networks and ensuring greater security for your activities.

Did you know that each link created with a branded domain has 42% more clicks and visits? Because people know that content is safe.

How JotBio can improve your Link in Bio

JotUrl through the function of JotBio provides many tools to make your Link in Bio perfect from every point of view.

First you can insert your brand or company logo at the top of the page you are going to create and this will personalize your content and message even more.

After the latest changes it is also possible to insert a video from Youtube or Twitch or Audio content from Soundcloud. This will allow you to make your Link in Bio even more sensational.

By the way, if you want to convert a YouTube video to an audio file and upload it to Soundcloud instead, use YouTube to mp3 converters to do it in a few minutes.

In addition to the title, there is now also the possibility to add a subtitle, so that you can better describe what your business consists of.

This first step has become very important and powerful, and is accessible to all users starting with the basic JotUrl plan. In addition, you can also try it in Free Trial for 14 days.

Furthermore, JotBio has become even more attentive to customization, in fact, in addition to allowing you to insert Background images in the buttons, there are many other new features.

Within the themes made available for the graphic rendering of your JotBio, you can now create a 100% custom theme. You can decide every single color and gradient through a very practical editor. There is also the possibility to develop your own custom theme through CSS, obtaining truly incredible results.

We have expanded the number of social networks that can be linked within JotBio, also adding: TikTok, Twitch, Quora, Soundcloud and Reddit.

In addition to the new additions, we remind you that you can also use the icons of: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Patreon, Tumblr, VK and Snapchat.

You can insert more than 30 buttons containing your URLs, which can be customized in multiple ways. You can choose the type of button to use and also decide background images to exploit to make your customization even more unique.

The recommended image of the image is shown in the Media Library as soon as you try to improve the visual asset of your buttons.

In addition to all this, you can also change the font of your communication within JotBio and make it more suited to your needs. You can choose from over 80 different fonts that can satisfy any need. Many characters have also been included that adapt to many languages, allowing you an excellent performance regardless of your country of origin.

If you do not want to use a customized theme, you can choose to use a Background image that you created with your graphic team. In this way you can be even more impactful with your brand identity.

You can really make your Link in Bio unique, through a massive customization capacity and an intuitive interface. It only takes a few minutes to get great results.

Amazing Landing Pages 

JotBio , with all its improvements and innovations, is no longer just a tool that allows you to improve the Link in Bio on every Channel. With this feature of JotUrl you can create fantastic Landing Pages that can be used both desktop and mobile.

The page can really have everything a landing page needs.

You can insert a presentation video and buttons that can redirect users to the final content, allowing you to implement many marketing strategies.

Remember that within the JotBio buttons you can also enter the URL of the Tracking Links you created with JotUrl. This allows you to create incredible combinations.

For example, you can insert a Tracking Link with the Smart Balancer function in the JotBio buttons.

Alternatively, you can also insert a Retargeting Pixel within one of the content you want to link with your buttons.

You can also link a URL to which you have associated a CTA through embedding, being able to develop new solutions to convert your users or future customers.

The Landing Page created with JotBio can be graphically customized, as we have already seen in the article, having nothing to envy to many other intermediate online pages.

JotBio is therefore a really practical tool that in addition to boosting your Link in Bio to 100% offers you the possibility of creating colorful intermediate landing pages in just a few minutes.

Each link inserted within JotBio can be monitored and analyzed by the JotUrl engine, allowing you to collect extremely interesting and important data for your Marketing campaigns.

Show your Music and Video content in the best way

Thanks to the latest innovations implemented by our technical department, JotBio has become able to greatly promote the contents of online artists.

Within the landing pages created with our feature it is possible to give visibility to multimedia content from the first creation step.

At the top of the page you can choose a Video content including:

  • YouTube video
  • Twitch Live Streams perfectly embeddable even with chat
  • TikTok Video

In addition to all this we have decided to offer equal opportunities for musical content such as:

  • SoundCloud Track
  • Spotify Albums and Songs

Inserting a video on a page can be very useful for commercial and marketing purposes, but also simply to make your YouTube channel known or to share your work in an even more singular and unique way.

By associating a video with your JotBio you can make it much more unique and leave your mark within the digital world.

This is just one example of what can be achieved through our JotBio. You can find more information about YouTube landing pages in this article.

JotBio can also be an excellent support for all those who use Twitch for their live shows. In this way you can spread your content and leave people with all the contacts and sites on which to get in touch with you or your products.

Are you launching your new album? You can take advantage of JotBio to promote and share the launch tracks of your new music products, by inserting your songs within a 100% customizable landing page.

As you can see JotBio is not limited to boosting the link in bio on your social channels, it offers you the possibility to get the most out of each channel, with all your multimedia contents and with all your links and contacts. All this without you having to give up anything.


JotBio is undoubtedly the best and complete tool to boost bio links in every social channel. In addition to this, it offers the possibility to generate fantastic landing pages that can be 100% customized for any of your marketing needs.

Our tool gives a great importance to the security of your content and offers you the possibility to associate your personal branded domain, not all online services offer this possibility and you can often run into many problems.

Music contents, live streams, and videos can be framed in a landing adapted to your needs, of which you can take care of every single aspect.

The graphics can be adapted to your tastes, and allows you to change the background, logo, buttons and use your personal images to improve the overall appearance of your JotBio.

With JotBio you can link different Marketing tactics, as within its buttons you can insert other JotUrl links to which you may have associated other features: CTA, Social Optin, Remarketing Pixel, Smart Redirector, Deep Link, etc.

This feature can be used from the basic JotUrl plan and can be tested during the 14-day free trial period we offer to all new users.

If you are looking for a way to boost your links in bio, JotBio is the solution for you. It offers you just what you need, in the best possible way and offers you even more!

JotUrl offers you access to many other features at the same time that you can use together with JotBio.

You will be able to develop your Marketing Strategies as you never could have imagined.

You just have to try it.

JotUrl Team



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