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Influencer Marketing: TikTok vs Instagram

Apr 6, 2021 | JotURL

With both TikTok and Instagram boasting around 1 million users, both platforms have potential to be leaders in influencer marketing. Already live shopping on Instagram has proven to be a huge success, with millions being spent on sponsored merchandise in a year, but do they have a monopoly on influencer marketing or will TikTok prove to be just as lucrative?

Let’s have a look in Influencer Marketing: TikTok Vs Instagram.

Instagram Brand Use, Demographics and Stats

Unlike TikTok, which is relatively new to the market and has still to develop solid marketing and business strategies with sales, Instagram is already a trusted and highly used service for sharing and shopping, especially among Millennials and those of a similar age. This means Instagram is well worth investing in if your demographic is 25+ and could yield great profits.

Interlinked accounts, the ability to follow and watch influencers live and be redirected to sites to buy promoted merchandise has always been a selling point, but Instagram took this one step further when rolling out the live shopping feature last year. This immediately began to create a large form of revenue for the platform, its influencers and companies that invested early.

With active links on streams and an in-app purchase system, buying products from favourite influencers got even easier, and with Instagram already established as a leading social media platform, it was a huge success..

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

“Wanting to be Insta-famous isn’t just a meme, it’s a lifestyle. Everyone knows Instagram is the place where influencers first began to shine and make sales,” says Anna Helspi, a business writer at Australia2write.com and Writemyx.com.

TikTok: Brand Use, Demographics and Stats

While it may be newer to the market and have less users, TikTok fans are more likely to log in to the app every day and browse available videos, products and recommendations. They’re also short, snappy and entertaining, made to capture interest but keep it only a moment, allowing the platform to display many products and designs quickly and without massive time input.

TikTok still doesn’t have a secure business plan for online marketing and sales, but it’s playing on a different demographic to Instagram. Uses of this video platform tend to be younger, aged between 16 to 25 and very conscious of authenticity, brand identity and undoctored imagery. It requires more finness than an Instagram target audience of carefully doctored, beautiful filters.

Finally, the interaction encouraged on TikTok fosters creativity. This has already led to globally acknowledged challenges with participants spending or investing in products just to take part. Crocs, Taco Bell and Gymshark have all used this new and exciting platform to boost sales, raise hype, attract attention and reel back in older buyers.

“TikTok may have some ground to make up, but it’s using what it has beautifully. Instagram has a true contender for influencer marketing in TikTok,” says Margaret Castle, a marketing writer at Britstudent.com and Nextcoursework.com.

InstaURL: Making Instagram Influencing Easy

Making your Instagram account stand out is difficult. There’s hundreds of thousands of accounts to compete with and even with multiple accounts, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Thankfully, InstaURL is a product with the ability to create beautifully collated, perfect landing pages for any Instagram account with just a few steps for set-up.

InstaURL isn’t just another link collection site. It makes delightful, organised and customisable landing pages for all your needs, plus each account can be linked with contact details, links to sponsored products and given a personalised icon for the flair needed to be memorable and keep clients coming back for more.

InstaURL has incredible features to add style, convenience and individuality to your landing page. Add links to sponsored products, direct lines of communication, photos or hyperlinks to other social media handles. All the large platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Patreon also have their accompanying symbols, so they’re easy to spot for those looking for their preferred site.

Still unsure if InstaURL is right for you? Drop by this article and take a look at the sleek, organised landing pages anyone can create. Also, peruse the other capabilities of this powerful software at the bottom of the page and see how InstaURL can boost your Instagram profile, increase reach and elevate your influence.

By Michael Dehoyos

A content marketer and editor at PhD Kingdom and Essay Writing Service, Michael Dehoyos assists companies with marketing strategy concepts and contributes to numerous publications, as well as writing for Coursework Help.



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