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Doing digital marketing on a professional level is a challenge that tests marketers and businessmen all over the world.

The rapid evolution, the need for innovation, and the immense number of contents published on the web make it essential to grab all the best tools and all the market spaces that are still free. If once ADS were only aimed at appearing on Facebook or Google, now there are many other platforms that are emerging, including Pinterest or Instagram – which are seeing tremendous success in the advertising world.

Instagram, in particular, is a rapidly growing social network, more and more users make use of it, creating content and engagement.

Believing that Instagram is a frivolous social network and not suitable for marketing is wrong, in fact, many brands have Instagram pages of a certain importance offering high-level multimedia content to make their business known.

Some data highlights the power of Instagram as a clever communication tool:

From 2016, in which there were about 428 million users, we could have more than a billion by 2023.

The social growth trend bodes well and makes us understand that this is a fertile ground for creating and setupping direct campaigns to reach the Instagram target.

The power of Instagram Story Camera Engagement

Instagram users have a tendency to publish a lot of content, it is a very interactive platform that focuses on the involvement of followers and users.

The platform’s biggest strength is the Instagram Story Camera.

Thanks to this simple Feature, every single user can create an infinite number of unique, original and engaging contents for all members of the platform, in fact it allows access to Instagram Stories and all their declinations.

Inside the Instagram Story Camera it is possible to create:

  • GIFs
  • Templates
  • Countdown
  • Quiz, Poll & Question
  • Text messages
  • Photo
  • Video ( Reels)
  • Photos & Videos Editing 
  • Mentions

This vast array of content is a gold mine that can be used to engage its users.

By creating surveys or questions, your followers will be able to offer you answers, stimulating the engagement of your users and increasing their membership on the brand page. With this procedure of slow user loyalty you can aim to increase your traffic and consequently the visits, visibility and the possibility of conversion.

To give you an idea of ​​how much the Stories have taken hold in recent years here is a screen:

As you can see, much of the multimedia contents of Instagram come from the activity of the Instagram Story Camera and the constant and continuous introduction of all its new functions.

Precisely for this reason, to further improve your possibilities during your digital marketing campaigns it is important to be able to make the most of the Instagram Story Camera.

One of the latest news from Joturl is a new feature that has the aim of combining the potential of the Deep Link with that of the Instagram Story Camera.

To further improve engagement with your users and create uniquely personalized campaigns, you can rely on the power of Instagram Story Camera Deep Links and redirect your users within their Instagram Camera.

This strategy has an infinite number of benefits.

Let’s take an example:

Your users have just viewed a product page, service or content.

After viewing it they find a CTA button that can send them back to their Instagram room.

By clicking the Deep Link contained in the CTA Button, your users will find themselves directly in the Instagram App, in their Instagram Stories Camera ready to leave any comments, mentions or to mention your product in their stories.

“I just saw Joturl’s new video, it was great”

They could embellish this text with Gifs, Templates, or even decide to create a short video using an online video editor.

The Instagram Story Deep Link clearly opens up many avenues for any type of brand – large or small.

Instagram is a super interactive, young platform, with a fluid mechanism designed to share its contents. Instagram itself encourages users to create new material, and with this system you could significantly increase your visibility, leveraging on Instagram’s strength.

How to create an Instagram Story Camera Deep Link

Here’s how to create a Deep Link Instagram Story Camera.

First, enter the Joturl dashboard and create a new Tracking Link, you can do this by pressing the easily locatable (+) button.

Enter your Destination URL

Enter your branded domain, it’s very important that the domain is branded.

Why? First of all to give an identity to your link. Using branded domains increases link trust and consequently CTR and your views.

Secondly, branded domains are highly appreciated, especially by social platforms such as Facebook, Google and Instagram.

If you use your own branded domain you will avoid being banned from the platforms. Using shortener that do not allow the use of branded domains is very risky. If many different people use the same domain, it will be difficult to recognize the destination of the URL at a glance.

Moreover, if these domains are not restrictive and careful they could allow the use of prohibited or dangerous content, launching users on sites or landing pages created to harm others – there are many types of viruses and malware that could be transmitted using shortened links.

Recognizing a secure link from an unsafe one becomes very difficult at this point, so platforms can often ban links created with the service domains you rely on. Joturl does not allow the inclusion of harmful or prohibited content within its links, it also promotes the use of your personal domains.

Enter your alias, which can give the look you want to your link, interfacing with your branded domain in order to create the effect you want most to attract the interest of followers and users!

Once you have entered any notes and tags you can click on the “Save and Go to Options” button.

At this point you will find yourself in the Joturl additional features page.

Click on the “Easy Deep Link” box.

The Easy Deep Link function was designed to allow you to create deep links to third-party APPs such as Instagram, FB, Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok and many others.

And all this in just a few clicks, thanks to the settings already set up for you.

Within our Easy Deep Link we have added a feature that allows you to create Instagram Story Camera Deep Links in a very simple way.

You simply have to enter the page, and select a few simple options.

Choose the devices you want to reach with your Instagram Story Camera Deep Link (the first you will find are the devices that mount an iOS system: iPhone & iPad).

The item that you will have to briefly edit is the one that will redirect users who have already installed the Instagram app on their phone to their Story Camera.

Open the drop-down menu.

Two options will appear:

– “select an alternative to the Custom URL”

– “Deep link in the Instagram Story Camera”

Choose the option: “Deep Link in the Instagram Story Camera”

Then make sure you check the “instagram: // story-camera”

This way you can create a direct Deep Link to your user’s Instagram Story Camera.

For all other devices that do not have an iOS system, the operation is very similar.

Open the drop-down menu, two options to choose from will also appear in this case.

– “select an alternative to the Custom URL”

– “Deep link in the Instagram Story Camera”

Choose the item “Deep Link in the Instagram Story Camera”

Then make sure you tick the correct destination, the second you see indicated in the screenshot below.

In this way, even Android devices will be able to redirect users to their Instagram Story Camera thanks to the Easy Deep Link.

Repeat the procedure for all the devices you are interested in engaging.

Once you have checked and carried out all your configurations, just save your Deep Link.

Now you can copy your Tracking Link and bring as many followers as possible to interact with you through their Stories.

The strategies you can develop are many, have fun putting them into practice and discovering new ways to fully exploit all the potential of the Instagram Story Camera Deep Link.

How to add Filter to an Instagram Story Camera Deep Link

Another gem developed by Joturl is being able to add a filter to your Instagram Story Camera Deep Link.

In this way not only will your user be redirected to his Story Camera, but he will also have the possibility to use a filter of your choice to post the Story.

This can be very useful for those agencies or companies that have a personal advertising filter.

This way you will push your followers to create new content using your Instagram filters.

Here too the possibilities are endless, you can get the most out of your Instagram campaigns!

Here’s how to add a Filter to an Instagram Stories Camera Deep Link

First you need to get the URL of the filter you want to use, we will give an example with an Instagram filter.

Go to the official Instagram page on Instagram platform ( so you’re sure to find amazing filters) And click the icon relating to the filters for the Room.

Warning: this icon is visible only if a camera on the device is detected, so it is not possible to perform this procedure from the desktop – only from mobile.

Once in the collection of filters, choose the one you like more or the one that suits you best.

In addition to the preview of the filter you can also try it out. To get the URL of the filter on Instagram it is essential that you click the “Try” button.

As you can see, once you click the test button, you will be redirected to your Instagram Story Camera and you can see the effect of the chosen filter in real time.

Click on the name of the filter – it is the white writing located under the photocamera button.

Then at this point click on “Other”, the button with the three dots icon.

Choose the “Share effect link” option to get the URL of the filter.

At this point, just copy the URL and then use it within your Instagram Story Camera Deep Link.

You are free to use all the filters accepted by the Instagram platform, moreover this feature could be suitable to accommodate your personal filters, if you have any, to push the sponsorship of your business.

The procedure at this point returns to being that for creating an Instagram Story Camera Deep Link.

1) Create a new Tracking Link
Use your Instagram Filter link as URL Destination.

2) Enter a branded domain.

3) Enter an alias and add notes and tags.

4) Click the “Save and Go to Options” button.

5) Enter the “Easy Deep Link” box

6) Correctly configure the user destination for each device -> Open the drop-down menu and click the option: “Deep Link in the Instagram Story Camera”

At this point, unlike the first link in the article, you need to make sure you check the correct destination URL.

In this case, you will not have to redirect the user to “instagram: // story-camera”

But on the first link -> instagram: // story-camera? Effect_id = 123456789

In this way, the user will be redirected equally within his Instagram Story Camera, and can also directly use the filter you have associated with this Deep Link.

Last procedure? Save your Instagram Story Camera Deep Link and get ready to share it.

Remember that only from mobile will users be redirected to their Instagram Story Camera, so you must make sure to target mobile users for this type of link.

Do you want to give it a try?

Access the link below by phone.


Joturl Team

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