May 22, 2020 | Branded Links, JotURL, Tracking Links

Using programs or URL Shorteners online is essential for personal branding. But in some cases, using a URL shortener chrome extension might be even better.

Custom URL Shortener is an amazing tool for improve your rates and your marketing campaigns and to push your business to the maximum.

More and more people are looking for reliable and secure URL Shorteners every day.

This is because it personalizes the links, making them the branded link or vanity URL.

Short URLs support a series of incredible benefits:

  • Branded links can drive your click-through rates up to 34%.
  • They improve your link trust.
  • Make your links pronounceable.
  • And they can build a memorable brand experience for your activity on any kind of channel or social media.
  • Branded links can increase your conversion opportunities and optimize your marketing efforts.

Let’s not forget that using Shorter URL is essential to optimize the performance and deep linking experience on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

On smaller screens it’s essential to optimize the visibility of your content, including links.

JotURL is one of the most reliable Custom URL Shortener that you can find, we have written in-depth articles about it.

If you are interested in discovering all the advantages that you will get to use JotURL and why it is one of the best Custom URL Shortener go to this link!

In this article we will talk about another fundamental aspect that not all URL shorteners have.

The Chrome Extension of JotURL.

joturl chrome extension

JotURL as URL Shortener Chrome Extension

JotURL offers many possibilities and functions within its dashboard, but one of the greatest potential is that it has a URL Shortener Chrome Extension.

Chrome extensions are additional features that can be installed very simply, directly on the browser.

These extensions can best customize the browsing experience on Google, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and many others.

The beauty of the extensions is that they are free.

So also the URL Shortener Chrome Extension of JotURL is free, it will not imply any additional cost compared to that of your plans.

Like any extension, this can also be purchased in the chrome web store.

At this link you can find the Joturl Chrome Extension page.

Currently the extension can only be used for the Google Chrome browser, it is not excluded
that in the future extensions optimized for other browsers may also be developed.

To install this extension, therefore, you will need to download Google Chrome, or access the page with it.

Using this extension is a valid alternative to creating tracking links within the JotURL dashboard.

It’s a very practical, fast and highly appreciated solution by many users, marketers and growth hackers who make full use of it for their activities.

How to use JotURL Extension

Using this URL Shortener Chrome Extension is very simple.

First you need to add the extension to your browser (it must be Google Chrome).

Just click the blue “Add to Chrome” button.

And accept the terms of the new window. Just click on the item: “Add Extension.”

The rest of the process is really very simple.

This image summarizes very clearly the steps you need to perform to create a custom short URL.

First go to the page whose link you want to use and which you want to shorten.

Then click the JotURL extension icon in your bar on Google Chrome.

You will have access to a panel to create your short link in total simplicity.

You simply have to enter your branded domain, choose an appropriate alias, insert tags or notes as you like to find what you need faster and finally select the project.

Once you have selected and set all the fields, you can proceed to create the link.

The operation is very simple and will allow you to get shortened branded links in a few minutes.

Once you get the new link you can share it on various social media.

Through a simple click you can share your link on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Whatsapp.

Branded links created on the JotURL URL Shortener Chrome Extension will also be saved within the application, ordered in your projects.

The extension can only work if you have a JotURL account.

If you are logged out of your account, you will be redirected to the login page.

Furthermore, if the link of a page cannot be used, branded or shortened in any way, a notification will appear as soon as you click the Chrome Extension to warn you.

The use is light and simple and will not take particular time.

It is the ideal tool for those who simply need to create Custom Branded Links in no time without having to resort to the use of CTA, Conversion Pixel, Retargeting Tool, etc.

Now that you know how, use this extension to the fullest!

Any horrible link that is too long will become a splendid short branded link that you can post anywhere!


JotURL Team.

PS: If you are interested in knowing more about URL Shortener, I recommend you read this article: Google URL Shortener best alternatives.



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