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Jun 5, 2020 | Branded Links, JotURL, Tracking Links

What should be one of the priorities of a marketer or a company that wants to start a campaign on online platforms?

A good starting point can be to focus attention on the links it shares.

In fact, using excessively long or complex links can push users to avoid clicking and bringing conversions to a given link.

People who surf the internet will not trust your content if they are not clear at a glance.

For this reason, using a Link Shortener can be an incredible solution.

Shortening links has been a practice for several years.

URL Shorteners were created to satisfy the need to share links more comfortably even on mobile devices.

Short Links are very useful tools to improve the deep linking experience, to increase success in social media campaigns and are also widely used in email marketing.

Personalizing your links with your own branded domain improves the uniqueness of your content by pushing people to preferably click on your link, bringing more off site traffic.

Did you know that normally most of your visitors come to your site through offsite content?

  • Short branded links can drive your click-through rates up to 34%.
  • They improve your link trust.
  • Make your links pronounceable.
  • Branded links can build a memorable brand experience for your activity on any kind of channel or social media.
  • They can increase your conversion
  • Branded Shortened URLs optimize your marketing efforts.
  • Short URLs are perfect for deep linking.
  • Shortened links can be shared easily on every platform.
  • Short branded URL avoid the ban from Instagram, Google and Facebook.

For this reason, focusing on Short Links is very important, or you will not keep up with your competitors.

Joturl is an excellent tool to shorten and brand its links, it has been working for years with famous brands such as: Telecom, Sky and Tim.

Through its Dashboard and its Chrome Extension it’s possible to create short links in no time, but if you are a WordPress user you may be very interested to know that JotUrl also has a WordPress plugin.

Joturl’s WordPress Plugin: Joturl Link Shortener

JotUrl has created a WordPress Plugin capable of acting as a full-fledged link shortener. In fact, its name is: Joturl Link Shortener and can be easily found among the plugins that can be installed on this page.

This WordPress Plugin provides you with the best way to turn any of your WordPress posts and pages into a powerful short branded link, you can then leverage to:

  • Increase your CTR (up to 200%) on content you share on your channels, build more link Trust, increase your brand awareness, with branded links
  • Identify where clicks come from, understand your customer journey, track your paid acquisition and optimize your marketing performance, by using UTM tags and the UTM campaigns manager
  • Increase CR on your content and/or acquire new leads with third-party content, with customizable Call-To-Actions
  • Find the most qualified leads at the lowest cost, optimize your Advertising costs, create a super-profiled audience, by mean of Retargeting pixels
  • Identify which channels, products and content generate the most value, attribute conversions and much more, thanks to in-built Conversion tracking
  • Redirect users where you are most likely to convert them, via Link Rotators, A/B testing, Targeting (available within JotUrl)
  • Optimize your Instagram traffic and increase the UX of your followers (available within JotUrl)
  • Engage new customers, create direct relationships with them by starting a Whatsapp chat from a link (available within JotUrl)
  • Optimize your mobile marketing: up to + 70% downloads, + 50% in-app conversions, + 40% in-app time and higher LTV, thanks to Deep linking (available within JotUrl)
  • And much more…

This Plugin is the best tool to create shortened links directly on your site, without having to leave it.

Let’s see how to install it correctly and how it works.

How to install and to use the Plugin.

To use and install this WordPress Plugin you must already have an account on Joturl.

The use of this tool, however, will not entail any additional expense or cost.

First enter the WordPress of your site, inside the Dashboard with all your options look for the item: Plugins. Then select “Add New” to search for the new Joturl plugin to install on your site.

This operation is really simple, you only need to write “Joturl” inside the search bar, select the correct Plugin and click “Install Now”.

joturl wordpress plugin

Once you have installed your JotUrl Link Shortener remember to click the “Activate” button, in this way you will activate the plugin service in your WordPress and the plugin will be ready to work 100%.

Once activated the WordPress Plugin will look like this.

Remember that you can disable the Plugin, if you don’t need it anymore, just select the word “Deactivate” just below Joturl Link Shortener.

At this point you will need to set up the Plugin correctly before you can use it.

To do this you will need to enter your login credentials and API keys made available by Joturl.

To obtain your access data you will need to click on the “Retrive API Keys” button.

At this point you will be redirected to the JotUrl page where you can find your access keys.

It is located in the “Settings” section of your account.

You will be able to recover your access keys at any time.

The credentials that interest you to activate the WordPress plugin are:

  • Public API Key
  • Private API Key

Copy the access keys to the clipboard and enter them in the corresponding fields in the WordPress form, then add your email address.

It must be the email address you used to register on Joturl.

As soon as you are done click the blue button “Set login credentials.”

This will complete the configuration of your plugin.

At this point you can use the Joturl Link Shortener to convert the links of your articles into short branded links that will make you get many more visits and conversions.

You just have to go inside your posts.

In the table, just next to the date, you will find a space occupied by the Joturl plugin.

Click the link icon to open the screen where you can create your new tracking link.

The fields to be filled in are identical to those you would find inside the Joturl dashboard.

The destination URL is the link of your post.

Select your branded domain and choose the alias that best suits your article and your brand.

Add tags or notes to more easily find your link within Joturl.

Select the corresponding project and click on “Create”.

PS: You cannot use the branded domain that points to your site, you will have to create a domain branded specifically for Joturl. This is because the domain can point to only one destination at a time. You can find more details on the use of branded domains and their configuration at this link!

In this way you will have created a tracking link that is very easy to use and re-share.

The link of your article will automatically be converted back to the one created with the Joturl plugin.

With this plugin it is possible to associate a CTA, a remarketing pixel and a conversion code to the link you created.

To do this, the templates must already have been created previously on Joturl, because from this screen you can simply select CTA, pixels and codes already created previously.

If you want to create a new CTA you will have to create it in the Joturl App.

Through this Plugin it will be possible to speed up the creation time of a Shortened Branded Link that you can share on all platforms to increase visits and the value of your content.

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Joturl Team.



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