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Link Tree is not working on Instagram? Try this instead!

Mar 30, 2021 | JotURL, JotBio

Sometimes it may happen that Link Tree is not working on Instagram.

If you created a link using Link Tree, maybe you have already approached problems like this sharing your content on social.

Link Tree Instagram links can be banned or marked as spam by Instagram at any time without any notice.

This can lead to a variety of problems, especially if you are using the links for marketing campaigns, for the sale of some product or for personal branding.

Using links on Instagram is very useful to improve your lead generation, to connect social networks and to increase visits and conversion rate.

But if a link is banned or reported as spam, it will no longer be of any use to anyone.

In fact, in the worst case, a damaged link, banned or reported as spam can damage your reputation, or harm your brand/company identity.

But don’t worry, there are many other Link Tree alternatives that work just as well.

JotURL, for example, has created a tool specifically for Instagram, it’s called: JotBio.

We will talk about it later, but first maybe you will be interested to know the reasons that pushed Instagram to block certain links.

Let’s discover why Link Tree is not working on Instagram, sometimes.

Why a link created with Link Tree is not working on Instagram?

Over time, Instagram has become much more severe with the links that are allowed in your bio, so it can be difficult to create your link in bio.

This is because of the great amount of spam in the accounts they have encountered.

For this reason Instagram has decided to block some links, to avoid the spread of spam.

Instagram blocked:

  • certain websites known to be linked by spammers
  • links to websites with explicit content.
  • Fake URLs.
  • Shortened links.

Shortened links are considered unsafe by Instagram.

The reason why Link Trees in not working on Instagram is precisely this:

It creates links that are just shortened links.

To secure a shortened link, you need to rely on a branded link shortener or custom URL shortener.

A branded link is a link with a branded domain associated (or a personal domain), which makes the origin and destination of a link much safer and clear.

With a branded link shortener, you can shorten your URL by keeping a branded domain.

This ensures safe browsing for the user.

A branded link with a branded domain will not be banned on Instagram.

Link Tree has become famous for being a URL Shortener, but still has several problems.

In fact, Link Tree is currently unable to support branded domains.

For this reason Link Tree is not working on Instagram.

To safeguard the integrity of your links on Instagram and on any other social or landing page, you must rely on a service that allows you to create branded links.

JotURL is an excellent alternative to Link Tree.

In fact, unlike other solutions, JotURL has been creating safe and reliable branded links for many years and is safely managing millions of links for agencies and big corporates like Amplifon, Publicis Sapient, SKY, TIM, Transferwise, Vodafone and many others, who rely on the Enterprise Service Level provided by JotURL.

JotURL: the best alternative when Link Tree is not working on instagram.

If Link Tree is not working on Instagram, don’t worry, you can use JotURL!

JotURL is an incredible tool that allows you to shorten your links and personalize them in the best way.

It can support a branded domain.

And it also offers the possibility to change the alias of your Link, so that it can contain the appropriate keywords to make the destination of arrival clear.

Creating a personalized link with a branded domain will allow you to increase your click rate by 34%, consequently also increasing visits, conversions and interaction with your content.

But JotURL is not just a branded link shortener, it’s much more.

The links created with JotURL are tracking links, this means that they can track the number of clicks and visits that your links receive. ( and other amazing data to boost your campaign.)

In addition, you have the possibility to also integrate the following additional features to your links:

  • create branded Instagram link in bio who lead to amazing customizable landing pages
  • insert conversion codes at each link to track your earnings and analyze your ROI with absolute precision
  • associate customizable Call-To-Actions
  • get leads from clicks on your links, thanks to amazing and customizable social optin templates
  • insert retargeting pixels (of Facebook, Google, Linkedin and many others) to create custom audiences based on people who clicked on your content and create laser targeted Ads later on to optimize your campaigns
  • associate dynamic QR Codes with your links and beautifully customize them
  • turn your links into deep links through the Easy Deep Linking functionality
  • leverage advanced deep linking for your own mobile app thanks to the engine provided by JotUrl 
  • mark your links with customizable tags and create an infinite number of projects in which to divide the URLs
  • integrate with WordPress, Zapier, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Getresponse, Mailjet, Mailerlite, Sendinblue, Hubspot CRM, Missinglettr, SocialBee, SendPilot, and many others
  • and much more (yes, the list is still long)…

With all these options, embedded within a super easy user interface, you will soon forget that Link Tree is not working on Instagram, and you will use JotURL for each kind of digital strategy.

JotURL creates truly reliable links that are constantly monitored 24/24 hours, 7 days a week, every single day of the year.

JotURL’s tracking link monitoring system is able to:

  • Check the safety of each link and notify the owner in case of issues (malware, scamming, phishing, etc.) 
  • Inspect content of destination links or landing pages
  • Monitor the Html of target pages
  • Inspect text of target pages
  • Check the whole landing page
  • Monitor videos within target pages
  • Identify broken links (404), 500 server error and changed URLs

Therefore, if a link in bio associated with your tracking link changes its contents, or has any problems, JotURL will notify you immediately, allowing you to make timely changes.

Even a single second of delay in loading a landing page can lead to a considerable loss of visits and damage your image.

With these services, you will be able to promptly remove broken or inefficient links and avoid problems.

And all of this is only part of what JotURL has to offer.

Every day you can apply the functionality of this tool in ever new ways, finding infinite variations to make the most of a CTA or a remarketing pixel.

But let’s return to focus on Instagram.

Maybe Link Tree is not working on Instagram, sometimes.

But JotURL doesn’t have these problems.

JotURL, in fact, has created a really useful feature for this social: JotBio.

JotURL & JotBio

What is JotBio?

JotBio is a tool to customize your bio link for Instagram.

In fact you only get one chance to link in Instagram: JotBio allows you to get the most of it.

JotBio, in a nutshell, is a tool for optimizing your Instagram traffic, whether you’re a brand, a blogger, an artist or manage a content platform.

With JotBio you can create a screen in which to enclose multiple links: all your contacts, all the URLs connected to your business and all your social media channels.

JotBio is applied to a tracking link, so if you enter this single link in your bio on Instagram you can redirect users to your contact screen.

Convenient, right?

As mentioned above, JotURL’s tracking links effectively support branded domains, so if you create a link with your personal domain it will not be banned by Instagram, nor registered as spam.

JotBio is a great way to give users many ways to get in touch with you.

Usually, you are forced to choose a single link or a single landing page where to target visitors.

If a person owns a website, a Facebook page, and a Youtube channel, he usually has to decide which one to insert in the bio link.

With JotBio there is no need to choose, you can put everyone, and really ALL your contacts and perform the best bio link ever.

This is just an example of what can be achieved thanks to JotBio.

The interface is responsive for all devices, ready to adapt to any device you use: phone, tablet or PC.

In addition to the graphic qualities of the feature, the possibility of adding buttons for each social network you own must be highlighted.

Thanks to the latest integrations you can also add YouTube Video, Twitch Live Stream, TikTok Video, and also embed Soundcloud Tracks and Spotify Albums in your JotBio, giving you the possibility to generate an amazing and unforgettable link in bio page.

JotBio is 100% custom, you can also use your own pictures as a background and insert the logo of your brand to gain more credibility and style!

You can insert up to 30 links on which to redirect your users.

Websites, blogs, landing pages, podcasts, social media channels, Facebook groups and anything else that comes to mind.

With JotBio ( formerly InstaURL) you can make the most of your Instagram profile and connect to all your social networks.

This will lead to a significant increase in traffic and lead generation.

JotBio is a very helpful and original tool, for this motive we will insert further explanations regarding the use of JotBio in a future article.

So, if Link Tree is not working on Instagram you now have a viable alternative.

Final reasons to choose JotURL

Another important reason why JotURL is undoubtedly a better choice than Link Tree is that it has been offering this service for years with incredible results.

Even if Linktree decides to create a system to support branded domains, it still won’t reach JotURL levels.

First of all, JotURL offers a whole series of features that make it a real all-in-one dream tool for your links.

You don’t need to use seven different programs, you can manage every operation without leaving the JotURL page optimizing the time invested for the realization of your links.

In addition, JotURL already has significant experience in this sector.

For years, the tool has offered a solid service capable of creating shortened branded links even for important and large companies such as Vodafone.

And this is just one of the big brands that have relied on JotURL for the launch of digital marketing campaigns.

JotURL has a very high level of security to safeguard your data, your links and your earnings, developed over the years of improvements.

Even now JotURL has not stopped improving and renewing itself, and will continue to do in way to offer only the best to its customers.


JotURL Team.

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