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MailChimp and Social Opt-in XL

Aug 25, 2020 | Call-To-Action, JotURL, Lead Generation

JotURL has released a large amount of Webhooks (ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Drift, Zapier, etc.) a few months ago. In addition to this, Social Optin & Social Opt-in XL were created in the same period.

Webhooks are one of the ways apps can “talk” to each other and receive notifications automatically when something new happens.

From a technical point of view, webhooks are automatic messages sent by apps when something happens. They have a message, also called a payload, which is sent to a unique URL.

Webhooks enable Joturl service to send automated information to another application/web server in real-time.

This procedure was adopted to allow as many users as possible to be facilitated in their marketing campaigns as well as in the generation of quality leads.

In addition to a large number of pre-set Webhooks, it’s possible to start personalized configurations for custom Webhooks.

This improvement by JotURL has allowed us to improve the experience of our users, reducing the time of the operations carried out thanks to an automation system.

Let’s use MailChimp & Social Opt-in XL

Email marketing has improved dramatically thanks to the inclusion of Hooks and Apps like MailChimp.

Mailchimp is a tool that currently has 12 million customers.

It’s share of the email marketing industry corresponds to 60.51%

From these simple data, it’s immediately clear that understanding how to make the most of that tool is important.

Social Opt-in and Social Opt-in XL are some JotURL tools that can be used together with MailChimp to improve the effects and results of all your campaigns promoted through email marketing.

They can make you experience lead generation from a completely innovative perspective.

In this article, we will carefully explain how to properly configure Mailchimp within Joturl CTAs.

We will also talk about how Mailchimp can perform at 100% thanks to the use of Joturl’s Social Opt-in XL.

First Step: generate a new tracking link.

The first thing you need to do is create a tracking link with the social opt-in option.

  1. Create a new tracking link.
  2. Select a destination URL making sure the chosen page is embeddable.
  3. Choose your personal branded domain and set the alias that best suits your needs.
  4. Save and go to Joturl options.

Second step: create your Social Opt-in XL!

Now that the Tracking Link has been created it will be necessary to set the appropriate CTA, this will also serve to fully understand the great potential of Mailchimp & Social Opt-in XL put together.

1- Click on the “Call to Action” box to access the creation screen for your CTA templates.

2- Create a new CTA and select Social Opt-in XL from the drop-down menu.

3- Enter your personalized message.

4 -Remember to enter the URL of the landing page where the user will arrive after leaving his data in the social opt-in.

5- Very important! Remember to select the page embedding option. If the background screen remains black even after selecting this option it means that the page of the site you wanted to is not embeddable.

6- Select the social channels you want to collect data from Google, FB, Twitter, and Linkedin.

7- Set the graphic style of your CTA.

8- Name your template and remember to insert your brand logo or icon.

9- Save the template of your Social Opt-in XL.

At this point, you have your tracking link with Social Opt-in ready.

Third Step: setting up MailChimp

Before using the Tracking Link and sharing it, however, it’s very important to set up Mailchimp!

The tracking link with your Social Opt-In will not be able to pass the data to Mail Chimp if it does not know this intention.

Here’s how to set up correctly MailChimp!

1 – Go back to your Joturl Dashboard, next to the projects icon find the CTA icon, at the top of the dashboard navigation bar, click on it to access all the templates of your CTAs.

2 – Locate the template of your Social Opt-in XL – the one you just created – and click on the three dots to access the settings.

3 – Select the “Set WebHook” item

4 – In the new screen, choose the App you want to connect to, in this case – since we are interfacing with MailChimp, we will choose “MailChimp”.

5 – You must fill in the MailChimp Settings by entering two fundamental values:

  • API key
  • The ID of the Audience/list

How do you enter these values?
Where are they located?

All you need is on Mailchimp!

Fourth Step: API Key & ID Audience

To find your API Key you will need to follow these simple steps.

1- Log into your MailChimp account.

2- In the Dashboard of your Mailchimp account, click on “Extras”, and choose API Keys from the drop-down menu.

3- Go down to the section “Your API Keys”, if you haven’t activated your API Key yet you will find the image of a closed egg + the writing: “you don’t ‘have any active API Keys”

4- Click on the “Create A Key” button to automatically generate your API Key.

5- Copy your API Key and paste it into the JotURL field.

To find your audience ID, follow these steps.

1- Click the Audience drop-down menu and choose the option: All contacts.

2- Click on Settings and choose the voice Audience in the drop-down menu. If you have more than one audience click “Current Audience” – when you register on Mailchimp you will always have at least 1 audience: the email address you used to register.

3- By accessing the Audience Section, on the right, you will find a string with your Audience ID.

4- Copy the Audience ID and paste it into the JotURL Audience ID field.

After this operation, you will have correctly configured your CTA for MailChimp.

This means that, from now on, once you have saved the configurations of your Webhook, you can send your data from JotURL to MailChimp without having to deal with it manually.

Final Step: Social Opt-in XL & MailChimp

We have reached the end of this path. Here is a brief recap of our operations:

  • Creation of a new Tracking Link.
  • The new Social Opt-in XL has been set up as CTA
  • Set up API Keys and Audience ID

Once these procedures have been carried out, MailChimp & Social Opt-in XL will be able to work at full capacity.

All users who click on your tracking link will end up on the Social Opt-in XL form to reach the final landing page and will send their account data.

These data and information, recorded by JotURL, will also be sent to MailChimp.

Anyone who passes through this Social Opt-in XL will become the MailChimp audience.

In this way, your contact can be used for campaigns on MailChimp, whatever it is!

Here are some examples performed.

We tried to access the Social Opt-in XL form with different accounts, and each of these was automatically sent to MailChimp, bringing quality contacts to the MailChimp audience.

The rest is up to you! Get creative with your campaigns and send all the emails you want making the most of the MailChimp & Social Opt-in XL combo!


JotURL Team.

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