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New AI-Driven Call-To-Actions – Embed every content

Nov 20, 2023 | Call-To-Action, JotURL

We recently released a new feature within JotURL: the new CTAs with AI Preview to embed every content. In this article, we will explain better what they are, and we will analyze some case studies to make the most of this tool.

JotURL Call-To-Actions (CTAs) have always played a very important role in improving content curation and leveraging third-party content to redirect traffic to our users’ websites or their dedicated landing pages.

Through the use of options on our CTAs, it has always been possible to collect user emails through registration forms or Social Opt-ins, also increasing the lead generation of certified and valuable contacts, making Call-To-Actions tools very versatile.

However, the tool has always been – until a few weeks ago – plagued by a major problem, the inability to use non-embeddable sites or content. This greatly reduced the range of action of the CTAs, which could only recreate a background on those sites that allowed embedding. A good part of the most popular online newspaper websites (eg: Mashable, Wikipedia, etc.), and all the public YouTube videos were part of this group.

Since November 2023, this has changed, as after months of development the JotURL Team managed to release a working version of the new CTAs with AI preview to embed every content.

How it works?

JotURL’s CTAs have been integrated with Artificial Intelligence developed to recreate a summary of the content of a page, so that it can be reproduced and replicated, giving a general idea of ​​the text and images present within a page.

The preview generated by the AI ​​will then process and extrapolate some of the data present on the page, without replicating them identically, and therefore respecting the copyright of the original content. At the bottom of each page, credit is always – in any case – attributed to the owner of the original content, and a button to visit it is also inserted.

Below is an example of a page summarized by our AI, with a focus on the copyright section, the page was taken from our blog:

The result is not bad, right? And it can be achieved with just a few clicks and in just a few moments.

Currently, the AI ​​still has several limitations on the types of content it is able to replicate, in the future the tool will be trained to release more powerful versions.

The CTAs with the new AI to embed every content feature are already present within the JotURL dashboard and are fully functional.

In the next paragraph, we will see step by step how to create CTAs with the new AI to embed very content technology.

How to create CTAs with AI-Preview to embed every content

The steps to create CTAs with AI are very simple, many processes are automated by the engine, and will not require excessive efforts from users.

The first thing you need to do is have a JotURL account – you can start a 14-day free trial to test all the features you want.

Once inside the JotURL dashboard, you can manually create your Tracking Link to which you can associate the CTA + AI preview to embed every content functionality.

Just choose the page you want to use, it can be any article, an online product page, the home page of a third-party site.

copy the URL of that page and insert it as the destination URL of your Tracking Link.

Be sure to use your branded domain to customize the look of your link, boosting your CTR and link trust up to 42%.

Once this is done, save and go to the additional options to create a new CTA template.

Click on the Call-To-Actions button

Click on the (+) symbol.

At this point you can select the type of CTA you want most, between Form, Button, Social Opt-in, etc.

For the example of this article we will use the “Button” type.

As you can see, the CTA is totally customizable from a graphic point of view, you can insert your logo, choose the color scheme, insert the text you want and insert the link you want inside the button.

The really important part comes on page 3 of the wizard.

After giving your template a name, and selecting your logo, you need to make sure you see the words: “Yes, I want to enable the AI-generated automatic page preview”.

Usually this option is already selected by default, but make sure it is present, otherwise no AI preview will be generated.

Save the settings of your CTA template by clicking on the “Save” button.

Then, save again when you return to this screen.

At this point, you are ready to open your link and see the preview generated by the AI.

embed every content

The operation is very fast and allows you to create excellent landing pages, with zero effort, exploiting third-party content without violating any copyright.

If you want you can look at this video:

Case of Use

JotURL’s new CTAs with integrated AI are excellent tools for enhancing your campaigns, especially when used in combination with Deep Linking.

It can become a game changer for all influencers and content creators – but also brands – who are looking for a way to further maximize their conversions.

With this method, it will be possible to create the landing page starting from an article or a product sheet, insert an ad on it, and redirect users to a specific App (Amazon, Walmart, LTK, etc.) and push the user to purchase your product.

However, we suggest getting in touch with your Amazon manager, or with your contacts within the providers you use to make Ads to make sure it’s okay for them.

We have cases of our users who use their landing pages to make Ads in combination with Deep Linking, without any repercussions or problems – which is why we would like to recommend and test this practice to see if this can also bring you more conversions and revenues.

This is logically just an example of what can be done through our CTAs.

If you are further interested in this aspect and have any doubts about it you can contact our technical team here.

We reached 3rd place on Product Hunt! 

Our new CTAs have launched on Product Hunt.

Thanks to the support and support of our loyal customers we managed to reach third place during the competition.

You can still visit the launch page at this link .

This meant a lot to us, as we believe that this could be a good product, perhaps the beginning of a journey to take together to integrate AI within JotURL to improve our services.

In the future, we will still work to improve our tools, with a focus on Deep Linking, but we will increasingly try to develop automation and simplifications that can make the use of JotURL easier.

JotURL Team 



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