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New JotURL Chrome Extension: Empower your Deep Links Generation

Feb 9, 2024 | Deep Linking, JotURL

In this article, we are going to analyze the new JotURL Chrome Extension, which now allows you to create Deep Links in just a few clicks even outside the JotURL Dashboard. If you haven’t installed the JotURL Chrome Extension yet, you can download it now from the Store

This topic is significant, especially for all influencers and content creators trying to grow their conversions further. Finding a way to make it quick and easy to create Deep Links is a priority for all those who wish to earn through affiliate programs on platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, LTK, and many others.

For this reason, taking advantage of the practicality of use of a Chrome Extension can combine the reliability of JotURL’s Deep Links with the speed of generating deep links – since it is not required to log into the dashboard to create one, it will be possible to do so directly from the website page to the product you want to promote.

Our top influencers have improved their conversions up to 52% using our Deep Links, and we hope that through the new Chrome Extension change this number can rise even further.

Below we explain how to effectively use the JotURL Chrome Extension to create Deep Links in just a few steps.

How to Use the New JotURL Chrome Extension to Create Deep Links to Amazon

In this part of the article, we are going to explain, step-by-step, how to use the new JotURL Extension to generate a Deep Link to Amazon. 

The first thing you have to do is, of course, download the Extension from the Chrome Store.

After this, you will find the icon of the JotURL red dog within your extensions in the browser. 

You can already try to use it!

New Login Interface

The first thing you’ll notice in the new version is a new login system, optimized to help you log in without having to remember to enter JotURL every time you open a new Chrome session. 

You will have three different types of Login so that you can use the most convenient and practical one for you. 

The first log-in is very immediate, it allows you to log in using your JotURL credentials. If you are already logged into JotURL the login will be automatic, otherwise it will require a click to confirm your credentials. 

The second Login requires access through your JotURL API Keys. If you don’t know where to retrieve them, you can click on the link located inside the form, you will be redirected to your account, where you can retrieve the access code.

The third login takes place by entering your email and password, a 2FA will also be required for security reasons. The log-in method will remain saved within the Chrome Extension. 

Once the login phase is finished we go to the really important part of using the new Chrome Extension.

The New Chrome Extension 

After you set your login, you can go to any page you like. For this example, we are taking an Amazon page as an example! But you can use the JotURL Chrome Extension to generate Deep Link to 60+ different Third-Party apps. 

Click the JotURL Chrome Extension icon on the page, and in an instant, you will see this sheet.

The new version of the Chrome Extension allows you to automatically leverage the Deep Linking feature for all of the +60 Third Party Apps currently supported by JotURL, that is why the engine has already recognized Amazon’s domain by configuring the deep link to send users to the Amazon product page in the best possible way.

The Easy Deep Link option is activated by default once you click on the Chrome Extension icon. 

You will be able to associate your branded domain, choose the alias, and the destination project, and add notes and tags.

The deep link will always be copied in your Clipboard by default. 

But there are other news!

It will also be possible to configure:

  • Amazon Affiliate tags
  • Amazon Affiliate Sub-tags, and
  • Custom parameters

To add them you need to click on “Set URL parameters/ Amazon Tag

Each of those tags and parameters can be associated with a specific product, for each deep link you are going to generate through the new version of JotURL Chrome Extension. 

Furthermore, it is possible, at any time, to import or export the parameters associated with the URL created through the extension, to provide our creators with greater freedom of use.

It will also be possible to have multiple Amazon Tags and parameters registered within the Chrome Extension and there will be the possibility to select which of them you want to use. To create new ones you just have to click on “New Template”, then you can swap them to apply the tag/parameter you need the most! 

Once you have set your tags and parameters ( Amazon IDs ) you should remember to click the “Apply” button.

For a preview of your custom tag inside the deep link, you just need to click the “preview URL parameters” button. 

new joturl chrome extension

So do I have to enter my Amazon ID every time?

No, you can generate a Template to associate your Amazon ID, or other parameters. If you know that you only use one type of Template, you just need to choose it once and then take advantage of the automations to speed up the creation process. We also remind you that by having access to several different templates you will be able to select from time to time the Template that best suits your activities, for example by associating a tag for Walmart with Template1, your Amazon ID with Template2, etc.

New Automations!

But there’s even more! The new Chrome Extension supports an AI system capable of helping you name your link and customize your Alias.

To activate the AI functions, all you have to do is click on the robot icon.

At the start the icon is OFF, you have to select the automation in order to activate them. 

The first automation allows you to generate deep links automatically without you having to manually click “Create”. This means that you will skip the entire customization phase and that the functions, alias, domain, parameters, and preferences already established will be passed onto the Deep Link. 

This automation aims to help you speed up the Deep Linking creation process, taking you immediately to the deep link sharing phase. You can turn this feature on and off at any time. Once activated, all subsequent deep links will be created in this way until you manually deactivate the automation.

1) You will be able to use the domain of the App you are deep linking as a prefix. In our case, having created a deep link to Amazon, the prefix applied to your alias will be amazon1. 

In case amazon1 is busy, the system will switch to amazon2, and so on. 

2) You can use the domain of the destination URL, so if for example, you are creating a new tracking link using the Chrome extension starting from a Google link the prefix will be Google 1, google 2, and so on. 

3) You can customize the prefix of your alias, indicating the name of your brand (if you have not already entered it in the branded domain), or the words “my product”, “mydeal”, etc. If your prefix has already been occupied the deep link will be generated with a randomly generated alias.

Please note that the automations on the alias are analyzed respecting the order (1, 2, 3) and only if enabled and available. For example, the automation “1. Use deep link app name as a prefix (e.g., amazon1, walmart7)” will be used first only if enabled and only if the destination URL is supported by our deep link engine. If none of the automation are enabled and/or available, a random, unique alias will be generated.

Once you have set up your portrait automation, generate the Deep Link by clicking on “Create”. 

At this point, you will arrive at a screen where you can share your Deep Link to social media through specific buttons or by retrieving the sharing link.

If you’ve already installed our Chrome extension, just run and use it (the extension automatically updates itself as soon as you use it).

Otherwise, you can download the extension directly from the Chrome Store.

Best Use Cases

Obviously, JotURL Deep Linking does not work exclusively for Amazon, it can be used to create Deep Links on many other Third Party Apps such as:

Shopping Apps




Very often these platforms, just like Amazon or LTK or Mavely, offer partnership programs or affiliate programs. The objective of these programs is to encourage the sale of products, the affiliate receives a percentage of the sale. Therefore, using the Chrome Extension to create Deep Links that can send the end user directly to the purchase page of a product can be an indispensable tool. This trick works even if you yourself are the owner of a product for sale on one of these platforms, as you will have a direct increase in conversions and earnings on your product. We have taken three large networks as examples, but it can find applications on many others.

Social Apps 




Deep Linking allows a better experience for navigating towards a social network or between one social network and another. Without Deep Linking, the user often risks navigating to a social network and ending up on the browser page, logged out of their account – this makes interactions and the user’s desire to continue more difficult.

 A smoother passage, however, facilitates interactions. Therefore, if you are looking to get more clicks, more likes, more app visits, more conversions, on a Reel, a Stories, a post, or any other content within a social network, then the Deep Link is the useful tool for you. Again we only took three social networks as an example, but it also works equally well with Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and many other social networks.

Travel Apps 

Google Maps


Another application case to take advantage of the new Chrome Extension is to generate Deep Links from Apps such as Google Maps and Booking. In the first case it is possible to link the location of your office or business, and it is therefore possible to exploit this system to improve reviews, encouraging them through the EDL, or improve communication on the location of your business or another. 

In the case of Booking, it is instead possible to directly link to the page of a holiday home, a hotel or an apartment. It can be very useful if by chance you are working with Booking and your property can be rented from that platform, so that people are more encouraged to interact with the page and click on it more easily. 

Let’s imagine that you have published a post on Facebook in which you are advertising your beautiful apartment by the sea. With the Deep Link many more people will come to Booking and there will be a much greater chance of finalizing a sale.

Music & Entertainment



Epic Game Store 

Here are other case studies! You can use the Chrome extension even if you are a content creator of another nature. 

Are you very active as a streamer on Twitch? Well! Through the Chrome extension you can create a link to your stream and publish it on other social networks – users will log directly into the Twitch App, improving your engagement, the possibility of obtaining followers, overall viewing time, etc. 

Thus speeding up all your operations and always keeping everything monitored and tracked. 

Are you an artist who released their latest song on SoundCloud or Spotify?
You can also create a deep link for your page, or for your track! Also in this case, it will only take you a few moments to generate a deep link with the new Chrome Extension, after which you will just need to share the deep link on your social channels to get the maximum possible engagement.
Users will come directly inside Spotify increasing your statistics. 

The same also applies to the world of gaming.

 Do you have an affiliate program with Epic Game Store

Or have you released your own game on the platform? 

With the JotURL Chrome Extension you can create a deep link to the store in just a few clicks and users will be able to arrive on the game purchase page – already logged in – thus proceeding with the purchase. It is a very practical and functional method for improving conversions, as well as the visibility of any product.

And these are just SOME of the examples, we have many other Apps to which it is possible to create Deep Linking, you will be able to discover many other uses and conveniences by using our new Chrome Extension!

Benefits in using the New JotURL Chrome Extension to create Deep Links.

Using JotURL’s new Chrome Extension can bring enormous advantages, whether you are a small or large influencer, whether you need to grow quickly or strengthen your business and your news.

Here’s what you can get:

  • Speed ​​of use for creating Deep Links
  • Optimizing the mobile experience for your users
  • Possibility of tracking clicks on your Deep Links
  • Ability to use Amazon ID for your affiliate links when using deep links
  • Ability to brand your deep links with custom domains to further improve your CTR and link trust.
  • up +52% to conversions on Amazon products
  • up +42% to net earnings on Amazon products
  • possibility of improving earnings from all the most famous affiliate platforms: LTK, Target, Wallmart, Mavely, etc.
  • optimized deep linking toward +60 Third-Party Apps
  • possibility to request the integration of a new App within our Easy Deep Linking at our Help Center.

The JotURL extension is totally free, so no additional charges will be applied to the plan you are currently using on the platform – it is available from whatever plan you use.


Please contact us if you encounter any bugs or difficulties of any nature.

We are open to any feedback that can help us understand how to further improve your everyday business workflow and, consequently, our extension.

Last but not least, if you like the new extension, please show us some love and, if you have the chance, leave us a review on the Chrome Store.

And now, let’s go and try it!





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