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Amazon is one of the most popular platforms in the world, it has forever revolutionized the way people sell and buy products, creating an immense business.

Many people, of any age, find themselves viewing products on Amazon every day, generating traffic and value, fueling the world of digital marketing.

With the advent of digitalization, Amazon has managed to make a boom in popularity and sales that, especially in recent years, has grown exponentially.

In 2020 Jeff Bezos, its founder, was declared the richest person in the world, thanks to the expansion of the business.

There are many people who sell their products on Amazon and who manage to profit from the online sale of their products.

The transition from physical and physical store to online store may seem impossible, scary and disadvantageous, but it is not.

Offering its users the opportunity to purchase a product even from a reliable online platform is an incentive that can incredibly improve the user’s conversion rate and push him to finalize the purchase.

Displaying your product on an online showcase that can be viewed from the comfort of your user’s home will offer new tools and sales channels.

Even the idea of ​​being able to receive a package directly at home pushes many people to purchase products from an online shop.

People like convenience and convenience, save time.

Amazon offers all of this and especially the younger generation constantly rely on the platform to get the items, products or materials they may need.

In addition, the ability to rely on the Prime subscription can greatly reduce the waiting time for shipping, making it even easier for a user to rely on online purchases.

Record sales were recorded in 2020!

Nearly 10 billion in earnings were recorded during Amazon Prime Day in 2020 and this data is set to rise in the near future, making selling products on Amazon one of the most profitable businesses today.

Anyone can list their products on Amazon, even you.

In this article we will analyze all the strategies for sell your products on Amazon.

How to sell your products on Amazon

The Amazon platform allows you to sell products through a simple registration form. Of course, there are other things to consider before we get to the actual recording.

First you need to think about the product you intend to sell. There are more than 20 categories available for users who want to sell their products on Amazon.

Choosing what to sell is not as easy as it sounds.

You must have availability and be able to find the product simply, moreover your product must be reliable and of quality.

Furthermore, your product must meet the needs of a particular audience.

Who can your product be used for?

This question is essential to understand where to start and to identify your future target.

You will need to decide on the sales plan and inquire about Amazon’s pricing plan.

Using Amazon as a platform for selling your products, you will have to pay a small percentage of your earnings and figure out which plan meets your financial needs.

Once you have chosen the product to sell and the plan, you will be able to register and create your inventory.

Create product sheets on Amazon

To sell your products you will need to create product sheets on Amazon, which have all the useful information to reach your users and which can make what you want to sell attractive.

To create an excellent product sheet on Amazon you will need to:

  • choose a title for your product sheet.
  • insert an image (or more images) of your product.
  • insert a list of features.
  • enter a description of your product.

Each of these operations must be decided and rationalized carefully, in order to get you the best possible result.

The photo (or image gallery) must clearly show every detail of your product, must have adequate lighting and must have the highest possible resolution. Make sure you use a camera or a suitable tool to make the image of your product even more inviting.

On the Internet, capturing attention with well-executed images and photos can help you stand out from your competitors.

The title and description of the product should also be as accurate as possible and provide all the information the customer is looking for.

Being vague and inaccurate could lead the customer to avoid purchasing your product or they may not be fully convinced.

Remember that the goal of creating your product sheet is to highlight the qualities of your product. It is as if it were a real online showcase, and everything must be at its best.

Always respect the guidelines imposed by Amazon and try not to exceed the limitation of characters imposed.

SEO positioning

Within the descriptions and your bulleted list you will have to be careful to carefully choose the keywords with which you will be searched by your users.

Every single word can be important to improve your visibility on the internet, so an extremely accurate analysis of your description must be performed.

To give a practical example: if you want to sell a book, you will have to write a description that is relevant to your sales category, but above all you will have to try to understand which are the most sought-after terms by book buyers on Amazon.

These are just some of the most searched keywords on the web and can give you an idea of ​​what the trend of possible users is.

Optimizing the Amazon product sheet for SEO is essential in order to distinguish yourself from your competitors and to be researched correctly by your potential customers.

There are many online services and tools (such as Semrush or Ubersuggest) that can help you search for keywords and analyze the traffic of your competitors’ product pages on Amazon.

By understanding the origin of traffic, the most searched keywords, and the habits of users, you can obtain excellent data to understand exactly the direction to take to better advertise and sell your products on Amazon.

Marketing strategies for selling your products on Amazon

Now that we have seen how to improve your product sheet, we can analyze some marketing strategies to sell your products on Amazon.

There are tons of ways to advertise your products and to redirect users to your product pages. One of the best ways is to take full advantage of the potential of the links and tracking links that you can use online.

JotUrl is an omni-channel platform that provides its links to offer the most complete experience in the digital marketing sector and has many features to boost your campaigns to 100%.

Here are some strategies that can help you sell your products on Amazon.

Deep Linking to Amazon

Deep Linking is a powerful technology developed in the digital marketing sector that allows users to be redirected within a specific landing page, bypassing homepages and other intermediate pages. This technology has become extremely useful for improving marketing even on mobile platforms, boosting and revolutionizing the browsing experience of users.

The use of this technology can be incredible to increase the conversion rate and ROI, you can 100% sell your products on Amazon.

First of all, the number of visitors via mobile is always higher, optimizing and studying solutions to improve the browsing experience of users on mobile devices can significantly help your campaigns.

Furthermore, the use of Deep Linking prevents users from wasting time, greatly reduces the bounce rate and redirects customers exactly to the purchase page of your product, distracting them from any distractions.

Deep Linking works for both Android and iOS and provides the ability to manage your users’ landing pages in just a few clicks.

All you need is:

  • the link of your amazon product page
  • an account on JotUrl
  • a couple of minutes of your time.

Using the link on your product page as the destination URL, you can create a tracking link within the JotUrl Dashboard, the operation requires very few clicks.

You can brand and shorten your link during this procedure, improving the appearance of the amazon link.

This procedure can improve the CTR on your content by 34%, links can be shared more easily even via mobile and improve overall user confidence.

By accessing the additional options of JotUrl you can create your Deep Link to Amazon.

With JotUrl’s Easy Deep Link function you can create a Deep Link in just a few clicks.

In fact, JotUrl will automatically recognize that the destination URL used by you originates from Amazon and will set specific settings to redirect users exactly within the product page in the Amazon APP.

You can decide, if necessary, to change the destination of users in the event that the latter have not downloaded the Amazon app on their device.

In this way, through quick Deep Links you can redirect your users directly to the purchase pages of your product, encouraging the possibilities of sales and earning.

Call to Actions

Another way to make the most of marketing strategies to sell your products on Amazon is to use third-party pages for advertising your content.

A third-party landing page, other than your website or Amazon page, can easily host Remarketing Pixel and Call To Actions.

Call To Actions are messages that invite your users to perform specific operations, such as clicking on a button, downloading a guide, buying an item. In short, these are all those actions that will lead the user to convert and become your customer.

There are many templates and ways to develop CTAs, JotUrl has studied several, from purely textual messages to customizable buttons, forms and social optins.

Did you know that with JotUrl it is possible to embed third-party pages and exploit them to promote your CTAs?

If the site allows sharing of its pages, it is possible that it can be used for the creation of CTAs. Inside JotUrl it is possible to see within the creation preview whether the page is usable or not.

An example of non-embeddable pages are: google.com, facebook.com, amazon.com, etc.

These pages cannot be used to host your content.

An example of embeddable pages, however, are: each YouTube video, article on Daily Mail online website (one of the most famous London newspapers)

Using a YouTube page as the basis for conveying your messages can be incredible. As an example, you could use a YouTube page of a very famous influencer and insert your CTA button on that page, in order to redirect the user to the Amazon product page starting from the embedded video.

Here’s how to do it.

Get the link of the page you want to embed (a YouTube video, an interesting article from the Daily Mail, etc.)

Use that link as the destination URL for your Tracking Link.

Go to additional options and create your new CTA Template.

You will be able to choose from many different options, all very performing for your goals.

Within the CTA button you will enter the final destination URL, which is the link to your product page on Amazon.

The interlude page, on the other hand, will be the page you embed.

This way, users who interact with your tracking link will first be redirected to your embedded page – the YouTube video or other examples.

And if they click your CTA, they’ll go straight to the Amazon product page with the products you intend to sell.

To improve this strategy even more you could use videos made on YouTube to advertise your product, or embed a third-party page with content related to the product you are selling on Amazon. If you are in the business of selling e-books, you could use embeddable online articles that talk about the literary genre proposed by you, or the page of an embeddable review site.

This way you can increase the conversion rate and redirect users who travel the web so you can sell your products on Amazon properly.

Sell ​​your product on Amazon with Social Opt-ins

To effectively sell your products on Amazon you can improve your Lead Generation process.

That is, growing the number of people interested in your products and who can convert in the future.

To do this, you can take full advantage of Call To Actions and create qualified and precise leads, collecting user data that will be useful for your campaigns.

One of JotUrl’s CTA Templates is Social Optin.
This tool allows you to create a custom form for collecting user data in an automated way.

As with the other CTA models, the Social Optin can also be inserted within an embeddable page.

The Social Optin will appear on the screen requesting social access to the final landing page.

In practice, your users will have to provide you with data to view the page, by logging in with their Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account.

By doing so, your users will send valuable information for you, which will be stored within the JotUrl Dashboard.

Name, device used, age, region of origin, etc.

These data can be very important and used in various ways.

You can create your own customized Audience and restrict the focus only to users in line with your product.

You can use that data to create a register within third-party tools for the massive sending of emails and newsletters

You can start creating remarketing or re-engagement strategies for those users who have visited your content, left the data, but haven’t converted yet.

To fully know how to improve your Lead Generation you can read this article.

You will be able to view the data collected by your CTAs at any time:

  1. just access the JotUrl Dashboard
  2. click the CTA button
  3. select the desired CTA
  4. click the icon highlighted in the screenshot to download a file with your data.

Tracking and Analytics

Without the analysis and tracking of data, any Marketing operation is likely to fail. Even sell your products on Amazon needs a lot of attention.

Why is data tracking so important?

It is important to understand and track your progress, to monitor your channels, the visits of your users and to understand if your product is getting the results you wanted.

Selling your products on Amazon, and managing digital marketing campaigns requires investments for your future. To avoid wasting money you will need to know exactly where the best place to invest is.

You need to know where you are performing well, where you have drops, where you risk losing money, where you need to push.

The JotUrl platform was created specifically for these needs: to collect all useful data for your campaign and insert it into a single dashboard.

You will not be forced to keep track of your data by hand, using excel sheets or the like, you will be able to find every project, every data and every chart within the platform.

In the Analytics section you can graphically and visually view all the information relating to the data collected by your links on the web.

Whether they are Deep Link, CTA, or Social Opt-in, you will be able to get a clear view of your visitors, know how many visits you have obtained and which specific event has brought the peak of users.

Among other things, JotUrl allows you to also track conversions and keep track of your earnings.

JotUrl is able to track not only visits to your site, but it can also track conversions and events on third-party pages, giving you incredible control over every aspect of your campaign. You wiell be able to take advantage of the collection of all this data to sell your products on Amazon much more effectively.

Other strategies for sell your products on Amazon

Below we will explore other strategies for selling your products on Amazon, exploring other opportunities that might be right for you.


You can reach your customers through email marketing by sending them targeted newsletters containing messages and information about your products.

It is possible to use services such as Mailerlite, Klaviyo, Mailchimp for the creation of targeted audiences and for the massive sending of emails.

This way you can reach your customers and offer a follow-up if they have already visited your product or your pages.

Thanks to the zapier integrations installed on JotUrl you can use the data collected through Social Opt-ins to create Audience on Mailchimp. In this way you will never have to manually transfer all the data of your customers, the data transfer will be done automatically.

All you have to do is simply connect your link to Mailchimp with a few simple steps. You can find more information in this article made by our team.

By simply sharing your Social Opt-in, you can get all the data you need to send emails to your potential buyers.

You can also insert links and CTAs within your newsletters, so as to redirect users to the Amazon product page directly from the email. Sell your products on Amazon it will never been so profitable.

Coupon/ Flyers

Don’t underestimate the power of paper communication.

Even the intelligent use of flyers can advertise your products. An eye-catching image and text and the ability to print a handy QR Code on your flyer could help you redirect users directly to your Amazon product page.

You can employ this trick for your coupons as well. If you offer a discount, people will be more tempted to get closer to your product, it could be a good deal for the first customers.

Here is a truly effective strategy.

Create a 20% Discount Coupon for your products on Amazon

Create a Tracking Link on JotUrl, set the link of your product page on Amazon as the destination URL

Create a Dynamic QR Code for your Coupon by accessing the additional Joturl options.

You can customize every single aspect of your QR Code, even inserting the logo of your company and your brand.

In this way, your tracking link will be contained within the QR Code.

At this point, the user only has to scan the QR Code with his device in order to access the Amazon purchase page.

In this way, you can also bring offline traffic to the online platform, and create effective strategies for sell your products on Amazon by drawing attention to your products.

Amazon Advertising

The Amazon platform offers the possibility to launch Ads to promote the sale of your products.

The system is highly categorized and allows to improve the sale of products for all its users, from small retailers to large brands.

Obviously you will need to inform yourself to understand which plan is right for you for the sale of your products.

Flexible budget, customizable formats, and quick publications can help you sell your products on Amazon.

An important note: if you want to use a link for your ADS make sure you use a branded domain.

In some cases, using a custom domain may not be enough.

Using a third level domain for your ADS is always the best solution to avoid problems with the rules of the platform and to prevent your posts and content from being banned.

For third level domain, for example we mean: on.domain.com Why is the third level domain not banned?

Because within the third level domain the platform engine can clearly read the origin of your link, the name of your website is taken over (preceded only by the particle used to create the new domain).

By clearly reading the origin of the content and being able to clearly understand which website it is connected to, the ADS will not go against problems of any kind.

The combination of Amazon Advertising and Marketing strategies developed with JotUrl links, can boost the creation of marketing campaigns that will outperform any competitors.

Social Media

One of the most effective ways of communicating in 2021 is posting and publishing on Social Media.

Every day, thousands of people visit the social pages, interacting with the contents found online. The traffic generated and the massive number of people can allow you to identify ideal audiences for sell your products on Amazon.

Advertise your products also on your social pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Data tracking will also allow you to track visits to content you have posted on social media.

Did you know that you can associate the Retargeting Pixel of your Facebook campaigns with Amazon product pages? You can read all the information in this article, you will find out how JotUrl can help you in the creation of Ads and strategies to sell your products on Amazon in 2021.

In this way, promoting the sale of your products will be even more immense.


Learn and understand how to sell your products on Amazon in 2021 is crucial.

Amazon is a reliable and fast-growing platform, its development has led the world economy to change forever.

Fortunately, there are tons of digital marketing strategies that can help you promote your products.

By analyzing and studying your potential customers and creating custom audiences, you can increase your conversion rate.

The use of dedicated marketing tools can facilitate your business, and the best way to act is to choose a tool that can offer you everything you need, saving you time and money.

JotUrl is the omni-channel online tool that will allow you to maximize every marketing campaign, whether you are a private individual or a large company you will find all the features that suit your needs.

Through strategies such as Deep Link, data tracking, embedding of pages for the insertion of CTAs and Social Opt-in you will be able to improve your image, sales and earnings.

You can try JotUrl at any time through the 14-day Free-Trial.
JotUrl Team 



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