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The best alternative to ClickMeter

Feb 10, 2023 | JotBio, Branded Links, Conversions, Deep Linking, JotURL, QR Codes, Retargeting, Tracking Links

In this article, we will explain to you in a very simple way why JotURL is the best alternative to Clickmeter, analyzing the situation objectively, providing you with an example, as well as a comparison of the tools we can provide, both compatible with the Clickmeter service and additional features – which otherwise you would not find. The strength of JotURL, in fact, is that as an omnichannel marketing tool, it is equipped with a particularly versatile toolkit, capable of helping marketers, content creators, and influencers in any of their digital campaigns.

But let’s go in order, before talking about why JotURL is the best alternative to Clickmeter, we will explain in detail what Clickmeter is and how it works, bearing in mind that this service is also one of the best on the market for tracking links.

What is Clickmeter? 

Clickmeter is a tool that takes care of creating tracking links, a basic functionality that logically unites it to JotURL, as we too have the ability to create tracking links.

One of the key features of Clickmeter is its ability to track clicks and conversions. With this tool, you can easily see how many people are clicking on your ads or links, and how many of those clicks are turning into actual conversions. This information is critical for understanding the effectiveness of your campaigns and making adjustments as needed.

Clickmeter also offers advanced features like A/B testing, which allows you to test different variations of your ads or landing pages to see which ones perform best. This can help you optimize your campaigns for maximum impact and ROI.

Another useful feature of Clickmeter is its ability to track multiple channels and sources. Whether you’re running ads on social media, email, or other platforms, you can easily track the results and see which channels are driving the most traffic and conversions. This can help you allocate your resources more effectively and get the most out of your marketing budget.

(source: https://clickmeter.com/

However the tool also has limitations, for example, it doesn’t have the ability to monitor broken links, or to create large volumes of links, and its dashboard doesn’t feature an advanced system for managing shared workspaces or accounts. Another limitation concerns the lack of integrations with other services – this can be incredibly limiting, especially for campaigns, and it slows down workflows.

For this reason Clickmeter, despite being a very valid tracking tool, may not be a useful solution for users looking for a more complete service – perhaps specialized in other more branded features, or more targeted to content creators such as advanced deep linking to apps of third parties, etc. For all these reasons it can be important to look for the best alternative to Clickmeter, JotURL can be a valid substitute, and now we are going to see why.

Why JotURL is the best alternative to Clickmeter? 

JotURL is one of the best alternatives to Clickmeter because, as already mentioned, its platform is incredibly complete.

First, the JotURL service provides identical functionality to Clickmeter, as we have all of the following features in common:

  • Tracking link/ Branded link
  • Clicks tracked per month
  • Custom domain names
  • Analytics and Link Analytics
  • UTM builder
  • GDPR privacy
  • Custom SSL Certificate
  • Link management
  • 404 Redirect & 301 Redirect
  • QR codes
  • Link expiration
  • URL Custom Parameters 
  • Link retargeting
  • OpenGraph Control
  • Bulk link edit
  • Bulk link import
  • Uptime 99%
  • Link Tags & Notes
  • Mobile deep linking
  • Email Support
  • Dedicated engineers
  • Video Tutorial
  • Custom SaaS agreement

In short, JotURL allows the creation of reliable tracking links that can be customized with a branded domain, thus transforming them into branded links. There is the possibility of increasing the security of your links by installing an SSL certificate completely free of charge thanks to Let’s Encrypt, which takes care of renewing the certificate annually.

The GDPR is a very important issue for JotURL, in fact – not surprisingly – our platform has obtained some of the highest awards in the security and processing of digital data: the CSA Star and the ISO 270001:2017 (if interested you can find more information at this link!)

The best alternative to ClickMeter

With JotURL you can associate UTM Parameters to your links, and even create custom values ​​to further track the traffic sources coming from your campaigns and understand at a glance where your major source of income is. In addition to this, you also have the possibility to track your conversions in complete safety – even more than one at the same time on the same link.

JotURL’s branding capabilities aren’t limited to just customizing a link’s alias and domain. In fact, you can create branded Call To Actions, with buttons containing your logo and captivating messages to redirect your users from external or landing pages, to get them back to your site. 

There is also the possibility of creating real opt-ins with the most used social networks, so that you can collect emails or accounts, generating verified leads in the most profitable way possible! But that’s not all: thanks to our integrations you can connect this data directly to other services – to all the most important Newsletter services, to give a mere example, such as: Mailchimp, Sendinblue, MalierLite and many others. In this article , you will find an effective guide to get the most out of using JotURL’s custom call-to-actions.

Finally, your logo can also be inserted into the Dynamic QR Codes created within the platform and which you can keep track of within the platform.

There is the possibility of setting conditions to rotate traffic on your links, set up AB Testing, and also add retargeting pixels towards the main portals used to make online ads (Facebook, AdRoll, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, you can also enter a personalized code.) In addition to this, we remind you of the possibility of creating limited-time links, with a deadline that you can set yourself, which you can manage for your campaigns, perhaps to advertise a product or for a discount that is valid for a few weeks before expiration.

Among the features we are most proud of we must necessarily mention our Deep Linking system – simple and advanced – and JotBio, tools that we believe are ideal for content creators and influencers and that certainly make us the best alternative to Clickmeter.

Additional Features: Advanced Deep Linking & JotBio 

After a quick overview of some of JotURL’s main features – we have many more that we invite you to discover – we would like to focus on some of the features that our content creator or influencer clients use the most and most effectively to improve their conversions (of really considerable values ​​ranging between 40 and 50% more).

Deep Linking

Let’s start with Deep Linking, one of our main features. It is divided into Advanced and Easy Deep Linking.

The first allows users to configure their personal App, so that they can improve installation rates, improve the time spent in the App and facilitate navigation through mobile device users who can then convert directly in-app. Furthermore, through a technology known as Deferred Deep Link, our engine is able to modify the behavior of deep links based on certain conditions: is the app to which you want to redirect a user already present on the device? If the answer is yes, the Deep Link takes place directly. If the answer is no, by default the tracking link will take the user to the shop (Google Store or App Store) to install the app – once installed and opened on the device, the link will take you to the content you wanted to view, without losing people who could become your customers.

The other Deep Link, the Easy Deep Link, instead works to make deep links pointing to Third Party Apps such as: Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Amazon, Netflix, LTK, Target, etc. We have over 55 Apps installed and supported within our Deep Link and our developers are committed every day to implement new applications that can help our users in their marketing activities, whether it is affiliate programs for retailer portals, or even simply to improve the exposure of their social channels or their best posts.

With just a few clicks, our engine allows you to create a new link and flag it as a Deep Link, making the operation particularly easy and intuitive. Combined with all the other features we can offer, surely this Deep Link system makes us the best alternative to Clickmeter.


JotBio is another highly sought-after feature by our customers.

With just a few clicks in an interactive wizard interface, you can create impressive mobile landing pages in minutes.

These pages are 100% customizable, you can insert your logo, and even use your own photographs for the background of the pages or to create cute thumbnails of your products. In addition to our pre-set themes, there is the possibility of modifying the theme at the CSS level, opening up infinite possibilities for graphic customization for your pages.

Originally this feature was born to give the possibility to create links in bio, within Instagram ( and later TikTok ), so that users could access a single page with all the contacts or links that a person needed to share – bypassing the limitation of a single link within social bios. Our product then evolved from this, adding new elements, including the ability to freely embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok and Twitch (useful for streamers), as well as podcasts and albums directly from Spotify.

There will be new developments in the future that we can’t wait to share with our entire community!

We also remind you that within the buttons created on the Jotbio page it is possible to insert the JotURL tracking links, and therefore continue to effectively track the progress of your users at every stage of navigation – also for this reason JotURL can be considered the best alternative to Clickmeter.

Do you know that Clickmeter is about to close?

Another reason why you should be interested in looking for the best alternative to Clickmeter is that the service is about to close. It has been announced that the service will be suspended as the parallel project to Clickmeter – Rebrandly, has been deemed more profitable. At the end of March 2023, therefore, the Clickmeter service will be discontinued and it will be necessary to change the platform.

Obviously, we want to specify that Rebrandly will probably take care of helping users during the migration of links from one plan to another, and it is not our intention to discredit their work, but rather to offer users a choice of services. We say this because Rebrandly and Clickmeter are not the same tool, and there are features Clickmeter users are now employing in their links that could be lost in a switch from Clickmeter to Rebrandly – losing uptime. Rebrandly provides other tools, mostly advanced in the branding sector, which however do not fully cover tracking activities.

Preserve your strategies by choosing the platform closest to Clickmeter

More specifically, these are the features you would lose by switching from Clickmeter to Rebrandly:

  • Link Rotator
  • First click redirect
  • Campaigns
  • Max clicks redirect
  • Countdown links
  • Password protected redirect
  • Time-scheduled redirect
  • Link cloaking
  • Referral wiping
  • Turn links on/off
  • Conversion tracking
  • Conversion funnel
  • Configurable cookies
  • Track multiple conversions at the same time
  • Piggyback conversions
  • Split (A/B) testing

All these features, however, are present within JotURL.

So, if you need to track multiple conversions or link cloaking, or if you still need to enter a password to then approve the redirect to a page, or if you need to create countdown links, or if you need to create customizable cookies JotURL would be the best alternative to Clickmeter.

Obviously, it is up to the end user to evaluate, also on the basis of the pricing of the plans and the types of functions that are provided by the services, whatever their main priority may be.

If you are interested in seeing all the features that our service has, you can go to our pricing page and decide if JotURL is really the best alternative to Clickmeter!

Otherwise, you can try JotURL for free for 14 days, even in the trial period you will have access to all our main features, so you can understand if we are the right tool for your needs.



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