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The Best Linktree Alternative

Jan 21, 2020 | JotBio, JotURL

Are you looking for an easy to use alternative to Linktree? 

Redirecting traffic from your Instagram profile to your email list or sales page is critical to monetizing your activity on the gram.

However, many tools allow you to do this, and it’s hard to find the right one for your needs.

Linktree is one of the most used tools for setting up a small page for your Instagram links.

Linktree is widely used due to the fact that it presents a free version, but many times a cheap solution doesn’t guarantee the best possible result.

It is a decent solution, but it is lacking many key features that are going to make you lose, not only time but also potentially more revenues.

Joturl, because of its more comprehensive range of features and its affordable price, it’s often considered a better solution than Linktree.

Keep reading to discover the best solution for your needs.

Linktree vs. Joturl

Joturl is a link tracking tool, which means a software that you use to get a report of how many people clicked on your links and where did they find your clicks to understand better what channels and content are working best in your marketing campaigns. 

Joturl includes a feature called InstaURL, built explicitly for brands active on Instagram. InstaURL can boost your Instagram link in bio to the best. The company has a vast range of famous brands using it, such as Vodafone, TransferWise, and Appsumo.

Linktree has been one of the first solutions built explicitly for Instagram to create a small page to redirect traffic to your website or offer nicely.

Both tools are excellent for accomplishing the same result. However, the fact that Joturl has more advanced features for basically the same price of Linktree makes it a more preferred solution for those who are serious about making more money through Instagram marketing.

On the other hand, because of its lack of features, Linktree can be quicker to set up. The lack of responsive support in the free tier, however, makes it hard to solve issues when stuck.

Features Comparison

Instagram Mini-Landing Page

The pages that your Instagram followers land on when clicking on your Instagram link in bio are very similar between Linktree and InstaURL. 

InstaUrl is a tool to customize your bio for Instagram.
In fact you only get one chance to link in Instagram: InstaUrl allows you to get the most of it.

This tool is a perfect example to explain why JotURL is a helpful Linktree alternatives.

In other words InstaUrl is a tool for optimising your Instagram traffic, whether you’re a brand, a blogger, an artist or manage a content platform.
You can leverage the Instagram bio to house and manage all the content you’re driving followers to.

You can send followers anywhere with a single link in the Instagram bio: other social media, facebook groups, videos, articles, webstore, events, blogs, chat apps, etc. and keep the same link in your Instagram bio forever.

In a single Instagram bio link you can put multiples links to redirect your user wherever you want.

Of course you don’t have unlimited links, but surely you have enough to link all the landing pages dedicated to your brand.

Link in bio can be a very useful tool to increase your traffic. JotURL, through Instaurl, boosts your instagram bio link and also your instagram posts, like no other on the market. Also for this reason it’s an amazing Linktree alternatives.

Furthermore you can add, remove and rearrange your multiple links through an easy interface + you can completely control style customization to fit your brand’s style.

They are both straightforward and highly customizable so that they not only fit with your brands but also convert well.


Linktree doesn’t offer the change of retargeting the visitors of your mini-landing page on different platforms in their free plan, while Joturl provides it in their lowest tier.

Retargeting is a crucial feature to maximize the revenues of your social media marketing efforts. 

Chances are your customers are distracted by many notifications, tabs open in their browsers, and their phone is screaming for attention. 

They might be interested in your offer, but one single visit to your page isn’t often enough to convince them to buy or subscribe. That’s why retargeting can be an easy win for you to increase your revenues.

The retargeting technology of Joturl appears superior in this case as it includes an anti-bot feature that eliminates all the junk traffic from your link analytics.

Let’s continue this article to find out more about the functionality of JotURL, one of the most reliable Linktree alternatives on the market.

Tracking Link

When it comes to tracking link and adding more options to your page, at first glance Linktree and Joturl may appear similar in what they offer if your needs are solely related to Instagram.

However, Joturl offers way more features under this aspect for practically the same price of Linktree. From more detailed analytics and reporting to the possibility of creating your customized vanity URL (instead of the generic link.tree) that increase conversion and your CTR (the number of people clicking on your links.)

Both solutions offer the possibility of creating easily customized UTM parameters for the links.


Both JotURL and Linktree offer potent integrations with other tools to maximize your marketing efforts.

While Linktree has more integrations aimed at Instagram influencers (such as Mailchimp or Amazon Influencer Program), JotURL has integrations aimed at more advanced users, such as Findthatlead.

Deep Linking

A key feature missing in Linktree that is instead present when using JotURL is deep linking.

Now, you might be wondering, what the heck is deep linking, and why is it so important?

Deep linking allows you to redirect your traffic directly to a specific page inside of a mobile application. This means that if you want to promote a brand that has a mobile app store or similar, without deep linking, you’re going to lose visitors and sales because you can’t send them to a specific page inside the application.

The fact that you can offer this direct promotion, paired with Conversion Tracking, can be your competitive advantage if you’re an influencer or run campaigns.

Conversion Tracking

If you do affiliate marketing on Instagram, run influencers promotions, or simply want to more easily track how many sales social media is bringing to you, having an easy to use conversion tracking feature is critical.

JotURL is a valid Linktree alternatives because it has one of the most advanced in the market with plug-and-play integrations with some of the most popular affiliate networks and platforms.

Conversion tracking offered by JotURL can also empower you as an influencer on Instagram and help you win more clients. That’s because you can show your sponsors not only how many clicks you’ve sent them, but easily display how many conversions and sales your promotion has generated.

Call to Action Links

Another exciting feature offered by JotURL that Linktree lacks instead is the possibility of adding a small call to action in your links.

This means that when one of your visitors hops on a page you’ve promoted, you can display a small call to action box, even if you don’t own that website yourself.

You can just imagine how powerful this can be to monetize your content furtherly, even if you didn’t write yourself and, if you want, for instance, to monetize more your affiliate or influencer marketing campaigns.

A free version product is certainly very valid but it can never have the same functionality and possibilities as a tool like JotURL.

best linktree alternative


To conclude, JotURL clearly wins the competition against Linktree because of its more extensive range of features.

So it can be rightly said that JotURL is one of the Linktree alternatives you can find online.

From the possibility to track more easily your conversions and links, to the easy deep linking to not lose sales from mobile users, JotURL paired with its InstaURL and WhatsURL for WhatsApp wins the comparison hands down.

  • If you’re looking for a free version, Linktree is probably your best choice.
  • If you’re looking to maximize your revenue and increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns, JotURL is your go-to solution.


JotURL Team.

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