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Top 5 Strategies For Influencer Marketers Using JotURL

Jun 21, 2023 | Affiliate Marketing, Branded Links, Call-To-Action, Deep Linking, JotBio, JotURL, QR Codes

The goal of this article is to explain and show you the top 5 strategies for influencer marketers using JotURL.

The phenomenon of influencer marketers is becoming increasingly popular, especially in 2023, where more and more content creators are making their brand identity the key to their success in monetizing their business and products.

There are different types of influencers, but more and more people will agree that this type of creator must increasingly rely on authenticity. Precisely for this reason, focusing on strong branding is very important. Equally important, for influencer marketers is to look for new digital strategies to improve their internet business.

JotURL is a tool that is increasingly developing adequate tools and features to be perfect for those who do content creation, affiliate marketing, and influencer marketing.

In this article we will share the top 5 strategies for influencer marketers that we have developed in recent years and that some of our most loyal customers ( content creators and influencer marketers ) have used to reap incredible profits.

JotBio – stunning landing pages mobile in few clicks

Jotbio is a tool within JotURL that allows you to create a mobile landing page with images, thumbnails, buttons containing links and contacts, and your social profiles in just a few clicks. 

The graphics are totally customizable, with the insertion of your logo, and even images for the buttons or the background. In addition to the already pre-set presets you can create new ones by directly modifying the CSS within the dashboard, thus creating truly sensational links in bio or mobile landing pages.

Currently, this feature is still under development and there will be news soon, especially for influencers and content creators! Also, this feature, especially in an omnichannel reality, makes JotURL one of the best tools to include in your strategies if you are an Influencer Marketer.

Jotbio, is an incredible tool for influencer marketers or content creators who need to give their videos more exposure. It is in fact possible to embed YouTube videos, and even TikTok videos within this 100% customizable landing page.

If you take care of streams on Twitch, don’t worry, you can embed those too, and show your live directly inside your Jotbio.

Using a JotBio allows you to replace landing pages that are difficult or complex to create. You can use it as a landing page between one destination and another, using the bio buttons to redirect your users wherever you want, even within other Third Party Apps, without losing your traffic.

Calls to Action – use Third-Party content for Influencer Marketers’ Strategies

Among the Top 5 Strategies For Influencer Marketers Using JotURL we must also mention our 100% customizable CTAs. 

Within our service you can find different types of Call-to-Actions, starting from simple buttons to forms to release your user’s email to real social optins. The strength of this feature is that it is possible to embed the content of the destination URL so as to be able to create a landing page of your own that has the background of an embeddable site in the background – an example of these sites is for example Wikipedia or some newspapers journalistic, also in the screenshot below you will be able to see an example.

 Currently, our technical department is working on the integration of AI that can allow the generation of content even from non-embeddable pages, always remaining within the permitted regulations.

In the future, we will be more than happy to show you the technological advances we are making to allow our users ever greater usability!

How can the use of these tools be useful for strategies for influencer marketers? 

It’s very simple! 

This third-party content can be used consistently to engage users more on a product of interest to you. Let’s say you’re an influencer joining the Amazon affiliate program and you have the opportunity to sell a new Toshiba laptop. Toshiba has just released a new trailer on Youtube advertising your product. What you can do is use Toshiba’s YouTube video – as public YouTube videos are always embeddable – and use it as the basis for your Call To Action.

Within the page you will have the Toshiba video in the background, above which you can make the popup appear with a button containing a link that can redirect your users back to your site, or even send users to the Amazon product page to maximize conversions! 

You can do this using one of our deep links, which allow you to deep link even with Amazon affiliate links, in this article you will find a guide on how to maximize conversions to Amazon with our Deep Links. 

This is obviously just a simple example of what is possible to do through the use of our CTAs, we invite you to try the product for free to test your best strategies for influencer marketers!

Brand your links – increase security and link trust!

Improving personal branding is one of the best strategies for influencer marketers, as through their image they can sell their business or the products they are sponsoring.

One of the most effective and easiest ways to boost branding is to use branded links.

In practice, it is as if a person put his signature inside all his links.

In addition to an image factor and link recognition, branded links greatly increase the CTR. This is given by a sense of security that branded links instill in users who come into contact with your content and interact with it. People, feeling safer – because through your brand you are providing them with a guarantee and greater security – will more easily approach your links.

The appearance of a link is very important regardless of the platform chosen for its sharing. However, especially during advertising on platforms like Meta or Google, it can become fundamental.

Non-branded short links risk being banned by Google and Facebook, also for this reason the use of branded links can be essential if you want to improve your results as influencer marketers.

Dynamic QR Codes – print one, use forever

Another factor that can improve branding – a fundamental aspect for Influencer Marketers, as already written – is the possibility of using a 100% customizable QR Code. With JotURL it is also possible to customize the appearance of your QR Codes, not just the links that you can use to promote your activities on social networks and everywhere on the internet.

JotURL QR Codes are dynamic, this means that you can create your own QR Code, including your brand logo and colors, print it once on your flyers or street billboards and if you need to change the destination of arrival you will not have to reprint everything, simply enter the JotURL dashboard and change only the final destination URL. A couple of clicks can preserve a heritage – you know, printing on paper, especially these days, costs a lot!

JotURL QR Codes can be printed anywhere, or inserted into your landing pages or website.

In the same way as branded links, branded QR Codes also improve the trust of your users and make your content more secure, your potential customers will have an even greater perception of your brand and you will be more memorable.

Deep Linking – double your conversions without losing your users!

One of the best strategies for influencer marketers is the use of Deep Linking.

We can say this with certainty because many of our affiliate clients are selling Amazon or LTK products and are seeing incredible benefits using our Deep Linking feature.

Not sure what Deep Linking is?

In a nutshell, Deep Linking allows you to send users to specific content within an App. Sometimes clicking on a link risks ending up in the browser, and not being logged into the app – this involves the tedious practice of having to log in and possibly losing the page you were visiting. This can also happen to your potential customers, increasing the risk that you will lose users before you can convert them.

strategies for influencer marketers

Deep Linking prevents the loss of users and therefore maximizes your chances of conversions, always bringing the user within the content you want to show.

Our Easy Deep Linking feature allows you to redirect users to around 60 Third-Party Apps including Amazon, Facebook, LTK, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and many more!

Using Deep Linking can be revolutionary for influencer marketers, so seriously consider this tool for your strategies.

You can find detailed information about this amazing strategy in this dedicated article

JotURL Team



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