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Digital Marketing, or all those market strategies that develop on online platforms and channels, are growing more and more.

Digital devices, tablets, computers, and phones, have changed our habits forever.

The world of work, business, and branding has changed accordingly.

It is no longer possible to think about sales strategies or marketing strategies using the same systems as twenty years ago, but is it correct to completely forget about Offline Marketing Campaigns?

Obviously not.

Offline Marketing Campaigns are still a fundamental aspect of advertising and branding, and should not be overlooked.

The best thing you can do in 2020 to improve your business is to combine the Offline Marketing Campaigns with the Digital Marketing Campaigns.

This concept already exists and is called Phygital = Physical + Digital.

The best way to start is to start tracking Offline Marketing Campaigns effectively, with the same focus and tools used for Digital campaigns.

Why it’s so important to track offline marketing campaigns?

Offline Marketing is everything that can advertise and create a brand identity that is not applied to the Digital world.

So we can talk about Offline Marketing with: magazines, billboards, banners, business cards, and branded items are useful tools for Offline Marketing.

In 2016 alone, more than 100 million users in the United States purchased magazines or newspapers. More than 31% of the population still relies on advertisements and news read on paper.

Did you know that 7 out of 10 drivers make shopping decisions while driving, reading billboards impossible to miss?

Billboards can also be found at the bus, train, and subway stop, in places that are easy to reach for the user.

Converting even a fraction of these millions of users can be an incredible result, especially for very famous brands, which can afford large advertising spaces everywhere.

Every industry can benefit from Offline Marketing Campaigns, but only if they are exploited to the fullest.

One of the best ways to take advantage of Offline Marketing Campaigns is to combine Digital aspects with Offline campaigns.

The first step is to understand how to Track Offline Marketing Campaigns.

How can you track Offline Marketing Campaigns?

In every area of ​​Marketing, both Online and Offline, tracking data is vital.

It is not possible to make blind decisions, you need to be clear where to target your brand, which devices and which users to engage.

You have to understand what works and what doesn’t work in your strategies, and to do this you need to rely on a Tracker.

JotURL was born for this exact function: to track data in order to offer a 360 ° understanding of the status of your Marketing campaigns.

The tool allows the creation of Tracking Links, able to collect valuable information, from the number of visits to the origin of the user.

JotURL works in Digital Marketing, but can also be used for Offline Marketing.


Simply print Tracking Links on business cards, T-shirts, magazines, newspapers, banners and billboards.

By bringing the Links into the physical world, it will be possible to collect information on Offline traffic, and set up new strategies and campaigns with precise and useful data.

track offline marketing campaign in the best way

Billboards & Branded Links

One of the best ways to use Tracking Links in Offline Marketing Campaigns is to print links on Advertising Billboards.

There are already many brands that use this system and that make the most of their advertising space to connect the Offline world to the Online one, trying to convert and engage as many users as possible.

Obviously there are rules to keep in mind when operating these systems and strategies.

1: The Tracking Link must be branded. Therefore, it must have a branded domain that makes it clear at a glance which brand it refers to. This will greatly improve the brand image.

2: The Tracking Link must be short. An extremely long link will be difficult to graphically print on banners and billboards, plus it may be complex to entice users.

A short link allows the user to understand perfectly what the link wants to convey.

By creating a Custom Branded Short Link you will get:

  • + link trust
  • + CTR
  • + conversion rate.

3: Your Link must be easy to memorize. It must be simple to type on the phone, it must allow interaction for your users.

If the user remembers your Tracking Link, they could search for it once they get home – in case they don’t have their phone with them.

4: The Tracking Link must be clearly visible, easily recognizable and positioned in a place frequented by many people to obtain as much visibility as possible.

5: Use a unique and eye-catching design that can draw attention to your Billboards, the colors and font chosen for your tracking link will greatly affect the points mentioned above.

Billboards & QR Codes

JotURL allows you to generate Tracking Links to which customized QR Codes can be associated.

This means that by generating a QR Code you can redirect users to a specific internet page: the home page of your site, the landing pages of your shop or the page to access a discount coupon.

By printing a QR Code on Billboards, together with your Short Branded Links, or instead of the link, you can get even greater engagement.

QR Codes are heavily used and improve conversions by Offline users.

Interacting with QR Codes is easier and more immediate for users, who will simply have to scan the code with their phone, without having to remember any link or without having to copy your link.

QR Codes have been used in Offline Marketing for several years and can be used for tracking goods or packages, on vouchers and discount coupons for different products or to redirect users to specific content.

Like links, QR Codes also have specific rules to be effectively printed on billboars:

  • 1: The QR Code must always be well readable and scannable, so your billboard must not be damaged or have defects.
  • 2: Also brand your QR Code, JotURL allows you to insert your business logo within the QR Codes, so that they are memorable and unique.
  • 3: Place the QR Codes in a very busy place, and where the code can be easily read by devices.
  • 4: Create captivating designs and phrases to attract users’ attention, in this way people will be more enticed to interact with your content.

Obviously QR Codes can be printed anywhere, as well as links.

It is up to you to decide which communication tool to use to make your brand known even in your Offline Marketing Campaigns.


Offline Marketing Campaigns can bring a large chunk of traffic and should never be underestimated.

To get 100% from your Offline Marketing Campaigns, you need to make sure you track all data related to your campaigns.

To do this you will need a Tracker like Joturl which is able to generate branded links, easy to share and print anywhere.

Thanks to the use of this strategy you can calculate the successes of your business day by day, sitting in front of the Dashboard.

Imagine you are in America.

You are launching your new Offline campaign.

You have billboards in different states or regions.

Thanks to the use of a tracking system, you can get very useful information.

You will be able to understand with a few clicks which status brings you the most traffic, which features of your advertisements are most liked and carefully evaluate audience engagement.

You can print your links on billboards, newspapers, banners and t-shirts and make your brand go viral.

In addition to the links you can print QR Codes to further engage users, increasing the chances of conversion and launching your Offline Marketing Campaigns for the best.

In Italy, QR Codes are depopulating and more and more companies are using them to convert offline traffic into customers, a recent Italian article can testify to how essential the use of QR Codes and Deep Linking can be for an Offline Marketing Campaigns.

And even in many other countries, these systems can be widely used.

So what are you waiting for?

Improve your marketing campaigns now, you can start the 14-day free trial right now!


JotURL Team

If you want to know more about QR Codes, we recommend that you read this article: How to Generate a QR Code



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