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What Is Deep Link – Everything You Need To Know

Feb 20, 2020 | Deep Linking, JotURL

What Is Deep Link?

Deep Linking is an increasingly used technology in online marketing and advertising campaigns, but it is not always easy to understand how it works.

In this guide we will answer your question “What Is Deep Link?” and we’ll try try to explain how to use Deep Linking to get you the best results.

1. Why I need to know how to use Deep Linking
2. What is Deep Link
3. How to create a Deep Link
4. Customization
5. Analytics
6. Conclusions

Why I need to know how to use deep linking?

Nowadays we’re living in an era where cell-phones are increasingly used to surf the internet. Smartphones or Tablets are often used to purchase products more quickly from online shops and to access social networks even outside your home.

Mobile devices have become a present reality in people’s lives, for these reasons Deep Linking is a very important technology.

In fact, Deep Linking is a technology that can be applied on different devices, it works on Desktop as well as on mobile devices, making it even more convenient to pass information and share links that lead directly to the pages that users are looking for.

Let’s proceed to understand how to use Deep Linking!

2. What is Deep Link? And what are the advantages of deep linking?

Deep Links are links positioned within a website that allow you to bring a user to a specific resource or information of another website or app that is not present on the homepage.

To give an example, you can insert a link on an internet page that redirects the user to the page of a group on Facebook without necessarily passing through the Facebook homepage, and without the need to waste time logging in.

Deep links allow to promote specific mobile content pages and pass through custom data (like promo codes, etc.)

If you think about it, this tool is incredibly useful and effective.

If you have an online shop, or if you want people to buy a product from a site like Amazon, for example, you can create deep links that send the user directly to the product page in the Amazon App.

This leads the user to avoid wasting time wandering around other pages or on the homepage, taking the user straight to what interests him.

This system greatly reduces the steps that a customer needs to make them implement conversions.

Deep Linking therefore leads to many advantages because it allows users to achieve what they are looking for more quickly, helping to increase the time spent by the user on that site and improving the chances of gain and conversion.

What Is Deep Link And Why I Need to Use This Technology?

Using Deep Linking you get 20% more conversions and users spend around 34% more time on the app.

Deep links are an easy way to provide a high quality mobile experience for users, also to increase app penetration rates by marketing channel. You can create custom flows for different users, attribute downloads and conversions properly.

Deep Links boost re-engagement, maximize in-app CR and improve customer LTV.

Therefore understanding how to use Deep Linking is essential!

How to create Deep Links

To understand how to use Deep Linking you also need to know how to create a Deep Link.

Using JotURL you can easily create your own Deep Links. The application has been designed to make the creation process as easy and comfortable as possible for the user.

It’s possible to create a Deep Link in the phase of creating a Tracking Link.

The steps are very simple.

What Is Deep Link? 7 Steps to create a Deep Link using JotURL

1. Create a new Tracking Link directly from the JotURL dashboard.

2. Enter the destination URL of your Tracking Link.

3. Customize your URL, you can use branded domains and change the keywords of your link in the “Alias” field.

4. Select a project, insert tags or notes and then click the green “Save and go to Options” button.

5. In the JotURL additional options look for the “Easy Deep Link” box then click for it. 

6. All parameters have already been set automatically by Joturl to make the process easier, so just go down and save again.

7. You have created a customized Tracking Link that can act as a Deep Link and redirect users to the internal page of an app or site.

You can also use the “App Deep Link” function. In this way you can manually set the parameters you want for the realization of your link.

You can manage the Android, Desktop and iOS configuration and set the deep link parameters.

These parameters are pairs of words, a keyword and a value word.

The parameters are passed to the app through the custom URI scheme (iOS + Android) or via the Android referrer.
Joturl also provides an Open Graph configuration to make your link even more efficient.


JotURL is the best app for understanding how to use Deep Linking for best results.

In fact JotURL is able to create customized links that are short and effective. Customizing the appearance of a URL also makes the link easier to share and encourages users to interact with it more easily.

Personalization is the key to the best possible result.

Let’s look at a simple example:


This is the normal link of the JotURL facebook group. As you can see it is very long and makes it difficult to understand the destination, sharing it via mobile is not convenient.


This is the Tracking Link created with JotURL through the above steps. This link has been created so that it’s a Deep Link, so it will link directly to the group’s Facebook page. As you can see it is much shorter, more comfortable and practical to use.

Even on mobile, viewing is not so difficult. It has been completely customized, making clear the presence of a branded domain and the final destination of the URL.

This kind of link can increase the CTR considerably even by + 34%.

Also from mobile using this link it will be possible to directly access the destination page without having to go from the home or without having to click on the app to enter it.


In this part you will understand even better how to use Deep Linking through JotURL.

JotURL has the ability to track and store all the data related to its Tracking Links, even the Deep Links created through the application constantly collect information.

From the JotURL Dashboard, in the “Analytics” section you can have a complete overview of all your projects. Graphs, statistics, data and analyzes are all collected here.

It is also possible to observe the information of a single specific link and start an even more targeted and precise analysis of your campaign.

Tracking your Deep Links is important for understanding the habits of your users and creating personalized campaigns that can bring you the maximum profit.

Understanding how many people click your link, which people visit your content, where these users live, is very important for creating targeted advertisements and decide where to invest your money.

JotURL also allows you to track your links inside Google Analytics. In fact you can easily integrate JotURL’s stats into your Google Analytics account, by embedding the UTM Google parameters in the new link destination URL.

6. Conclusions

Now that we answered the question “What Is Deep Link?” , we can easily says that the best way to use Deep Linking, therefore, is to rely on a program like JotURL that can create personalized, short and safe links.

The best time to create Deep Links is at the beginning of your marketing campaign, in this way you will have a greater influx of users, you can also track the data relating to your links at any time of the campaign.

It is good to start prepared before investing your money in an inefficient way.

The possible applications of Deep Linking are practically infinite and can adapt to your every need.

Remember that sharing and making visible as much as possible the links that redirect users to the landing pages is very important.

JotURL Team

PS Deep Linking it’s important, but using a branded link is a MUST, understand here how.



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