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In this article we want to talk to you about a really important topic that is often ignored: discover one of the most incredible link management tool!

Many people create links that can track and analyze data to improve their marketing campaigns.

It is currently one of the best strategies for obtaining incredible results and exponentially increasing the profits of your business.

But have you ever wondered what would happen if these links stopped working?

Because yes, it can happen!

It is not uncommon for links to stop working.

It can depend on a whole range of reasons or problems:

– The destination website or web page permanently moved or no longer exists.
– An incorrect URL entered for the link by the website owner.
– The destination website removed the linked web page.
– The server hosting your links is not safe and reliable.

To prevent your precious links from becoming unusable, you must rely on services that offer you link monitoring and management tools.

JotURL is the most incredible link management tool in 2020.

What are monitoring tools?

Monitoring tools are used to continuously keep track of the status of the system in use, in order to have the earliest warning of failures, defects or problems and to improve them.

There are monitoring tools for servers, networks, databases, security, performance, website and internet usage, and applications.

JotURL provides to monitor your link so that they are always stable and functional.

What is the IT Management?

Another very important aspect for your company to take into consideration is IT Management.

What is IT Management?

IT Management deals with coordinating, managing and designing technological systems within a company or a business entity.

The power of digital infrastructure and the coordination of all digital devices are indispensable for any modern business in 2021.

By developing a good IT system it is possible to have a very good cloud on which to host your services, for example.

The speed of connection to a modem for internet browsing is also part of IT Management and can bring great advantages for operations and connectivity within a team.

Management is not only a virtual issue that deals with processing only digital data, but must also be implemented on physical machines that allow the services to be incredibly efficient.

We can boast an excellent corporate infrastructure that allows us to maintain high standards of our services by offering our customers a guarantee and security on the stability of servers and service.

Why is it important to use a monitoring tool?

The stability of your activity is the key.

Having broken links, unreliable links, links that don’t work, can lead to many problems:

– Views decrease.
– Conversion decrease.
– Losing money.
– Harm your brand’s reputation.

Having unstable links can lead users to waste a lot of time, this will make them run away from your sites and you will lose visits and the possibility of creating useful conversions for your earnings.

Even a single second of delay on the internet makes the difference!

The worst thing is that in this way you also damage the image of your brand, bad advertising is really difficult to solve.

For this reason you must protect your interests and aim!

Check every link with the best link management tool

JotURL can watch your links around the clock, monitor their availability and verify their safety 24/7! Every day, every night.

JotUrl is fully hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud, with a 99.99% uptime.

This means that Joturl is reliable and safe and consequently all the tracking links in the link building fase.

In addition, your links will not lag and will be very fast, allowing visitors not to waste time loading pages.

Another reason why JotURL is the best management tool is because it also deals with recognizing IPs that are potentially harmful to your links and your activities.

Through constant analysis this service is able to block any harmful agent that may create problems for your links.

JotURL can also automatically filters bot clicks, in order to safeguard the statistics of your tracking links.

The abusive spam of visits by bots could greatly alter the results you are trying to track for a marketing campaign and make you lose a lot of money in the wrong investments.

With JotURL the problem does not arise!

Another risk is that the contents within a page may change.

Any unexpected changes that risk damaging your content can adversely affect your campaign.

JotURL is an amazing link monitoring tool because it allows you to monitor and manage HTML, textual and multimedia content within the pages.

You can have the full controll of your link building fase and you can edit, adjust and delete every kind of problem or error.

If a web page is not available, it is deleted, changes are made, JotURL will send you an email to notify you of the situation, in this way you will be notified immediately of these changes.

You can change the destination of that page immediately by freely accessing the options of your Tracking Links.

best link management tool

JotURL is the best management and monitoring tool because in addition to monitoring your links it is able to perform many other link building functions.

It can create custom CTAs to associate with a link in the link building fase, track your conversions, it can create Deep Links, Branded Links and Pixel for remarketing, and much more!

JotURL is the best because it offers many functions within a single unique and efficient tool.

JotURL Team

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