Track your conversions

Track visits, clicks, sales, installs, downloads, leads, sign-ups, new clients

Even if it doesn’t sound much sexy, conversions tracking and optimization is probably one of the most important things you need to know about. JotUrl provides you an all-in-one solution to optimize your marketing results, integrate all your marketing funnels, monitor everything, identify trends and understand things far better. You can track anything from visits, clicks, installs, downloads, leads, sign-ups, sales, new clients and define each and every marketing funnel the way you want. There are countless ways to leverage tracking links. For example, if you’re an ecommerce business, you’re likely using online affiliate marketers. With JotUrl you can understand which affiliate is providing not only the most number of visitors but also the most number of conversions. JotUrl can also give you an edge for your email campaigns. In fact typical e-mail service providers (Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Mailjet) usually supply basic metrics, which suffice for basic marketing funnels. However, the today’s typical sales-journey has become far more complex and marketers need therefore much more control over their marketing links, in order to handle tricky funnels and track so many different channels. This is where JotUrl can help you best.


Targeting, timing, monitoring and much more

With more than 100 features, you can get the best from your links

Vanity URLs

Increase your CTR by +34% via branded deep links

Calls to action

Generate leads and drive conversions with custom CTAs


Track conversions, identify the best sources of revenue


Maximize touchpoints by adding retargeting codes to your links

A/B Testing

Experiment multiple variations to optimize the conversion rate


Target visitors where they yield best conversion rates

Smart Rotator

Show returning visitors new messages, route & share traffic


Create timed campaigns and automatically redirect users

Custom QR Codes

Create visual QR codes and link offline to online marketing


Broken links, target content, link safety, click fraud, blacklists

Team working

Share your data with clients, partners, coworkers

Analytics and Trends

Identify sources and data that matter, create detailed reports

Track sales funnels

Your links and commissions in one place with real time reports

Track social media posts, banner ads, solo email ads, links on your website, newsletters conversions, QR codes, etc. and easily identify the source of every conversion. Track your entire sales funnel to the origin click, with up to 5 different steps, with real-time conversion data for every sale, download or lead. Track conversions by means of cookies (set your own rules and length), conversion codes, tracking pixels, TIDs and server-to-server/postback URLs tracking. Manage links and commissions in one place if you’re an affiliate marketer. Identify and optimize your best marketing sources as an advertiser. Certify your visibility as a publisher and automatically check all your links. Automatically filter Bots and monitor click-fraud activities. Get real-time reports, in order to act at once and not tomorrow. Mask affiliate links, hide the destination URL, protect your commission codes. Use a reliable (99.99% uptime) platform with lightning fast redirects and an easy setup, 100% Cloud-based (no need of expensive dedicated servers with a self-hosted script, no software to maintain), available from any computer or tablet, anywhere, at any time.


Optimize the conversion rate

An all-in-one solution to A/B test, rotate and target your traffic

Provide the best user experience, whether your customers are on desktop or mobile, whether they’ve already seen your content or not,to optimize all your traffic and get higher conversion rates and more profits. Create device-aware links driving users to mobile deep links that drive app installs and re-engagement. Target your traffic and dynamically send visitors to different pages based on a variety of available conditions and parameters: operating system, language country, region, device model, platform, browser… and many others.Decide whether to show an alternative content to returning visitors or the same one. Split or rotate your traffic across multiple landing pages to easily identify which ones convert better. Test multiple affiliate offers or the same offer from multiple networks to increase affiliate payout, if you’re an affiliate marketer. Distribute traffic across multiple partner URLs or affiliate offers. Leverage the rotator on a daily basis, if you sell Solo Ads. In any case, JotUrl’s smart A/B testing + link rotator + traffic redirector provide you an all-in-one set of powerful features to split test, rotate, manage and target your traffic. Much more than just a rotator.


More than 100 amazing features

We really improve your digital marketing


  • Unlimited projects & campaigns
  • Unlimited tags for your links
  • Customizable options
  • Export projects/campaigns data
  • Share single projects/campaigns
  • Search by project/campaign
  • Add notes to projects/campaigns


  • Branded tracking links
  • Editable destination
  • Highest redirect reliability
  • Timed tracking links
  • Tag your links
  • Search by Tags
  • Custom QR Codes*
  • Target by country
  • Target by language
  • Target by device type
  • Target by user type
  • Target by browser type
  • Target by browser version
  • Target by Operating System
  • Target by OS version
  • Random redirect
  • Sequential redirect
  • Weighted redirect
  • First click redirect
  • Max clicks redirect
  • Countdown links
  • Password protected redirect
  • Time-scheduled redirect
  • Http/https redirect
  • Dynamic redirect
  • Pass parameters to the destination
  • Link masking with custom page title
  • Anonymize referrer (referrer wiping)
  • Add notes to tracking links
  • Export single tracking links data


  • Button snip
  • Form snip
  • Text snip
  • Image Ad snip
  • Social snip
  • App snip
  • New snips coming soon
  • Preview of CTAs
  • Full CTA customizer
  • Manage multiple Bands


  • Conversion codes
  • Conversion pixels
  • Tracking Pixels
  • 5 conversion levels
  • Conversion parameters


  • Unlimited remarketing codes
  • Use Facebook, Google, etc. pixels


  • Inspect content of destination links
  • Monitor the Html of target pages
  • Inspect text of target pages
  • Check the whole destination page
  • Monitor videos within target pages
  • Identify broken links (404)
  • Identify 500 server error
  • Identify changed URLs


  • Identify unique vs. returning clicks
  • Track IP addresses
  • Blacklist/exclude IP addresses
  • Identify security issues (malware, phishing, etc.) of target links
  • Block spammers


  • Views and clicks tracking:
    • IP
    • Country
    • Region
    • City
    • Language
    • Browser type
    • Browser version
    • Platform type
    • OS version
    • Referrer
    • Mobile device model
    • Visitor type
    • Unique/Non-unique clicks
    • Source analysis
    • and more…
  • Conversions tracking
    • Conversion funnel (5 steps)
    • Configurable cookies
    • Track multiple conversions
    • Track custom parameters
    • Track conversion values
    • Track commissions amount
    • S2S (Postback URL) tracking (c.s.)
    • Conversions piggyback (c.s.)
    • http/https
  • Split (A/B) testing
  • Link rotators
  • Smart redirecting (targeting)
  • Google Analytics UMT


  • Fast sharing
  • Private/public sharing
  • Sharing via email
  • Sub-accounts management
  • Manage teams
  • Share data/campaigns with team members


  • Dashboard KPIs
  • Trend reports
  • Campaign, links, and pixel list
  • Conversion comparison table
  • Click-stream
  • Clicks on World-map
  • Comparison reports
  • Detailed data point reports
  • Clicks composition bar
  • Conversion rates
  • Global search
  • Export in Excel (CSV), PDF and XML
  • Report shortcuts
  • Email notifications
  • Search and filter by Tag
  • Customizable timeframe
  • Advanced reports settings
    • Six different languages
    • Use your logo
    • Use your timezone
    • Use your currency
    • Time and number format


  • Bookmarklets
  • Windows app
  • WordPress to Twitter
  • Retargeting/remarketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Chrome (coming soon)


  • Enterprise level API
  • Full featured endpoints
  • Detailed documentation
  • API live demo
  • Multiple API Keys
  • PhD Engineers consulting
  • Custom API (on request)

* Design, manage and track engaging QR codes with custom colours, backgrounds, shapes and logos. Enhance all your printed campaigns and turn them into a mobile interactive experience. Connect your offline materials to your online digital content.