Save 22%
  • 5,000 Events/mo
  • 2,000 Tracking links  
  • 1 year Analytics storage
  • 3 Users


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Save 20%
  • 500,000 Events/mo
  • 100,000 Tracking links  
  • 2 years Analytics storage
  • 30 Users


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  • bullet listHighest levels of reliability, scalability, privacy and security
  • bullet listLarge traffic volumes, dedicated one-on-one support, unlimited features

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GrowthGrowth XLProPro XLBusinessBusiness XL
UsageGrowthGrowth XLProPro XLBusinessBusiness XL
Events/month5,000 30,000100,000 300,000500,000 1,000,000
Branded links2,000 10,00030,000 60,000100,000 250,000
Projects (campaigns)
Analytics data storage1 year1 year1 year 2 years2 years2 years
Users3 510 2030 50
CustomizationsGrowthGrowth XLProPro XLBusinessBusiness XL
Max number of permissions for your team members124610
Custom tracking links
Custom branded QR code templates10205070100150
Dynamic QR codes
Custom domains3510203050
Remove JotUrl branding (CTAs)
Your custom logo in reports
Custom CSS for your CTAs
FeaturesGrowthGrowth XLProPro XLBusinessBusiness XL
Edit and delete links
Link health monitor
Number of CTAs
Customizable CTA templatesallallallallallall
Remarketing/retargeting pixels IDs510
Track conversions, revenues and commissions
Smart redirector (targeting)
Affiliate marketing tools (link masking, 301 redirect, commission tracking, ...)
Smart link rotator
Split A/B testing
Password protected links
JotBar (customizable intermediate pages)
Mini pages (custom responsive landing pages)
HTTPS links
SSL certificates management
Easy deep linking
Edit link preview (Open Graph tags)
App/advanced deep linking
Time-scheduled tracking links
State-of-the-art link security monitor
Click fraud monitoring/protection
UTM & Parameters Builder
Max number of UTM templates3510203050
Advanced link content monitor (watchdog)
WhatsUrl: start a chat from a link, with a custom message and emojis
InstaUrl: link your Bio on Instagram
Custom remarketing scripts
Maximum number of items in the media library5,00010,00025,00050,00075,000100,000
Maximum size of the media library50M100M250M500M750M1G
CDN traffic/month500M3G10G30G50G100G
SupportGrowthGrowth XLProPro XLBusinessBusiness XL
Standard email support
Priority email support
Phone support


An event is everything that needs a metric to be recorded and/or a specific function of our engine. For a branded link with a retargeting pixel associated to the link, for instance, events/month represent the maximum number of clicks you can track each month. Please find more details here

You will receive at least two alerts via email when your events usage is nearing its limit and you will have the option to upgrade. If you don’t upgrade in time, your links will continue to be redirected, but any other feature (e.g. calls-to-action, conversions tracking, deep linking, monitoring, retargeting, etc.) along with the access to some areas in your dashboard will be denied, until your next billing date or upgrade. Please find more details here

Sure! To increase your number of Tracking links or Events/mo, just click on the “+” icon within the plans table to explore the “XL” version of each plan. If you have large traffic volumes or Enterprise requirements, you can request a custom plan by contacting JotUrl on our Help Center, or book a voice call.

Brands provide you with the ability to manage multiple brand identities within a single dashboard/account.

There is no signup fee, no cancellation fee, or minimum term. You can use JotUrl as long as you need. JotUrl has no long-term contracts of any kind. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. You can also change from a monthly to an annual plan at anytime, without any penalty.

We accept Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Android Pay, Apple Pay, as well as SEPA (upon request). In any case, you’re protected with our 30-day money-back guarantee regardless of payment choice.

Absolutely! You can submit a request on our Help Center, or directly from your account by clicking on the Help button placed at the bottom right corner of your dashboard. We will answer you within few hours (often within few minutes). You can also explore 20+ video tutorials and 100+ FAQs & articles (and counting), we published on the Help Center itself, in order to discover all of JotUrl’s features. Final tip: don’t miss the top articles we periodically publish on our Blog, about the best Digital Marketing practices and Growth strategies. If you like to interact with people with your same interest, please join our Facebook Group, made of a community of 2k+ active marketers, growth hackers and passionate users!