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Link to your most popular content in less than a minute

Send your users directly to great content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok with easy deep linking.

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Drive more sales with one simple link

Easily (and quickly) move users through your funnel,
and watch your conversions rise.

Improve mobile experience

Reach more users

Boost conversion rates

Raise customer engagement

JotURL’s powerful deep linking sends users to your best content in one click across 50+ apps including Amazon, Spotify, and Twitch.

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Keep users focused on your most important content.

Create a seamless experience across touchpoints and drive third-party app users to your content with just a few clicks.

…and many more

Join thousands of marketers who trust JotURL

187 reviews
Andrea Servino
“JotURL provides us with a reliable, scalable and professional solution to manage +1M tracking links across all of our marketing channels. The level and quality of the support provided by their engineers always fulfil our corporate needs.”
Saverio mucci
“JotURL is one of the most complete suites for counting and redirecting users to the correct place. It really helped us to simplify our processes in delivering specific content on cross platforms, while improving our productivity with a great reporting tool.”
Alessandro Frangioni
“JotURL is an excellent tool to enhance user engagement, increase conversion rates, collect leads, drive traffic back to your site, create highly segmented audiences and turn every link you share into targeted ads thanks to its many features.
Stapho Thienpont
“JotURL is an exceedingly clever, all-in-one suite for your marketing links. It’s what we use to track link open rates, figure out the destinations, track conversion, remarket people, deep link and so much more.”
Peter Rininsland
“JotURL is all I need for links. I'm loving it!” JotURL is not only a link shortener. It is a full suite of tools around links. You can manage the appearance, split traffic based on conditions, track usage and much more. So for me it's just all I need. I'm loving it!
Kim Celinder
Joturl is an awesome link manager, redirector, pixel inserter, etc. It does a lot, and it's easy to use.
Yari B.
"10+ tools in one!"
I can track my traffic, segment the audience and define the channels that work the best. Moreover i can use it to create custom audience and monitor my ROI. Therefore i can optimize my communication and the advertisement.
Jorge Edel A.
I use it every day to shorten my affiliate links. Joturl has a lot more tools than other link shorteners. It gives me the option to shorten, follow, create QR codes, pixel, cta and much more.
Angelo Sorbello
"Hands-down the best link tracker on the market". Top-notch deep linking technology, Great analytics, Instagram Mini-site, Retargeting, Usability can be improved and Affiliate integrations could be easier.

Everything you need to brand, track, and grow your business
in one easy-to-use platform.

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Advanced Deep Linking
Send users anywhere in your own app with one click.
Drive more conversions with branded call-to-actions.
Engage with WhatsApp users—no phone number required.
Turn abandoned carts into high-value customers.
Optimize your social media bios with one link to all of your content.